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Tourismatic dante

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Tourismatic dante

  1. 1. ProgrammeLudovic ToussaintCybermassif
  2. 2. Programme issues Help Tourism professionals to buy computer equipments that will allow them to be more competitive (booking management softwares, ticket sales solutions, wifi access, mobility tools,…) Develop Tourism stakeholders web presence Give coherence to the Internet action plans of the local stakeholders to facilitate the exchange of information between them.
  3. 3. Programme reminders Objectives of the Programme :  Help tourism professionals to better develop ICT use based on 3 axes : Offer new services to the clients Develop your promotion and find new clients Improve your organizations management
  4. 4. Programme The target :  Hotel restauration tourism professionals. Theme Parks, leisure activities(bike renters, karting, quad, canoë,…) are considered as tourism. Perimeter of the programme :  Phase 1 : Allier and Lozère : June 2006 – June 2009  Phase 2 : Duplication in other territories of the Massif Central : 2009 – 2012 Action plan :  Information/Awareness campaign  Implementation support
  5. 5. Partners and funders of the programme State , Region Auvergne,Departements: Chambers of Commerceand Industry : Local authorities :
  6. 6. Detailed presentation of the actions from 2006 - 2009
  7. 7. Detailed presentation of the ProgrammePart 1 – Inform and increase awareness :  Organisation of information sessions, specific conferences about E- Tourism in the territory : About 40 meetings in Allier and Lozère (Departments)  Creation of an « E-tourism » resource center in l’Atelier in Vichy (document resources, softwares, materials, …)  Creation of an online resouce center  Creation of practical guides for Tourism professionals  Organisation of E-tourism fairs in Vichy and Mende  Organisation of a visit for 40 tourism providers from Allier during the Instantanet fair in Paris
  8. 8. Detailed presentation of the Programme Part 2 – Implementation support :  Free and individual pre-diagnostics – 40 assisted company projects  Setting up of call for proposals awarding the most innovative companies projects Projects selected will benefit from a financial support of 80% of the eligible expenditures for investment expenditures, and a limited total amount of 2000€ per project  Setting up of an ICT use watchdog  Individual and /or collective trainings : modules to constitute according to the needs collected during the first year  Wifi access setting up
  9. 9. Key points of the Programme success
  10. 10. Key success factors of the programme A real coordination work because the different stakeholders. Skills and services and methodology linked to ICTs Free services offered Objectivity of the answers given Geographical proximity of the participants supported
  11. 11. Annexes
  12. 12. Appel à projets Tourisma’TICIt awards the most innovative ICT projectswith prizes from 500€ to 2000€ (action entirelyfinanced by the Allier General Council)A maximum of 40 projects are going to be supportedTarget : All the tourism providers of Allier (public and private) Eligibility standards : Technological innovation Relevance according to the territorys attractivity and economic development
  13. 13. Allier and Lozère Wireless programmeNowadays, a wifi connection is :  More and more desred by hotels, campings customers...  A loss leader, a customer-winning and gratification product  An additional offer to stay ahead of the competition Allier wireless setting up : Local network of high speed hotspots in which all Allier tourism professional can have an access with a wireless access point in order to have a high speed connection for its clients. First equipment : an hotel of Vichy and
  14. 14. An E-tourism WatchdogThe aim of this tool is to :  Measure the impact od ICTs for tourism providers and local authorities but also to have an additional lightning thanks to the analysis of the data collected.  Provide information for the reflection and local strategies of ICT development.  Provide the results achieved to the participants.Indicators may be of several orders :  Quality of the customer relationship  Moral et satisfaction of the actors  Audience of the actors from Allier  Visibility et reputation of the participants  Equipment rate
  15. 15. Quizz E-tourismThis quizz enables tourism professionals (hotel owner, lodging renter,manager of a holiday village or a Tourism center, leisure activity provider ingeneral) to :  Self-assess regard to e-tourism  Know better the basic concepts about 4 key subjects of e-tourism :  Management Referencing  Internet  New E-tourism services