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Industry informofmozaikathehumanizingtechnologieslab june23

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Industry informofmozaikathehumanizingtechnologieslab june23

  1. 1. mnizing Tchn % Mariana Damova, PhD mariana. damova@mozajka. co
  2. 2. Humanizing Technologies Lab — in operation since May 2013 — intersection of data science, natural interfaces and empathic insight — organic growth — project by project and self—funded — activity areas — R&D and project development consulting — DaaS (Data as a Service) "“"A'fi“l*e-—*‘""“"""‘*“"*" — Semantic Web applications — Natural human-computer interactivity - Voice biometrics — Smart cities — organizational structure — project teams
  3. 3. l l‘_lCll_. ll?7;fI_i‘fv"_l_l‘ rift I_i"fTi Semantic—based search and [_‘ t recommendation service for business fl, n us - Q lngomj networking designed as Data as a Service facility (DaaS) IIlIIll. le1‘I| ',lIIIhlII'Ir—' w‘m_ti: L-ni‘uIL~. Subscription based business model - annual subscription — packages of numbers of queries - single queries fees — free of charge information
  4. 4. What do we want - potential partners with natural language processing technology in several languages — financial analysis and rating experts - business consultants for go to market strategy Funding between 150—17OK to evaluate the business model and to validate the go to market strategy
  5. 5. lndustrylnform service - goal - provide industrial enterprises - with a tool that allows them to advertise their 9”» _* field of expertise, achievements and . W ' ‘ aspirations, a a - catch the eye of potential clients and more importantly investors help investors and potential clients find the right enterprises for their needs and interests. lndustrylnform service goal
  6. 6. lndustrylnform - design and features - data infrastructure based on semantic web technologies and linked data . .s/ “(. - an intuitive user interface - enabling enterprises to introduce themselves in a detailed manner - have interested parties discover them while ‘NJ searching The linked data design allows to augment the information provided by the enterprises - with reputation information or facts from the Web and from other sources - with reliability indices that are based on financial information and on overall performance assessment
  7. 7. Target markets and business case - Business information market - steady growth by 5% to several hundred billion US dollars - customer service enliancement. precise marketing. rea| —time analytics Wlll grow five told by 2020 (Forbes) - Potential users - 115-300 million companies around the globe, 99% of which are Sl/ lFs (qtioiacom) - close to 2000 companies iriv industry secto - a couple of hu investment co EU—based companies. US—based and Japanese est more than 500 billion US dollars in ? &D in the lll 2013 (Market Watch 2013) idred investment funds in 2013 alone looking for optimal iditions lndustrylnform - business case — Knowledge work automation - l/ lCl<| HS€/ Glo autorriaiiori as Jal Institute (2014) classifies knowledge work the second from the list of 12 technologies that could drive truly massive economic transformations and disruptions - projected to replace the equivalent to the results from 110-140 million FT Es. eg. ss. 2 trillion to $6.7 trillion in economic impact hy 2025 and productivity gains of 40-50% for 125 million knowledge workers
  8. 8. elf’, i«f1,lit. ,ir7‘t: ,rr‘iiifliirrv-rfriiii - ; l:‘f5F. l., l7l7l ariifi F? ll éfillél Law in Rrfilitrf vim ccwivarii Search engine that will improve your business lniotlI. i-,1ini'; l-ileum» sj’rjlgL-. l “rifi: |__et§1. -"; l_ Status — beta prototype - intuitive user interface for search and business networking — semantic base of several million triples ~ — 12 sites from Great Britain, Germany, Bulgaria a couple hundred thousand companies — ontology model allowing for 50 triples per company - Used technology — LODRefine - graphDB semantic repository - SkyCode language translator Team - Roles - graphic design , ' - development 1 j —R&D 1- : l. . +3 H - data management - analytics — business development