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In what ways does your media product use mag[1]

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In what ways does your media product use mag[1]

  1. 1. In what ways does your media product use,develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products. Magazine Front Cover
  2. 2. Just like the research for the theatrical poster this part of the process had a massive impact on the overall design. We looked mainly at designs of total film which is a British based magazine.Research Total Film provides a range of features, from full-length interviews and photo shoots with established and up-and-coming actors and directors, to major film previews and retrospective pieces. The were a few key elements that we wanted to include in our Very spacious. magazine. There is one main model on the cover, this is usually the person featured in the interview. Using one of actresses in Barcode just our film creates the link to again add needed between the authenticity poster and the magazine. As well as having the main feature of the magazine, Sticking strictly to the there needs to be other research used the selling points and this is in same magazine title all types of magazine. and text, really reinforcing authenticity More text of additional features An important requirement is that all three elements of work there is a link. Added a poster of all the cast can create that. We used a similar border for the picture.
  3. 3. Layout Developing the conventions and forms of real media products, as well as using our own ideas. This is evident in our layout of the magazine.
  4. 4. Photo shoot• With a product based on a research therefore complying to the rules of established media products, we made sure that in our photo shoot that we focused on one character in the film. In the research stage I found a trend of presenting strong women and my group decided to continue this idea. • We decided to use shots that showed the top half of our models body. Which was found in a number of research examples.
  5. 5. Concept Instead of trying to capture our film in the photographs we tried to show a different side of one of the main character of the film. Taking a different toll on a film magazine where there is the link to the film in the concept of the picture. The shoot was quite glamorous compared to our hard hitting drama. We decided to take the photo shoot indoors. Within our design we tried to use the theory of binary opposites (Neil). There is a growing amount of media coverage surrounding young offenders so that was the reason for choosing newspapers as clothing and the actress in the film was key role in a criminal offence in our film
  6. 6. Conclusion • As well as using real media products as the basis of our ideas like our first ancillary task we however tried to use a unique concept to make our magazine stand out. In the media world these types of things needs to be applied as it is used a selling point as there are so many competing media products in this day and age. Using the a photo from the process of our first ancillary task helps with selling and advertisement of the film which the main aim of the feature of the main character.