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Child protection public consultation

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Child protection public consultation

  1. 1. Child Protection Public Consultation Dhafer Hasan 20123/30/2012 Dhafer Hasan: Child Protection Public Consultation 1
  2. 2. Community Engagement Model© Copyright IAP2. All rights reserved. (DSE D. o., 2005) 3/30/2012 Dhafer Hasan: Child Protection Public Consultation 2
  3. 3. Public EngagementOne-way relationship (Information):The aim of the government should be tokeep the public informed by disseminatingnecessary information about policies.Two-way relationship (Consultation):Consulting citizens requires informingthem then getting feedback; in this formthe public can signal their interests andpreferences over policy making.Partnership (Active Participation):This form of engagement suggests activeparticipation and partnership in policyprocess although the final decision restswith the government. (OECD, Open Government, 2003)3/30/2012 Dhafer Hasan: Child Protection Public Consultation 3
  4. 4. It is all ENGAGEMENTDSE. (2005). Book 1 an introduction to engagement. 3/30/2012 Dhafer Hasan: Child Protection Public Consultation 4
  5. 5. Public ConsultationPublic Participation Goal:To obtain public feedback on analysis, alternatives and/ordecisions.Promise to the Public:We will keep you informed, listen to and acknowledge concernsand provide feedback on how public input influenced thedecision.3/30/2012 Dhafer Hasan: Child Protection Public Consultation 5
  6. 6. Consultation cycle:In order to conduct inclusive and effective consultation activities it is veryimportant to develop specific, direct, non-confusing tools and documents; suchas:• Strategy or policy options paper.• Consultation agenda and action plan.• Summaries and briefs.• Online documents.• Drafts of the policy, strategy and legislation.• Child-friendly summaries (for young people).• Surveys.Those documents and tools serve as informing and consultation documentsand tools. It should be adjusted and modified to suit each target group.3/30/2012 Dhafer Hasan: Child Protection Public Consultation 6
  7. 7. Consultation cycle:Informing the public (stakeholders):Informing stakeholders of the intentions of thegovernment to develop certain governance Informing Monitoringtool (policy, strategy, law or a plan) is very the Publicimportant to promote the those tools, educatethe public, and advocating for the approval ofdecision-makers and influencing groups. Consultation ActivitiesConsultation Activities:Consultation activities include all the activitiesthat aim to engage stakeholders to express Documentationtheir opinion. It could include one or different & Analysistools such as focus groups, meetings andsurveys. Government institutions couldcoordinate and support NGOs and consultationcompanies in carrying out such activities under Feedback Evaluationthe monitoring of the government. 3/30/2012 Dhafer Hasan: Child Protection Public Consultation 7
  8. 8. Consultation cycle:Documentation and Analysis: Informing MonitoringDocumentation of stakeholders’ opinions, the Publicinterests, suggestions and recommendations isa key activity in conducting consultationprocesses. It is an ongoing process that should Consultationaccompany the whole process. By the end of Activitiesthe process those feedbacks should beanalyzed and summarized to provide easyunderstanding of public opinion. Documentation & AnalysisFeedback:Stakeholders must be informed of the resultsof the consultation process as well as the finaldecision of the government. Feedback Evaluation 3/30/2012 Dhafer Hasan: Child Protection Public Consultation 8
  9. 9. Benefits of consultationSuccessful consultation affects different variables of publicpolicy, strategy and legislation development processes as well asthe implementation and the evaluation of those governancetools. It also increases government transparency, reliability andaccountability. It has direct influence on the following:• Ensuring that the policy, strategy and legislation are Evidence Based;• Strengthen Government/ Citizens relationship;• Participating in Citizens Empowerment;• Ensuring Ownership over the policy and strategy options and solution; and• Helping the decision makers to Understand Stakeholders.3/30/2012 Dhafer Hasan: Child Protection Public Consultation 9
  10. 10. StakeholdersThe engagement of stakeholders in consultation processes depends onvariety of variables; the capacity of the organization, timeframe, the interestof stakeholders, budget, and the subject of consultation.• Minorities (religious, ethnic, IDPs, refugees …).• Children and youths with disabilities.• Head of Households.• Children and youths from single head of household families.• Orphans / children without adult supervision.• Working children (domestic worker, children working in the streets, children working in dangerous working places, children victim of sexual exploitation).• NGOs and political parties and entities.• Interest groups and professionals.• Labor Union.• Government institutions.• Local, federal and central government.• Parliament (National and Regional).3/30/2012 Dhafer Hasan: Child Protection Public Consultation 10
  11. 11. Consultation Tools• Public comment.• Focus groups.• Surveys.• Public meetings.• Government and organizations official websites, social networking websites and mailing lists.• Special software for consultations.3/30/2012 Dhafer Hasan: Child Protection Public Consultation 11
  12. 12. Content of consultation activities• Goal and objectives of the consultation process and consultation activity.• Stakeholders linkages, influence, affect, benefits…etc of the policy, strategy or law. (Why are they participating in this activity?)• Government and public relationships and the process of decision making in democratic systems.• Local legal framework (constitution and local legislation) and international instruments related to the subject (Brief).• Case studies and local and international experience.• Options of solutions/ draft/ brief of the policy, strategy or law.• Mechanism of providing further comments or suggestions such as email address, website, phone number or mail address.• Mechanisms of the participation of other stakeholders (if there is an intention to involve more stakeholders).• Potentials of further consultation activities and follow up.• The mechanisms of providing feedback to stakeholders.• Sources of further information and to follow up with the process for stakeholders.3/30/2012 Dhafer Hasan: Child Protection Public Consultation 12
  13. 13. END3/30/2012 Dhafer Hasan: Child Protection Public Consultation 13