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You are part of an international news team reporting from a foreign country

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You are part of an international news team reporting from a foreign country

  1. 1. International News Report VideoYou are part of an international news team reporting from a foreign country.Your goal is to report on 6 major topics surrounding the country in the year2010. Your news broadcast can be aimed for a web or tv broadcast. Dospecifc research related to your country and map out a unique script of howthe news will be reported.Important Features Of Your Project:1.Each member of your group must have a specific role or roles.Some examples are:ReporterCameraman(also seen in video)Local PersonLocal Business PersonEyewitness To ActionTraveler2.Be creative with your roles as they will determine the quality of charactersand storyline.3.Be factual and timely in your reporting. Good Interview Techniques andQuestions.4.Keep material appropriate. You can use humor but be creative.5.Use real research from quality internet sources.(cnn,google news etc.)6.Create a script similar to the one for your commercial. Write it on the backof this sheet.7.Include all sources (internet urls,webpages) in the credits at the end ofyour video.Your Country:_______________________________________________Group Members:_____________________________________________
  2. 2. Things to do:1.Choose country2.Find articles or news reports from the internet(be sure to write down your souces or copy and pastethem,urls,webpages)3.Develop a script and characters.4.Make your script funny,interesting or crazy but adding your own creativetwists. Think about how you can use your editing and effects to enhance thevideo.5.Shoot your video.6.Edit the news report and include your sources,image effects,transitions andtitles as necessary.