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Splunk Java Agent

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Splunk Java Agent

  1. 1. Splunk Java AgentDamien DallimoreDeveloper Evangelist
  2. 2. Copyright©2013,SplunkInc.Splunk APM Current State2• Several apps on Splunkbase that can be used together to form part of an overall APM solution• AppDynamics integration available on Splunkbase• Dynatrace integration work in progress• Extrahop integration for network packet capture• I think that Splunk is well suited to deliver an integrated APM solution in its own right• Data Collection• Searching , Correlation, Analysis,Transactions – using Splunk Search Language• Alerting and Reporting• Data Security• Processing large volumes of APM data , scales with increased APM data volumes• Visualization Capabilitys
  3. 3. Copyright©2013,SplunkInc.Breaking down a solution3• Data Collection• Agents that can be injected into target application (invasive)• JVM , .NET, Server Side scripts, Browser scripts• Wire capture (non-invasive)• Search and Visualization• SplunkBase app that can be used in conjunction with the data collected from the agent• Out of the box Splunk UI components• Custom UI components (d3.js, three.js, Google Charts)• Use our developer SDKs to integrate with the collected data in Spunk ie: during dev/test
  4. 4. Copyright©2013,SplunkInc.Splunk Java Agent4An instrumentation agent for tracing code level metrics via bytecode injection, JMXattributes/operations/notification and decoded HPROF records and streaming these events directlyinto Splunk• class loading• method execution• method timings (cumulative, min, avg, max, std deviation)• method call tracing(count of calls, group by app/app node(for clustered systems)/thread/class/package)• method parameter and return value capture (in progress)• application/thread stalls , thread dumps and stacktraces• errors/exceptions/throwables• JVM heap analysis, object/array allocation count/size,class dumps, leak detection, stack traces, frames• JMX attributes/operations/notifications from the JVM or Application layer MBean DomainsBy default , collected data is streamed to Splunk over TCP , but this is configurable/extensible
  5. 5. Copyright©2013,SplunkInc.Design goals5• Just pull out the raw APM metrics , then let Splunk perform the crunching• Format APM events in best practice semantic , well defined key value pairs , tagged events helpcorrelation across distributed APM environment• Low impact to the instrumented application• No code changes required• Flexible configuration• Extensible• Generic open source APM agent , I may have used some Splunk terms in the namingconventions, but it is still completely generic.• Intelligence , can self throttle metric gathering based on application load (feature coming soon)
  6. 6. Copyright©2013,SplunkInc.Setup should be as simple as possible6This is all you pass to the JVM at startup :-javaagent:splunkagent.jarEverything required by the agent is built into the one single jar file
  7. 7. Copyright©2013,SplunkInc.Configuration should allow for flexibility7• Config file lives inside the agent jar• Granular controls for precisely which metrics you want to trace• Automate with deployment tools such as Puppet and Chef
  8. 8. Copyright©2013,SplunkInc.Raw APM events streamed into Splunk8
  9. 9. Copyright©2013,SplunkInc.Use Splunk to these into APM insights9
  10. 10. Demo
  11. 11. Copyright©2013,SplunkInc.Contact me11Email : ddallimore@splunk.comTwitter : @damiendallimoreSkype : damien.dallimoreGithub : damiendallimoreSplunkbase : damiendSlideshare : : :