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Intro to engineering

presentation on engineering - fields, careers, tools, accomplishments.

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Intro to engineering

  1. 1. Engineering and Manufacturing David Andrade MS - EducationBS – Mechanical Engineering (Aerospace)
  2. 2. What is an Engineer?Uses science and math to solvepeople’s problemsCreates and invents new thingsImproves and makes thingsbetter
  3. 3. Engineering – what is it?
  4. 4. ManufacturIng
  5. 5. ManufacturIng
  6. 6. What Does it Take to Become an Engineer?CuriosityCreativityLike to figure things out, solve problemsEnjoy learning --- stay in school Take math classes (at least pre-calc) Take science classes (Bio, Chem, Physics) Take CAD or other Technology coursesFour year college engineering degree
  7. 7. Why be an engineer?Fun Help people; improve lives Solve real world problems Variety of applications, projects Contribute to societyLots of opportunities High demand for engineers Large and small companies, universities, non profitsRewarding Career Innovative thinking, and you get paid! Sikorsky Aircraft – new engineers are making $65K + /yr Provides a very strong background for other careers Potential for advancement to management
  8. 8. ManufacturingManufacturing EngineersManufacturing TechniciansMachinistsTool and Die MakersManufacturing processes Machining (mill, turn, 5 axis) Laser Water-Jet Stamping Grinding Wire EDM Casting Forging Extruding Plastics Composites
  9. 9. Engineering toolsCAD Autocad, KeyCreator, SolidWorks, Catia, Pro- Engineer, Solid EdgeCAM Mastercam, CAMFlow,Analysis FEA, Comsol Multi-physicsDatabase/BOM/PM Symix, EPM,Productivity Word, PowerPoint, Excel, email, internet, PDA/Smartphone
  10. 10. Engineering tools
  11. 11. Engineering tools
  12. 12. Engineering tools
  13. 13. Colleges with Engineering Degrees Worcester Polytechnic Institute University of New Haven Boston University Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Massachusetts Institute of Technology Fairfield University University of Bridgeport Rochester Institute of Technology Yale Central CT State University UCONN
  14. 14. Technology and Manufacturing SchoolsHousatonic Community CollegeNorwalk Community CollegeNaugatuck Community CollegePrivate Training Schools Sikorsky School for Aviation (Stratford) Westlawn Institute of Marine Tech (Mystic) Porter and Chester InstituteEngineering/Manufacturing Technicianshave great starting salaries too: $35k –50k / year (with experience up to $90k)
  15. 15. Local Engineering and Manufacturing CompaniesLacey ManufacturingUnited Technologies Sikorsky Aircraft Pratt & Whitney Carrier Otis Hamilton Sundstrand UTRCAlinabalSpectrumASMLGeneral Dynamcis– Electric Boat (Subs)Covidien - surgicalAnd hundreds of othercompanies in CT
  16. 16. SummaryManufacturing is our country’s future andfoundation for it’s economy The US manufactures a huge percentage of products, specifically high technology, high quality parts and devices The US is also know for it’s assembly workThere is a shortage of engineers andmanufacturing technicians Huge need, huge potential, high pay, high rewardsIf you like science, designing, creativity, math,working with your hands or building things, youshould go into engineering or manufacturing
  17. 17. Amazing Engineering Feats Mr. Andrade Central High School
  18. 18. Amazing RunwayNew airport runway on the Portuguese island ofMadeira .The airports runway has a length of 2781meters, (9000 ft) of which 1000 (3000) aresupported by 180 pillars, each pillar 50 metersin length (about 17 floors). The runway isdesigned to accommodate 747s.Note the cars parked below the runway.The 2nd picture best shows how high it is -- andlets not even think about running off thatrunway!
  19. 19. Hiding Lockheed during WWIILockheed During WW.II (unbelievable1940s pictures) This is pretty neat--specialeffects during the 1940 s.During World War II the Army Corps ofEngineers needed to hide the LockheedBurbank Aircraft Plant to protect it fromJapanese air attack. They covered it withcamouflage netting to make it look like arural subdivision from the air.
  20. 20. BEFORE
  21. 21. AFTER
  23. 23. Petronas Towers - Malaysia Twin Towers Fact Sheet Number of storeys: 88 Height of each tower: 452 metres above street levelLength of Skybridge : 58.4 metresHeight of Skybridge : 170 metres. The Skybridge is on Level 41.Height of each pinnacle : 73.5 metres Lifts : 29 double-decker high speed passenger lifts in each towerEscalators : 10 in each towerStairs : 765 flightsCar Park : 5,400 parking bays on 5 levels of basement parking.
  24. 24. Empire State building, the Itaipu Dam, the CN Tower, the PanamaCanal, the Channel Tunnel, the North Sea Protection Works, and the Golden Gate Bridge.
  25. 25. Sikorsky S-92 Safest, most advanced helicopter in the world
  26. 26. Sikorsky RAH-66 Comanche World’s first stealth helo
  27. 27. Boeing F-22 Raptor
  28. 28. Boeing 777
  29. 29. F-35
  30. 30. Pratt & Whitney Engines
  31. 31. Personal Computer
  32. 32. Smart Phones Palm OS was on the 1st smartphones
  33. 33. Smart Phones
  34. 34. The bridge (or should it be called tunnel) goes under water to allow movement of ships . In order for ships to pass, this bridge is half under the water. You drive down in the water and then come out onthe other side. Truly a marvelous piece of engineering! This bridge is between Sweden and Denmark . The picture was taken from the Sweden side.
  35. 35.
  36. 36. schlieren photography, which takes aninvisible phenomenon and turns it into a visible pictureSchlieren is German for “streaks”; in this case it refers toregions of different densities in a gas or a liquid, whichcan be photographed as shadows using a specialtechnique.“In my lab we use this technique a lot,” Dr. Settles said.“Often it’s used for other things, like in supersonic windtunnels, to show shock waves around high-speedaircraft.”The process involves a small, bright light source,precisely placed lenses, a curved mirror, a razor bladethat blocks part of the light beam and other tools thatmake it possible to see and photograph disturbances inthe air. In the world of gas dynamics, a cough is merely “aturbulent jet of air with density changes.”New York Times, Science Section, 10-2008. Downloadedfrom on 10-30-2008
  37. 37. A cough
  38. 38. Asimulatedexplosionin a full-scalemockup ofan airplanecabin, withdepartment storemannequins. Thephotograph capturesthe flash oftheexplosionand theshockwave thatit sentthroughthe cabin.
  39. 39. A revolver beingfired. Gasesoriginate firstfrom the cylinderand then themuzzle of thefirearm. Thegases thatenvelop thehand of theshooter leavegunpowderresidue behind.
  40. 40. A smallfirecrackerexplosion. Thebright flash is aresult of thecardboard shellof thefirecrackerblowing outboth ends. Thesmoke is fromthe burningfuse, and thestringsuspends thefirecrackerfrom above.
  41. 41. A waterstrider, aninsect thatwalks onwater andcan carry15 times itsbody weightand stayafloat.
  42. 42. AnAiredaledogsniffing asmallflower,which waswarmed tohelp makethe airflowvisible.
  43. 43. Engineers“Scientists study the world as it is.Engineers create the world that has neverbeen.” Theodore von Karman
  44. 44. Your TurnOver the weekend, start thinking about aproduct or technology that interests you.Think about how it works, how physics isapplied to it, and how you might make itbetter. We will be starting a project on thiswhen we come back.