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The New Era of (Non-) Discoverability

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Some thoughts on discoverability and learnability. A talk given at MOBX 2011 in Berlin.

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The New Era of (Non-) Discoverability

  1. 1. Nothing youcan see thatisnt shown...The Beatles“All You Need is Love”
  2. 2. Tap to Launch Turn off screen Press and Hold to Move or Delete Screen Shot Take Screen Shot Drag Icon Onto Another Icon to Make FolderSlide for Next/Previous/Search Screen Double-Click to Reveal Active Apps Return to Home or Stop Moving Mode Press and Hold for Voice (Siri)
  3. 3. Affordances?NEIN!
  4. 4. Interaction design...can be thoughtWTF?of in part as providingAFFORDANCES so that the featuresand functionality of a product can bediscovered and correctly used.Dan SafferDesigning for Interaction (2009)
  5. 5. The New Era of(Non) DiscoverabilityDan Saffer@odannyboy
  6. 6. DISCOVERABILITY isthe ability to detecta feature by itsAFFORDANCES orVISUAL CUES.
  7. 7. DISCOVERABILITY Object with Affordance Button and Label Object with Label Object without Affordance or Label Label Only Nothing
  8. 8. DISCOVERABILITY Mainframe Command Line GUI Post-PC Physical Controls Keyboard Mouse and Stylus Touch Gesture Voice
  9. 9. The more importantthe task, the moreDISCOVERABLE itshould be.
  10. 10. The Top Three kindsof features that shouldbe DISCOVERABLE(via Scott Berkun):
  11. 11. 1.Things most people do, most often.2. Things most people do, somewhat often.3. Things some people do, most often.
  12. 12. HOWEVER: In almostany UI, not everythingis going to beDISCOVERABLE. Not.Going. To. Happen.
  13. 13. Why ever hideANYTHING?1. Screen Real Estate2. Emphasis3. Aesthetics
  14. 14. Operational Simplicityv. Perceived Simplicity
  17. 17. DISCOVERABLE iswhat can be FOUND.INTUITIVE is whatcan be LEARNED.
  18. 18. If a control isn’tDISCOVERABLE, itshould at least beLEARNABLE.
  19. 19. Discoverability Expected Ease of LearningMainframe Command Line GUI Post-PC
  20. 20. Discoverability Expectation of Ease LearnabilityMainframe Command Line GUI Post-PC
  21. 21. As DISCOVERABILITYdeclines, the ability toLEARN how a productworks should rise toaccommodate for it.
  23. 23. A LEARNABLE UI isone where users canmake a MENTALMODEL of it easily.
  24. 24. A LEARNABLE UIis also one whereinteractions buildon one another.
  25. 25. The RULES areunderstood andlogically appliedacross the system.
  26. 26. How do you makenon-discoverable UIsLEARNABLE?
  27. 27. Coach Marks? NEIN!
  28. 28. NO ONE wants anowners’ manual for amobile app.
  29. 29. If [an app] needs tobe explained, thenit’s probably broken.Khoi Vinh
  30. 30. Users needINFORMATION tomake decisions:information aboutwhat they can do.
  31. 31. Without affordancesor labels, users onlyhave their memories torely on.
  32. 32. Without information,users are left to theirown methods:
  33. 33. 1. Not doing it2. Work arounds3. Looking for help4. TRYING RANDOM SHIT
  34. 34. The penalty forexperimenting shouldbe NONE.
  35. 35. If (Expectation != Outcome) { Learning;}
  36. 36. Make controls forlow-frequency tasksGUESSABLE.
  37. 37. NEVER make anessential task gesture-or voice only...unless itis rapidly LEARNABLE.
  38. 38. For high-priority tasks:use gestures andvoice as shortcuts,while providing visiblecontrols to do thesame thing.
  39. 39. TWO-PLY PRODUCTS: Visible controls forDISCOVERABLE high-priority tasks Gestural/voiceLEARNABLE shortcuts for high- priority tasks, guessable controls for low-priority tasks
  40. 40. Come for theDISCOVERABLE,stay for theLEARNABLE.
  41. 41. DANKE. on twitter