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39 clues book 2 by dakota dudgeon

  1. The 39 clues, book number 2 By: Dakota Dudgeon The Main Characters Amy and Dan are the main characters of the story. Dan loves to collect sports cards and Amy loves to go to a library and read books. Dan is 11 years old and Amy is 14 years old. Dan loves to go on adventures and so does Amy.
  2. The Setting of The Story • Amy and Dan go into Austria to try to find the 2 clue in the 39 clues quest that they picked to do instead of getting a million dollars. Then the place that they went was France but that was when they were trying to find the first clue. They go into Paris too.
  3. The Conflict of The Story A piece of Nannerl Mozarts diary pages were missing from the Museum and Amy and Dan are trying to find it and they are trying to find the second clue in Austria. They are being chased by there Cahill relatives.
  4. The Rising Action Amy and Dan find out that Mozart has an older sister named Nannerl Mozart. They went to the library to look at her diary but there were pages missing. Jona Wizard had taken it, so they had to steel it back. After Amy and Dan find the music on the Internet. Amy and Dan notice that the three lines are missing. Then Amy found a underground chamber filled with native limestone in it under a church called Salzburg Catacombs. Then Amy and Dan figure out that when any thing bad happens there’s the same man in a black coat there with them every time. There was an explosion inside the chamber but they found there way out.
  5. The Climax of The Story • They found the homing device under the cat, Saladin’s collar and planted it on uncle Alistars Oh cane. Dan and Amy follow Jona Wizard to a secret passage to a disco and steel them from Jona. Then Amy and Dan are chased from the Janus. Dan and Amy escape from there hide out in the art gallery with the two missing pages from Nanneris diary. Dan and Amy hide the two pages in the boat called the Royal Saladin. Amy and Dan came back to get the papers from the boat and a wedding was going on but they got the papers back. On the paper there were two notes from Grace. The word that cost her life minus the music and “D>HIC”. Grace was talking about Marie Antoinette’s famous quote, “let them eat cake”. They didn’t know what it meant.
  6. The Falling Action of The Story • They find Nannerl Mozart’s diary page at the end. They find the second clue in the 39 clues quest. When the harp was played a secret door opened showing to samurai swords. Then Dan and Amy and Nellie go to a place called Tokio they went there because the steel was made there to find their next clue.
  7. The Theme of The Story • The theme of the story is to use your own talent and not someone elses.
  8. The Point of View in The Story • The author is telling the Story. Example, Amy hugged herself to control her shivering. Dan glared resentfully at the retreating yacht in the distance.
  9. Figurative Language In The Book • • • • • Example, 1.The victory was short-lived What it means is he did not last that long. 2.An egg sized lump sitting on his head. What is means was the lump was the size of a egg. • For number 1 the page number was 10 • For number 2 the page number was 11
  10. Author Information • • • • • • • The Author is Gordon Korman. 5 facts about Gordon Korman. 1.He writes kid books 2.He was born October,23 1963 3.He wrote 74 books in his career. 4.He wrote his first book when he was 12 5.His first book was published when he was 14
  11. Opinion of The Book • On a scale 1-5 I would rate this book a 5 because the book is a mystery book and mystery are my favorite types of books. It’s a mystery book because Amy and Dan are trying to find all 39 clues through out the story but only one clue is found in each book through out the whole series.