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Theme 4 -_emarketing-crdta

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Theme 4 -_emarketing-crdta

  1. 1. by the Auvergne Tourism Development Regional Committee E-Tourism from A to Z,Awareness regional programme developped by the Auvergne Tourism Development Regional Committee Succeed in your e-marketing strategy
  2. 2. Direct marketing on the InternetYou are present on the Internet and you are looking forward the optimization of your investments ? Use direct marketing online !
  3. 3. Summary Strategic Marketing E-marketing :  Customer management  Website  Animation  Referencing  Advertisement  Direct Communication  Emailing  Newsletter  Social Network  Geolocation  E-reputation
  4. 4. Strategic Marketing
  5. 5. Strategic Marketingfrom segmentation to targeting
  6. 6. Strategic Marketing segment the market and choose targetsSEGMENTATION CRITERIA-> traditionnal segmentation criteria :Socio-demographic(regions, age, gender, family situation, income,SPC (socio-professional category)…)-> behavioral segmentantation criteriaResidency period, frequency, duration of residence, activities, productsconsumed, …
  7. 7. Strategic Marketingexample of end-use segmentation case of Nouvelles Frontières
  8. 8. Strategic Marketing segment the market and choose the targetSEGMENTATION CRITERIA-> personnality and lifestyle criteriaPsychographic profiles : passionates, materialists…, tribes (surfers…), les bobos (bohemian bourgeois =high-achieving professional who combines a wealthy lifestyle with an anti-establishment attitude and a concern for quality of life) … => clothes, tourism
  9. 9. Strategic Marketing 5 mentality in the tourism industry- «Globetrotters» curious for new cultural discoveries, sporties, they like high-quality services- «Vacationers» travelling with family, generally during the holidays of their children, they look for nature and relaxation- «Dreamers» looking for a place to rest, thrill seekers but also looking for safety and landmarks- «Disciplined people» looking for organized tours, comfort and safety- «Stay-at-home people» who are not used to travel a lot and stay with friends or family According to those characteristics, the tourism provider will be able to adapt its services.
  10. 10. Strategic Marketing Targeting strategiesUndifferentiated Differentiated Concentrated marketing marketing marketing
  11. 11. Strategic Marketing Targeting strategiesUndifferenciated marketing : the company ignores the division of the demand into segments, a standard product is offered with the same marketing actions without making any differences between the segments.Advantage : economies of scaleDifferenciated marketing : the company selects several segments and offers to each segment different products, with specific sales and marketing initiatives.Advantage : targeted, « humanized », individualized outreach.
  12. 12. Stategic Marketing example of differentiated marketing case of AccorEuropean leader and global group,Accor has a special place towards morethan 4,000 hotels (all prices, from luxuryhotels to economical ones
  13. 13. Webmarketing or E-marketing
  14. 14. Webmarketing or E-marketingCustomer management
  15. 15. Customer managementCustomer loyalty, customization Get your clients loyalty : - Meet their expectations, - Ask to know what are their expectations, - Personalize thee service (vegetarians, disabled people, ...) - Do not forget to wish their birthday to your customer by sending a letter of wishes - Keep them informed of the events that can get their interest (festivals, expositions ..) - Let your customers benefit from special offers (website, Facebook, ...) - Remember their habits, their preferencess... - Process claims as efficiently as possible… - Have a good internal communication to ensure quality services to your clients, give your customers the instructions about the services in order to avoid misunderstandings that could displease them - Give loyalty cards - Offer discounts, offer free products to those who spend the most
  16. 16. Customer managementTo follow your customers, several tools can be used :Office software : you have to create templates, document models to ensure the customer care.Excel sheets (Microsoft Office) or Calc (OpenOffice)Commercial management software : Solution based on quotation, orders, delivery order, invoice, customer andproviders care, stock, …Example : EBP Commercial Management, Solune free ( Relationship Management tools (GRC/CRM) : Complete solution with customer management +according to the product : commercial management, marketing,...SugarCRM,INES (with INES Free Edition)Act, Salesforce,E-Deal,Divalto,WDGold Lite free tools with customer management applications www.ines.frex. GESTAN (
  17. 17. Webmarketing or E-marketing Websites Animation
  18. 18. Animation of your websiteContestsLaunching an online contest is an excellent way to generate trafic on yourwebsite. In parallel you have to launch an advertising campaign to promotethe contest and relay this contest on the advertisers homepage.Experience shows that the most successful contests are the one in whichInternet users only have to enter their mail adress.Every contest must have strict rules, validated by the bailiff.
