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Product Management for Startups
Dan Olsen
CEO, YourVersion
Nov 14, 2009
                     Copyright © 2009 YourVersion
My Background
  BS, Electrical Engineering, Northwestern
  MS, Industrial Engineering, Virginia Tech
  MBA, Stan...
What is Product Management?

                    Copyright © 2009 YourVersion
Product Management is
        Critical Link in Value Creation

    Market            Product          Development 
What’s the Formula
        for a Winning Product?
A product that:
   Meets customers’ needs
   Is better than other altern...
Problem Space vs. Solution Space
 Problem Space                  Solution Space
   A customer problem,            A specif...
Problem Space vs. Solution Space
         Product Level
Problem Space       Solution Space
 (user benefit)       (product)...
Problem Space vs. Solution Space
           Feature Level
Problem Space              Solution Space
 (user benefit)       ...
How Do You Prioritize User Benefits 
     and Product Features?
Need a framework for prioritization
  Which user benefits ...
High Importance + Low Satisfaction =
Importance of User Need
Kano Model: User Needs & Satisfaction
              User Satisfaction
                                  Delighter (wow)

Olsen’s Hierarchy of Web User Needs
       (adapted from Maslow)
    Customer’s Perspective                               ...
Importance vs. Satisfaction
       Ask Users to Rate for Each Feature
              100                                   ...
Prioritization and Scope
Customer value is only half of the story
How much engineering effort will it take?
Need to consid...
Prioritizing Product Ideas by ROI

Return (Value Created)

Have to Prioritize Across Multiple 
                  Dimensions At The Same Time

User Benefits vs. Ease of Use
Q: If two products equally deliver the exact 
same user benefits, which product is better?
The UI Design Iceberg
  What most 
  people see
  and react to                       Visual
Elements of User Interface Design
Consists of Three Distinct Elements:
  Information Architecture
     Structure and layou...
“Ramen” Usability Testing for Startups
 Learning from 1‐on‐1 user feedback is invaluable
 Keep it real: have user bring th...
Approaching Business as an 
    Optimization Exercise

Given reality as it exists today,
optimize our business results
Define the Equation of your Business
          “Peeling the Onion”
Advertising Business Model:
Profit = Revenue ‐ Cost

Sample Signup Page Yield Data
                                                Daily Signup Page Yield vs. Time
Identifying the  “Critical Few” Metrics
  What are the metrics for your business?
  Where is current value for each metric...
Optimization through Iteration:
  Continuous Improvement
                  the metric

Early Stage Product Management 
            Cheat Sheet
Understand your customers’ needs
Use problem space thinking to ens...
Great way to stay on top of your interests
Real‐time discovery engine
  Discovers new, relevant content tailored to your 
                             Copyright © 2009 YourVersion
Optimization through Iteration: Continuous Improvement Measure the metric Analyze
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Optimization through Iteration: Continuous Improvement Measure the metric Analyze Product Management for Startups by Dan Olsen

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Optimization through Iteration:
Continuous Improvement
the metric

Learning the metric
Gaining knowledge:
• Market Identify top 
• Customer opportunities
to improve
• Domain
• Usability Design & develop  
the enhancement

Launch the
Copyright © 2009 YourVersion

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