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Adolescents and the Web: the attractions of Facebook

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My talk and presentation at Magdalen college conference 26 june 2010
In Serbian:

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Adolescents and the Web: the attractions of Facebook

  1. 1. ‘Adolescents and the Web: the attractions of Facebook’ by Danica Radovanovic Interdisciplinary conference: problems of Adolescence Magdalen College, University of Oxford 26 June 2010 PhD Chevening Scholar Oxford Internet Institute University of Oxford
  2. 2. Teenage diaries?
  3. 3. In a Shopping mall, Internet cafe, after 11pm, Belgrade, Serbia
  4. 4. Data = Information in Permanent Flux .
  5. 5. Dispersive public forum global network of people interaction, collaboration
  6. 6. Public sphere
  7. 7. Networked publics. Being constantly online. listservs, chat rooms, forums, blogosphere, twittersphere, Social network sites, Wikipedia, etc.
  8. 8. OFFLINE = ONLINE SNS - Communication practices in pre-existing networks
  9. 9. Not allowed by parents? Lack of mobility? No access to publics? Flickr: How am I spending Friday nights. By - I am a sunny day. day
  10. 10. 1997 2002 friendster 2003 my space, linkedin, orkut 2004 facebook, harvard only 2006 facebook opened for wider public – corporate networks
  11. 11. If you are not on Facebook – you are not “IN”. You don't exist.
  12. 12. PROFILE Self expression, virtual body
  13. 13. British teens on SNSs as any other teens in the world: - connecting - communicating - socialising - hanging out - chatting - gossiping - goofing around - flirting .....but also LEARNING. PARTICIPATING. CREATING.
  14. 14. FRIENDS Peer public, classmates, BBF Flickr: Dusty and Sarah by Cakeface originals
  15. 15. Facebook Wall, Comments, testimonials. Social grooming.
  16. 16. Applications - Newsfeed, status updates, multimedia, pages, groups, events, blogs, notes, chat
  17. 17. Applications and Games
  18. 18. Flickr: by Sibbad Parents and Adolescents = Communication and Trust. Learning together. Educators: digital literacy.
  19. 19. References Digital Youth Research project (funded by the MacArthur Foundation) ● Digital Youth Work ● ●Dutton, W., Helsper, E. J., and Gerber, M. M. (2009). The Internet in Britain: 2009., Oxford Internet Institute, University of Oxford. ●EU Kids Online Final Report (EUKO) (Livingstone and Haddon 2009) ●Risky Behaviors and Online Safety: A 2010 Literature Review (draft) Samantha Biegler and danah boyd Harvard University, Berkman Center for Internet & Society
  20. 20. Thank you! Email: