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R7035 phenomenon powerpoint_downs_d mod 8

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R7035 phenomenon powerpoint_downs_d mod 8

  1. 1. Collaborative Learning & Technology:Understanding themes and communication ofhigh school students technology learning in aproject based curriculum.Daniel M. DownsArgosy University-SarasotaR7035 Qualitative ResearchDr. Ogletree
  2. 2. Phenomenon Project based learning is a comprehensiveinstructional approach to engage students insustained,cooperative investigation(ProjectBased Learning Space,2009) The experiences and language of studentslearning collaboratively is key to the processof their problem solving.
  3. 3. Context Of PhenomenonProject Based Learning Environment(PBL) Civic involvement Application of Technology To Problem Solve Student Collaboration Cumulative “Final Project or Presentations”High School Technology Classroom
  4. 4. Purpose To better understand the learning styles ofstudents using technology collaboratively. To gain insight into how students usetechnology to problem solve and completelong range projects. To define specific language and themes ofstudents using technology collaboratively.
  5. 5. Primary Research Question What are the central themes and experiences to thestudents participating in collaborative project-basedlearning with a technology curriculum? Sub-Questions-What arc commons statements made by students aftertheir participation?-What themes emerged from their collaborativeexperiences?-What is the essence of the student’s experiences?
  6. 6. Methodology Phenomenological Approach The study aims to reveal centralthemes of the phenomenon. The main goal of data collection will be to gather multipleparticipants experiences of the same phenomenon. In the caseof my research it will be important to address how studentsworking in groups with a final project affect their collaborativework and have changed the way they learn technology. The interview process and collection of individual experienceswill be the primary data source. Interviews and bracketing the experiences of the participantswill better describe the experiences of the participants.
  7. 7. 6.The Research Site & Participation Winchester High School Technology Students Project Based Learning Curriculum The participants for this study will total 20 to 25students. Participants will have the opportunity to voluntarilywithdraw from the study at any time. All information will be confidential and the risks andbenefits associated with the research will beaddressed. Participants will be made aware of how the data willbe reported.
  8. 8. Methods Individual Interviews Group Interviews Focus Groups Observations Transcriptions of Group Activities Audio &Video Field Notes Final Projects(photos,presentations)
  9. 9. Data Analysis Techniques The analysis and coding of the transcription of the classroomaudio of activities during the research will be powerful data todefine the context of my research as well as highlight individualexperiences and research observations. I will provide a structural description in which I reflect setting incontext of the research with the phenomenon (Creswell, 2006).This will be a description of how the phenomenon of studentslearning technology and project-based environment happened. Data analysis will be concluded with a composite description ofthe experiences of the participants in the phenomenon and howthe participants experienced it. My bias as a teacher with theprogram will be a challenge in approaching the qualitativeresearch with the right perspective and judgment.
  10. 10. Reflexivity I hope to express in my research how my involvement with thestudy will affect and inform the research.(What IsReflexivity,2009) This is the key to reflexivity and in myparticular research it is critical to informing the biases andcontext of the research. My perspective as a teacher influences the writing of theresearcher by having a deep investment into the process of theresearch and an awareness of the personal biases that theeffect the research. Using personal reflexivity I will express how my personalbeliefs, values, experiences and pieces of my personal identityhave influenced my research (What Is Reflexivity,2009). In myresearch outlining my position as a teacher and my experienceusing technology will be highlighted
  11. 11. Research Time-One 45 minute period of instruction 4 timesper week.-A total of 20-25 days of totalobservation,interview and focus group datacollection.
  12. 12. 9.Challenges The first part of my analysis is to bracket myexperience (Creswell,2007)and assumptions as theresearcher. Describing my personal experiences with theresearch will help me set aside my personalexperiences from those of the participants. My bias as a teacher with the program will be achallenge in approaching the qualitative researchwith the right perspective and judgment.
  13. 13. ReferencesBackground Knowledge & Theory.Project-Based Learning Space.Retrived February 17,2010,, J. W. (2006). Data Collection . Qualitative Inquiry and ResearchDesign: Choosing Among Five Approaches (Second Edition ed., pp.p.120-131). Thousand Oaks: Sage Publications, Inc.Phenomenology. (n.d.). Argosy University Eclass Online Portal. RetrievedFebruary 12, 2010, Is Reflexivity. (n.d.). De Montfort University.Retrieved April 10, 2010,