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How To Improve Security Of Your Ecommerce Site

This PDF gives you an overview that how the security is important for your ecommerce website. For more information you can log on to :

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How To Improve Security Of Your Ecommerce Site

  1. 1. How To Improve Security Of YourEcommerceSitePresented By
  2. 2. IntroductionFor maintaining an ecommercesite properly, you need to have aproper security. Deliveringquality products on time willnot suffice.
  3. 3. Use SSL ( Secure Sockets Layer)SSL is used to confirm that themessages going on from orcoming into your ecommerceAtlanta site is totally encryptedin nature.SSL certificates canbe purchased from hostingcompanies.
  4. 4. Use Of ProperPayment GatewayA reliable paymentgateway must beused in the site toensure the security.For example,PayPal
  5. 5. Keep Your WebsiteUpdatedAlways keep your site updatedwith latest information ofdiscounts or sale. The hackerswill never get a chance to destroythe security if you regularlyupdate your site.
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