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2012 06-15 vorstellung-landsichten_dante_projekt_uk

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2012 06-15 vorstellung-landsichten_dante_projekt_uk

  1. 1. DANTE transnational German-Dutch Project Workshop 2, 4. July 2012 – An innovative marketing tool for medium- sized hosts in rural areasInken GarbeFederal Labour Society for farm holiday and tourism in rural areas ofGermany, Tel. 030 / 28 44 41 19-0
  2. 2. Structure► Starting point ► Farm holiday one current trend ► Situation for hosts► Development of Landsichten ► Starting point ► Reasons for a new system► How does Landsichten work? ► Advantages for hosts ► Advantages for guests
  3. 3. Farm holiday one of the current trends- An analysis of travel business by BMELV 2011 (May 2010-May 2011)► 6% of all domestic travels are farm holidays (in a broader sense)► 4,5 million guests with 5,1 million farm holidays in Germany► About 24,4 million overnight stays► Every second farm holiday is a short stay (max. 4 days)► Average payment for bed and board 33,50 Euro per person and day
  4. 4. Farm holiday one of the current trends- An analysis of travel business by BMELV 2011 (May 2010-May 2011)► The average guest of farm holiday: ► 41 years old ► Has Abitur and university graduation ► Net income of 2.666 Euro► Farm holiday-makers (especially of short holidays) are compared to the total population often male (61 %)► 1/3 of farm holidays with children; seniors have the longest stays (average stay of 7,1 days)► Federal state of origin: most are from North Rhine-Westphalia, Bavaria or Baden-Württemberg► Some are from Brandenburg and Schleswig- Holstein (travel in their own federal state?)
  5. 5. Growth potential and special wishes of the guests Activities:► 1. Animals (cows, cowshed, pigs,…) Family holiday 2. Enjoy regional specialities► Relaxation holiday 3. Walking► Beach holiday 4. Shopping in farm stores► Natural holiday 5. Swimming in lakes/ sea► 6. Natural attractions Health holiday 7. Cycling 8. Barbecue, campfire 9. Sauna 10. Health offers 11. Driving tractors, doing farm work 12. Sledging 13. Beauty/ Wellness 14. Cultural and historic sights 15. Organized meetings with locals 16. Festivals and other happenings (rifle club festival, farmer`s market)
  6. 6. Situation of the hosts► Federal Labour Society for farm holiday and tourism in rural areas of Germany e.V. holds a seasonal survey every year to analyze the level of the farm accommodation`s occupancy and the contentedness of the hosts
  7. 7. Average occupancy of the holiday flats and cottages Belegungstage► Half of all farms had a occupancy of more than 160 days per year. Clear growth in high occupancy segments
  8. 8. Average occupancy compared to last year► 44 % of all farms are running better or much better to capacity, 44% have a stable capacity.
  9. 9. Development of the average days of occupancy (mean values) Holiday flats/ cottages guestrooms► The average days of occupancy show a positive development since starting the survey.
