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kali linux

  1. ID: 16MSIT038 Darshan Dalwadi
  2. Who or What is ‘Kali’?
  3. Kali the mother goddess despite her fearful appearance, protects the good against the evil. Unlike the other Hindu deities her form is pretty scary and formidable, intended to scare away the demons both literally and figuratively! Who or What is ‘Kali’?
  4. What is Kali Linux? • Kali Linux is a Debian-derived Linux distribution designed for digital forensics and penetration testing. • It is maintained and funded by Offensive Security Ltd. • It was developed by Mati Aharoni and Devon Kearns of Offensive Security through the rewrite of BackTrack, their previous forensics Linux distribution.
  5. • Kali Linux is the ‘rebirth’ of BackTrack Linux. • This is a custom distribution designed for security testing for all skill levels from novice to expert. • It is the largest collection of wireless hacking, server exploiting, web application assessing, social-engineering tools available in a single Linux distribution.
  6. • Open Source • Has Monolithic type Kernel • Available in 32-bit and 64-bit images for use on hosts based on the x-86 instruction set. • Also available as an image for ARM architecture for use on Raspberry Pi and Samsung’s ARM Chromebook. • Its newest version Kali Linux 1.0.9 was released on 25 August 2014. About KALI LINUX….
  7. Features of KALI LINUX • Has more than 300 penetration testing tools. • Multilingual Support • Completely Customizable. • Free and Always will be. • Vast Wireless device support and Compatible with USB. • GPG signed packages and repos. • ARM support(ARMEL & ARMHF)-Kali Linux has ARM repositories integrated with mainline distribution.
  8. Flexibility of KALI LINUX • Kali Linux can run natively when installed on a computer’s hard disk or, Can be booted from a live CD or a live USB or, It can run within a virtual machine. • Available for ARM devices like Samsung Chromebook, Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1, Raspberry Pi , CuBox , and a lot more. • KALI LINUX can also be installed within a chroot environment on an android device.
  9. Kali Linux Penetration-Testing Programs Kali Linux is preinstalled with numerous penetration Testing programs:- • nmap - a port scanner. • Wireshark - a packet analyzer. • John The Ripper - a password cracker. • Aircrack-ng – a software suite for penetration testing wireless LANs. • iKat- a hacking tool
  10. What is Penetration Testing? “The process of evaluating systems , applications , and protocols with the intent of identifying vulnerabilities usually from the perspective of an unprivileged or anonymous user to determine potential real world impacts…” Or in other words …we try to break into stuff before the bad guys do…
  11. Difference between Kali Linux and Ubuntu Ubuntu • Ubuntu is a general desktop and server distribution. • Designed to satisfy general Desktop and Server requirements and also targeted in some Smart TV’s. • Developed by Canonical Ltd. and released back in 2004. Kali Linux • Kali Linux is a specialized distribution. • Primarily designed for purposes like Penetration Testing and Digital Forensics. • Developed by Offensive Security Ltd. and released on 13th March 2013.
  12. Information Security Certifications Offensive Security Ltd. Provides Courses and Certifications related to Kali Linux. These Certifications are namingly:- • OSCP- Offensive Security Certified Professional • OSWP- Offensive Security Wireless Professional • OSCE- Offensive Security Certified Expert • OSEE- Offensive Security Exploitation Expert • OSWE- Offensive Security Web Expert
  13. Developer’s point of view… Mati Aharoni is the founder and core developer of Kali Linux project,as well the CEO of Offensive Security. Acc. To him-- “It is critical to take the view of the attacker to see if your defenses are working." This was the main idea behind the development of KALI LINUX.
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