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Dante integrated marketingstrategies_manolis_psarros

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Dante integrated marketingstrategies_manolis_psarros

  1. 1. Integrated (online/offline) Marketing Strategies for Reputation Management: Best Practices from Greece, Europe and US
  2. 2. 1. Destination Branding: Some Basic Principles 2. Integrated Marketing: Facts & Trends 3. Reputation Management:Best Practices from US, Europe and the Case of Athens
  3. 3. Let’s make itclear Perception is more powerful than reality
  4. 4. Let’s make itclearMarketing communicationsalone cannot change a placeimage
  5. 5. Let’s make itclearNo single nationalstakeholder has controlover all of the factors thataffect a country’s reputation
  6. 6. Let’s make it clearChanging a country’s image for the better takes many years, sometimes generations.
  7. 7. MIND THE GAPIn order to manage place-brands successfully andtherefore reduce the gapbetween identity and thestandardised true (or image), itis necessary to understand thevariables that compose thebrand. Joao R. Freire, Place- Branding Expert
  8. 8. Online/Offline MarketingIntegrationIntegration
  9. 9. fromfragmentation to wholeness
  10. 10. What is Integration?It’s about having all your activities (sales,customer service, marketing, advertising, PR, social media, etc.) aligned and supporting one another.
  11. 11. Researchshows that.. 72% of consumers want to be engagedwith an integrated marketing approach, but only 39% are receiving that.
  12. 12. Integrated MarketingFacts & Trends
  13. 13. SOcial Location MObile #1
  14. 14. Facebook is not necessarily a Strategy anymore.. What’syour niche?
  15. 15. Location based services will be everywhere & part of many marketing campaigns. Local information, reviews, coupons, loyalty programs and more. Near-field communication chips in mobile devicesget more common and will pave the way to the new era of “tap & pay” commerce. NFC will be a convenient way for you to connect, share and react.
  16. 16. Welcome to Scotland appthe most technologically advanced tourism app in Europe
  17. 17. Starbucks Mobile PayStarbucks “Starbucks Mobile Pay” which allows users to pay for their purchases viatheir mobile phone has processed more than 20 million mobilepayment transactions!
  18. 18. Demand for tablets , mainly driven by the USmarket, is growing at an astonishing rate withsales expected to surpass 300mil by 2015from 60mil in 2011 (, 2011)
  19. 19. travel is increasingly aboutdepth rather than breadth of experience. #2
  20. 20. Quality Visitor ServicesManchester Visitor Information Centre
  21. 21. New ways to reach potential visitors Vienna 3D Building Projection in London
  22. 22. Social M edia Gameshave more players than prime time TV shows have viewers.
  23. 23. T-Mobile Angry Birds Live
  24. 24. “Destination branding,is about creating asense of place andtelling a story’’
  25. 25. Colonial Williamsburg‘In fact, when I took my family to Colonial Williamsburg a few years ago, I wasfearful that I would be bored to tears. But after debating architecture with ThomasJefferson (I lost), eating and quaffing in a Colonial-era alehouse, watching my kidsmarch with the militia, and sleeping in a 300-year-old house, I felt it was one of thebest vacations weve ever had.’’
  26. 26. #3
  27. 27. Visitors to websites withconsumer reviews are more than twice as likely to buy.
  28. 28. 68% of consumers trust reviewsmore when they see both good and bad scores (Source:, January 2012).
  29. 29. 30% suspect censorship or faked reviews if there aren’t any negative comments or reviews (Source:, January 2012).
  30. 30. Four Seasons WebsiteIntegrates Customer Comments
  31. 31. Starwood Guest Reviews
  32. 32. Canadian Tourism Commission Online Travel Tool Travellers can create their own online itineraries &see real time reviews, comments, images and videos based on recommendations and by combininginformation from local users of Foursquare, Yelp and
  33. 33. Virgin America Tweet by Tweet
  34. 34. Time to Ask the Real ROI questions and Demand thetools to measure the value.
  35. 35. Destination Marketing is much more than just selling a destination
  36. 36. Reputation ManagementVisit Florida – ‘Florida Live’’
  37. 37. Reputation Management Lower Manhattan new tour itineraries, special offers at local hotels, multimedia advertisements, and discounts at shops, attractions, and the new “Downtown Culture Pass”Major Campaign spotlighting thearea’s remarkable recovery inthe nine years since the 9/11attacks
  38. 38. Reputation Management Iceland & the Volcano Ash The campaign showed the rest of the world that Iceland is still a safe place to visit and since thevolcano eruption began only a small percentage of the country has been affected by the ash.
  39. 39. Stage One: Set the Goalto engage local people, showcase theeveryday life in Athens, promote a flavourof true experiences and an alternativeimage of the city through user generatedcontent.