  19. 19. Animation of your websiteCouponingIt is the supermarket discount coupons principle that has been applied to the Internetwith virtual coupons.
  20. 20. Webmarketing or E-marketing Websites Referencing
  21. 21. Natural Referencing 90% of Internet researches are made thanks to a search engine Google holds more than 90% of the market shares in Europe !Optimizing the SEO in Google is crucial to get more visibility on the Internet
  22. 22. Natural Referencing What is important to know about natural referencing : Ranking of the results according to Classement des résultats en fonction de l’algorithme the relevancy algorythm of Google de pertinence de Google. Research : « Gites Auvergne » Engine index ( X billions of pages) Extraction de 2 500 000 pagesExtraction of 2 500 000 pages correspondant à la requêtecorresponding to the research
  23. 23. Natural Referencing3 lines of work Websites content : put « keywords and key expressions »in the titles of your website, in the pages and in its text in general. Source Code Optimization : make sure that there are no major mistakes in your websites code writing (html, css,...), entitle and describe your pages. External links : take full advantage from a maximum of interactive links coming from other websites (directories, blogs, partners, ...)
  24. 24. Natural ReferencingWebsites content Keywords and key expressions choice These are the searches Internet users write in the search engines when they are looking for products, services or provides ( ex : ski rental Chamonix, accomodation near lake, ...etc). How to choose ?  « Imagine » what are the words people use in their researches to find products or services you are currently selling, even when they dont know nothing about your company and your website.  Display the source code of your competitors websites to find out the keywords they use ( menu « display the source »).  Use a keyword generator (Google Adwords)
  25. 25. Natural ReferencingOptimize the source code • CODE : Like every language, the source code of a website can be more or less well- written according to the W3C norm and some sites offer the possibility to « validate » the websites code :, • META TAG : are hidden elements that allow search engines to find information about the theme of the website. The two most important are the title and the page description. • URL : It is the address that allows to locate each page of a website ( There must be a correlation between the title, the URL and the content title.
  26. 26. Natural ReferencingExternal Links/Backlinks Definition : External links are all the interactive zones (text or image) which offer the possibility to the Internet user to open another site with a click on it. Link quality : Every link is good to take but some have more « value » than others which means those from well-referenced websites, in the same or complementary. Moreover, a link based on a clickable keyword is better than a simple URL address. How can you benefit from it ?  While visiting portals and directories in the corresponding activity (artisans, industries, commerces, sports, leisures, …)  While subscribing to blogs, forums and do not forgot to put your mail address in your signature for example.  While creating company pages in social networks des pages (FaceBook, Myspace, Youtube, ...)
  27. 27. Natural ReferencingTools to improve the referencing Free Google Monitor This software enables to know how your website or blog is ranked in Google according to the keywords typed in the search engine. You also can directly visit the websites having the best indexation on « your » key expressions.
  28. 28. Natural Referencing Tools to improve the referencingGoogle AnalyticsGoogle Analytics website is a tool ofquality.Il offers for free various statistics :• Global visit of the site• Geolocationof the visitors• Entry sources on your website• Keywords used by the users• Visited pages• ...