  10. 10. Seasonal occupancy of 2006 to 2011 Easter Whitsuntide Summer Autumn Intermediate Christmas, Winter holiday holiday holiday season New Year`s holiday Eve► Especially the travel periods at Easter and Whitsuntide show the positively developed occupancy and the constant increase
  11. 11. Development of Landsichten
  12. 12. Starting point► Federal Labour Society as the holding association with 12 federal state associations► 5.000 characteristic hosts in rural areas (holiday farms, wine-grower farms, riding farms, hay inns, country hotels)► Well linked in rural areas by sponsor members
  13. 13. Starting point► Marketing of hosts only by federal state associations (online and offline) ► 12 different catalogues ► 12 independent databases and internet portals (different technical standards)► the Federal Labour Society concentrates on: ► Linking to internet portals of the federal state associations ► Passing on the requests of catalogues (online/ offline)► Little synergy in the cooperation of the federal state associations
  14. 14. Pressure of acting► High pressure of innovation in online marketing► High need for investment in professional databases and internet solutions (independent of the number of hosts)► Heterogeneous stucure of hosts and commitment to members► Marketing of tourism in rural areas has to be refered to a topic; destination is (more or less) second-rate; federal state often unimportant for guests ► Perceptible from catalogue requests ► Consequence: purely federal state specific marketing of land tourism leaves high potentials unused
  15. 15. Catalogue requests (example: North Germany) Distribution of combination of incoming requests „Sea or Lower Saxony mountain“60% search fordestinations bythemes (throughoutall federal states!) Only 40 % determined to „Sea“ one federal state Mecklenburg- West „Baltic Sea“ „North Sea“ Pomerania
  16. 16. Decision in 2009/10► Time for online marketing initiative throughout the whole of Germany instead of ealier work on federal state level ► Carried together by all federal state associations ► common database, common technology ► Clear allocation of tasks: federal state associations remain only contact partner for members ► Make a search for accommodation throughout all federal states possible and save regional identity of the hosts as well as of the federal state associations ► Let (hopefully all) hosts be able to use the most modern technologies (online marketing, host management)
  17. 17. The project Landsichten► 2010 founding of Landtourismus Marketing GmbH for the development and the running of the homepage► Together with the German farmer`s association as the 2. shareholder► Online-start in June 2011► Now: about 2650 hosts!
  18. 18. How does landsichten work?1 Federal Republic of Germany and 12 federal statehomepages
  19. 19. Lower Saxony – front page
  20. 20. Brandenburg – front page
  21. 21. Bavaria – front page
  22. 22. Principle of the Landsichten network► Host gets one firm contact partner of his federal state association for all technical questions, incl. consultation and education► The host is marketed on Germany- and his federal state homepage of► On request also marketing in more distribution channels (federal marketing organization, regional platforms, commercial holiday flat portals –, – without extra data management!
  23. 23. Principle of the Landsichten network► Subdivision of the Landsichten homepage into topics and natural landscapes (also throughout all federal states)► Broad search possibilities based on a detailed data base (about 500 features)► Host not only gets a marketing platform, but also a solution of organization especially for small and medium-sized firms, that gives additional benefit and makes daily work easier .
  24. 24. Subdivision into regions
  25. 25. Subdivision into topics
  26. 26. Service for all hosts► Optimal presentation on the internet (basic pay scale) ► independent data management in password-saved login rooms ► Pictures, texts, calendar of occupancy, prices, features, location,... ► On request: online-booking and and use of more distribution channels without extra data care► Additional option: „free of care- packet“ (premium pay scale) ► Guest administration software ► Newsletter-dispatch ► Homepage- construction set ► Calendar of occupancy linked on own homepage► Consultation, education, manual, ...
  27. 27. Clearly structured hit list
  28. 28. Search for host with special features possible► Every firm is in categories of different features (all together 500 features in the database)► Creterions can be filtered – flexible hit list for each input► example: Type of farms, living units, catering, classification, location, furnishings, attractions for children, service for guests…► Special creterions for main topics: children, riding, wine…
  29. 29. Searching the ideal farm – forindividualists
  30. 30. Optimal presentation in the host entry
  31. 31. Login area as a control centre:paste pictures and texts
  32. 32. Login area as a control centre :put bookings into the occupancy calendar
  33. 33. Online booking - Channelmanagement
  34. 34. Newsletter dispatch to regular customers
  35. 35. Newsletter dispatch to regular customers
  36. 36. Construct the homepage
  37. 37. Construct the homepage
  38. 38. Construct the homepage
  39. 39. Outview – future challenges► Perception of daily offers, popular destinations, farm cafés, direct sellers, tours etc.  possibility of a total planning of the holiday for the guest► Increase synergies, avoid doubled work  improve internal structures► Competition with federal marketing organizations political lobbyism► Decrease of public development funds  reaching for financial stability► Structural change in agriculture and rural areas  qualification, develop new target groups
  40. 40. Thank you for your attention