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Outlook Responsible Tourism Workshop

Presentation to discuss digital tools that can be employed by travel-trade fraternity to reach customers inclined towards experiencing a place with a responsible approach and promoting your business among them.

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Outlook Responsible Tourism Workshop

  1. 1. Skill Development Workshop Attracting More Travellers via Digital Media
  2. 2. • 11+ years of work experience as a Digital marketing practitioner, trainer and Founder at Iffort and the media portal. • Author of, a 10+ year old blog, rated amongst India’s top blogs on Social Media, Marketing & Branding (Rated by • Conducted focused digital marketing trainings for B2B industry at India Warehousing Conference, Alten International Conference on Alternate Energy Products, IAMAI Travel Summit, TIE Travel Summit, OTM Mumbai, TTF Hyderabad etc. • Regularly invited as an expert speaker, panelist and trainer across business-schools, conferences. FIIB Summit, Alten Conference, Fore School of Management, University School of Management Studies, OTM Mumbai etc. About Me DAKSH SHARMA
  3. 3. • How do we create a unique MESSAGE/VOICE for our property? • How can we attract more customers to our homestay? • The art & science of being ‘responsible’ Quick takeaways from today’s session
  4. 4. What’s common in these pictures?
  5. 5. What’s that number 1 thing that will get you 5 star ratings JACUZZI? EXPERIENCE? INTERACTION?
  7. 7. Cleanliness is what matters for all guests
  8. 8. Who are you catering to? How to create your MESSAGE checklist Traveller Tourist What are your promoting? The Homestay Destination How will your promote your home-stay? Page Profile Are you ready to capture some simple images? Smartphone DSLR
  10. 10. #1. Pictures on Social Media speak for themselves #4. Multiple examples Darjeeling Leh Shimla
  11. 11. #2. Video testimonials are like 22 carat gold #1. Ro Ro Village Homesta y, Sikkim
  12. 12. So are Homestay intro videos… #2. Suma Aavas Darjeelin g
  13. 13. #3. Homestay owners are now tapping guests via Instagram #3. Ecohabit at Coorg
  14. 14. #4. Responsibility on your mind? #4. Multiple examples Use Social Media to talk about your contributions to the environment
  15. 15. #5. The Travel Influencer Connect #5. Get Relevant influencer s to talk about your property
  16. 16. #5. How can boutique hotels leverage influencers… #5. Get Relevant influencer s to talk about your property
  17. 17. #6. Be Responsible towards your Responses #6. Your reputatio n as a host is your response
  19. 19. #1. Basic Image Editing for Social Media - Snapseed
  20. 20. #2. – To create beautiful social media content
  21. 21. #3. Powerful video editing tool – Quik
  22. 22. #4. Misc. Tools for image enhancement
  23. 23. Questions?