  29. 29. Paid Indexing Buy your visibility...3 rules to keep in mind :Paid indexing must be used for a precise objective and for a special target an a defined period ..Paid indexing must be used for a precise objective and for a special target an a defined periodPaid indexing must be used to complete what can not be done with natural referencing.Paid indexing must be used to complete what can not be done with natural referencing.The advert must be carefully produced and attractive to make people want to click on it. Those The advert must be carefully produced and attractive to make people want to click on it. Thoseclicks must bring Internet users to a page which is in relation with the advert (landing page) in clicks must bring Internet users to a page which is in relation with the advert (landing page) inorder to make them do what you want (book, fill a form...). order to make them do what you want (book, fill a form...).
  30. 30. Paid Indexing An advert = •A title : 25 characters max. 2 lines of description : 35 characters max per line. •One URL to display (fictive) •One destination URL (link to your page, also called « landing page ») which may not exceed 1024 characters.Cost per clic (CPC) based on Cost per clic (CPC) based onkeywords bids prices. keywords bids prices.
  31. 31. Paid Indexing More information on Google Adwords More information on Google Adwords Express. Express.A simplified version of Google Adwords for VSBs and small businesses. Easy configuration and setting of the advert. No keywords settings (Google take care of it). Advert in relation with your Google Maps page and so on with your geolocation (blue pointer). Advert that appears in the classic sponsored links and in Google Maps (web and mobile).
  32. 32. Webmarketing or E-marketing Website Advertisement
  33. 33. Affiliation
  34. 34. AffiliationAmong all the possibilities offered on the Internet to reach the users, affiliation, whichdelivers a guaranteed return on the investmant, remain a « sure bet ».PrincipleFor a merchant site, affiliation consists in offering a partnership contract to affiliated sites whichwill represent more or less its « sales force ». Indeed, those websites will display the advert forthe affiliator and guide traffic towards its website. Results will determine the financialremuneration.Affiliation is a system based on the performance. So it is more direct marketing than advertising.It is a long process that can be profitable in the long term. The content of the website must be ofhigh quality and be regularly updated to maintain users and customers loyalty.
  35. 35. AffiliationAmong all the possibilities offered on the Internet to reach the users, affiliation, whichdelivers a guaranteed return on the investmant, remain a « sure bet ».Choose the affiliation platformsAffiliation platforms is what we can call a « trusted third party », it is the intermediate betweenthe advertiser and the affiliated, this situation enables to evaluate the trafic correctly and theturnover. Moreover, it guarantee that all the informations provided are « correct ». It is also theplatform that gives the technical solution to keep an eye on the traffic, actions and sales madethanks to the affiliates.
  36. 36. The «display»Display is an advertisement on the Internet. For that you buy a space and use graphicor visual elements (désigne la publicité sur Internet avec achat d’espace et utilisationd’éléments graphiques ou visuels (banners, pavers, etc.). It is what we could call « thetraditional or classic Internet advert ».The website which displays the advertisement gets paid according to the CPT (cost per thousand).It corresponds to how many time the add was displayed in the partners sites. But it is possible touse the CPC (cost per click) which corresponds to how many time Internet users click on theinteractive link.
  37. 37. Webmarketing or E-marketingMail Communication emailing
  38. 38. Emailing campaignStrengths ° Extensive but also customized and interactive communication network. ° Profitable communication, this channel seduces the advertisers because of the customized relationship it can establish and thanks to the its cost/performance effectiveness (better performances than telemarketing). ° Low implementation cost with an high contact response rate (if the mail data base is well targeted) ° Possibility to use tracking tools (opening rate, link clicks unsubscribe, ...)
  39. 39. Emailing campaign Emailing campaign to increase Emailing campaign to increase customers loyalty. customers loyalty.When clients are directly and personallytargeted.When it comes at the good momentWhen it offers real advantages thecustomers like.
  40. 40. Emailing campaignTool examples : Outlook, isnt an emailing tool !Esending emails to your customer one by one is easy.Send a large amount of emails is a real job !
