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Production of front cover image

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Production of front cover image

  1. 1. To start, I began by selecting one image to use from the many images I had collected from the previous day. After Selecting the image I made sure to make a new page with it on to then make sure if a mistake was to be made. The mistake will be made on the copy rather than the original image.
  2. 2. After making the new page and adding the new image. I got to work designing the masthead that I would be using for the magazine. For the mast head I used a simple box tool and then on the layer above simply used a text tool for the writing. To give the text the look it has I have used a emboss and bevel tool. This tool has give it the look of coming out of the page.
  3. 3. Next I moved on to making the bar code and the positioning statement, along with the “free poster” at the top right hand side. To make the positioning statement was simple it has like making the masthead but I didn't change the setting of the font so it stayed quite plain. The “Free Poster” advertisement at the top right hand corner of the page is something I added to catch the eye of the person reading as it may interest some people as they might like the bands included in the free deal.
  4. 4. Here I have added the main coverline and the Sub-line to the page. To make both of these, I again used the text tool but I made sure that I changed the font for both the coverlines to make sure that the main coverline stood out more than the sub- line. Also on the Main coverline I have altered the properties like with the masthead to make a small black outline around the edges of the white text. For the sub-line I added an underline beneath the word storm the emphasize how much of an impact this artist has had [the underline is a rectangle that I warped]
  5. 5. Next I began to add my coverlines starting with this one to the right hand side, middle of the page. I decided to put small boxes behind the coverline. The reason I decided to add these boxes behind the text was so that the writing stood out from the background a bit better.