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The Future of Cloud is Dynamic

Most companies are using hybrid environments, mixing conventional IT with public and private clouds. This infographic showcases cloud leaders moving towards a more orchestrated approach – a Dynamic Cloud that securely integrates the best resources to power business growth.

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The Future of Cloud is Dynamic

  1. 1. THE FUTURE OF CLOUD IS DYNAMIC Business value drives cloud adoption 1.9x 2.4x 50% PUBLIC the revenue growth the gross profit growth 61% PRIVATE expanding into new markets and of ferings with cloud Cloud leaders outpace peers TRADITIONAL IT OF ENTERPRISES WILL BE USING A HYBRID ENVIRONMENT THIS YEAR Toward a more powerful cloud A majority of cloud leaders Integrate data across applications Prioritize open cloud environments Seek platforms without borders Use cloud-based analytics to make better decisions The benefits of dynamic Securely integrating the best resources for the task at hand SERVICES COMPOSABILITY AND INTEGRATION APPLICATIONS CHOICE AND FLEXIBILITY Dynamic Cloud CAPACITY AND EFFICIENCY DATA ANALYTICS IT INFRASTRUCTURE Powering business growth INNOVATE PRODUCTS AND SERVICES REINVENT CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIPS BUILD NEW BUSINESS MODELS Source: Under cloud cover: How leaders are accelerating competitive dif ferentiation, an IBM Center for Applied Insights global study involving 802 cloud decision makers and users