  41. 41. Emailing campaignWhere to find addresses ? Your own clients addresses addresses of your own customers represent the most important source of addresses for direct marketing Addresses of interested people that had been obtained in different ways You always know more about people who are interested in what youre doing. Their addresses are so almost as precious as the one of your own customers. CD directories and phone books Directories are generally very actual. Be careful when you read the terms and conditions of the licence to be sure that you will be able to use those addresses as you want to. CD and DVD address directories It is less expensive than the addresses you can buy or rent thanks to an address broker. The advantage is that you can use selection criteria. Address broker You can buy or rent addresses from an address broker for only one advertisement sending.
  42. 42. Emailing campaign Respect the legislation concerning the personal data protection. CUSTOMER RIGHTS CUSTOMER RIGHTS YOUR OBLIGATIONS YOUR OBLIGATIONS Collect data with consent Collect data with consentRight to informationRight to information Collect data in complete transparency Collect data in complete transparencyRight to oppositionRight to oppositionRight to accessRight to access Keep data confidential Keep data confidentialRight of rectificationRight of rectification Respect the purpose of the file Respect the purpose of the file Keep data for a limited period Keep data for a limited period Protect the data collected Protect the data collected Declare files to the CNIL Declare files to the CNIL Opt’in Opt’in File to declare to File to declare to Unsubscribe link in each mail Unsubscribe link in each mail Contact Contact the CNIL (ici) the CNIL (ici)
  43. 43. Webmarketing or E-marketingMail Communication newsletter
  44. 44. NewsletterWhy creating a newsletter ? As we are now working with RSS feeds, is the newsletter a poor communication tool ? Some think so but it is clear that it still has its importance. A rendez-vous Regular, daily, weekly or monthly rendez-vous, the newsletter is an excellent tool to get the loyalty of your readership or customers. It is also a privileged space where you can act different with your customers. The tone is different, the customer will feel closer to the brand or the company than he will on your website.
  45. 45. NewsletterPay attention to the content OBJECT Do not be afraid to display a part of the summary (some keywords) in order to make people want to open the mail. INTRODUCTION Try if possible to get closer to your customer in the style of your letter, try to create intimacy. SUMMARY If your letter is in HTML format, give the possibility to click on internal links in the summary. MESSAGE BODY In the text, do not say to much and try to make the customer much more curious about you. Make them want to know more ! Also, use distant pictures, named with their URL. LETTER FOOTER It is good, at the end of each e-mail, to give the procedure for unsubscribing.
  46. 46. Webmarketing or E-marketingSocial Networks
  47. 47. Social NetworksFacebookWe could say that the main objective is to make the life of thetourist easier and to give him the possibility to make choices. Hereare some habits we can mention :• Offer an advice : about the destination, about the interests of thetourist, about the activities, leisures and events.• Offer good plans and tips : accomodations, transportation,services.• Allow fans to participate to the animations : offer reviews,recommend places to see or activities…• Turn your fans into ambassadors of the destination : photosharing in particular.• Inform tourists : news, events day to day.
  48. 48. Social NetworksAmong new online marketing development modelswe can find social networks, deep pool of skilledcontacts.TwitterThe micro-blogging site, Twitter, which economic modelis still not finalized, tries to seduce advertisers. Itsservice @anywhere allows to create direct links towardspartners websites. In doing so, Twitter tends to facilitatethe integration of affiliated websites content in the site.It will be possible thanks to a new application to createdirect links towards people and brands Twitter accounts.
  49. 49. Social NetworksFacebook advertisement (individual customers)
  50. 50. Social NetworksFacebook advertising ( individual customers)
  51. 51. Social Networks Linkedin advertising (« business » clients).
  52. 52. Webmarketing or E-marketing Geolocation
  53. 53. GeolocationA potential still under-exploited : It consists in being able to determine the geographical postion of an individual in order to adapt the communication and the commercial offer. We are no longer targeting a sedentary customer but a nomadic consumer. The potential intrusive nature of geolocation is compensated by the fat that the consumer always has to give his approval to be geolated and then approached. As a last resort, the consumer only can decide to be « geolocated » permanently or temporarily if a service may reach its interest. Well-designed, connected to websites or smartphones, geolocation opens infinite prospects. Example : dis moi où
  54. 54. GeolocationA potential still under-exploitedGeolocation : 71% of Geolocation : Whymobile internet users should we use it ?already used it It is possible to locate in real time every individual having a mobile, and to know where he goes. Would you like to have the possibility to forbid commercial companies to know where you are ?
  55. 55. Webmarketing or E-marketing E-reputation
  56. 56. E-reputation E-reputation is an emerging term which qualify the reputation of someone or something (brand, product, trademark...) on the Internet. We can see e-reputation as all that can be said about someone or something on the Internet (websites, blogs, social networks...) or by mail.Issues Internet is a particular media which allows to accelerate the communication process. But this advantage can also turn into a weakness sometimes, because it is difficult to control all the informations and some can be embarrassing. The opinion of an anonymous has more impact than an advertisement/commercial of the brand. However, a review can be positionned really well and appear in the first page of results of the search engine. White paper to download :
  57. 57. E-reputationHalf of the Internet user expresses on the internet! Internet users are more talkative than they were 56% of them take the floor Source: Scan Blog –Open Mind –Nov 2010
  58. 58. E-reputation Reviews websitesTravellers reviews websites Forums Multimédia sharing sites Blogs Social Networks
  59. 59. E-reputation E-commerce sites and specialized advertising websites Gîtes, ChambresHôtels Campings d’hôtes
  60. 60. E-reputation Reviews websiteIt has a really important rôle in your Google Maps positionning and so on in your web and mobile visibility. It ensures a real visibility on mobile supports thanks to several applications. Ex :Tripadvisor application has been downloaded more than 20 millions time (February 2011) 1 million Qype application downloads. Even on GPS ! TWITTER, EXPEDIA, YELP ET TRIPADVISOR SUR TOMTOM
  61. 61. E-reputation Reviews websites 3,25
  62. 62. E-reputationImpact of social medias is huge !56% of the Internet users have already graded or written reviews (Source : FEVAD - Médiamétrie – July2011)21% of the Internet users buy a product after having read informations in a blog(Source : E.Marketer – – 2009)13 millions of French Internet users read comments in forums in December 2009 ( + 10% ina year). 6 millions of them admit they write on those forums (+8%). (source : Médiamétrie - 2010)There is a total of 25 millions active Facebook users in France ! (source : journal du Geek – december 2011)
  63. 63. E-reputationIndividuals reputationBe careful with social networks...Companies reputationA discontent customer is no longer isolated and can easily find other consumers that share the sameopinion. Those people gathering together can play an important role in the success or the failure of acompany.Keep an eye on your e-réputation° Travellers review websites : Tripadvisor, Trivago, Zoover,, ... etc.° Google Alerts : It is an ideal watch tool that sends emails regularly.° Facebook : new groups, that show the discontentment of the users.° Twitter Search : Search engine for the last tweets in the micro-blogging service of Twitter.° Google Blogsearch: Google search engine for blogs
  64. 64. E-reputationMethods to react Have talks Take into account to what the Internet users think. It is the best behaviour to have. It proves that your company is open to receive critics from the consumers and take it into account to improve Do not act Each critic is not good or based on facts. It can take a certain time to answer to the consumer, so do not take care of minor incidents because it would give credits to it. Try to make people forget about bad informations It is one of the methods that consists in spreading new informations to make the bad ones disappear.
  66. 66. COMMENT VOUS INSCRIRE A LA PROCHAINE REUNION et AUX FORMATIONS PROPOSEES PAR LE CRDTA ?Rendez-vous sur le site pro du CRDTA : acteurs du tourisme / Formation et l’e-Tourisme de A à Z)
  67. 67. MerciVos contacts :CRDTA Pratic Clermont-FerrandKarel CHAUCHEPRAT Claire buisine@pratic.orgTél : 04 73 29 49 67 04 73 15 06 10 Sylvain PASCAL 04 73 15 06 12 Membre du réseau Cybermassif