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How to improve your english with an integrated learning system

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Do you have trouble understanding what you hear in English? Here is a simple, but powerful technique to understand everything you hear in the English language while developing all of your skills simultaneously because many students only focus on one or two. Then when they need to communicate in English they are unable to use the English they have learned. This shows up when you take a fluency test and some skills you perform well in and other you don't. Discover why this happens and how you can improve your English in all the primary and sub skills.

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How to improve your english with an integrated learning system

  1. 1. How To Improve Your English With An Integrated Learning System
  2. 2. 2 Tools To Improve Your Language Skills Text & Audio You don’t need fancy material The best material is all around you Use the material you already have available to start with
  3. 3. #1 Audio Software For English Students VLC A/B Looping Slow Down The Audio
  4. 4. Develop All 8 Skills Simultaneously Many English students focus on 1 or 2 skills and forget the rest Like Reading and Grammar Level Tests - High vs. Low Develop all of your skills together
  5. 5. Primary vs. Sub Skills ● Reading ● Writing ● Listening ● Speaking ● Vocabulary ● Expressions ● Grammar ● Pronunciation
  6. 6. What Material Can You Use? ● ESL Lessons ● Podcasts w/Transcripts ● Music w/Lyrics ● Movies & Series w/Subtitles ● Audiobooks (Kindle Unlimited) ● Bible ● Mini-Stories
  7. 7. How To Apply The Integrated Learning System? 1. Reading 2. Vocabulary 3. Expressions 4. Listening 5. Grammar 6. Pronunciation 7. Writing 8. Speaking
  8. 8. Step 1: Read The Text Several Times See how much you understand Skimming & Scanning Familiarize yourself with the context and structure Build your comprehension
  9. 9. Step #2: Vocabulary Underline the words that you don’t know Highlight words you’ve seen but don’t remember Bold words that you know but don’t fit the context
  10. 10. Step #3: Expressions Learn vocabulary words in context Idiomatic Expressions Phrasal Verbs Common Sayings
  11. 11. Step 4: Listen To The Audio Now go through and listen to the audio several times Evaluate how much you understood each time Listen to the flow of the phrases What words aren’t pronounced
  12. 12. Step #5: Study The Grammar Structures Go through and pay attention to the sentence structures Are they different from your mother-tongue Why are they used that way How are the verbs conjugated How are questions asked Pop-up Grammar - Look up anything that puzzles you
  13. 13. Step 6: Practice Your Pronunciation Listen to the audio (A/B Loop each phrase) Repeat what you hear Correct your pronunciation Practice to reduce your English accent
  14. 14. Step #7: Transcribe The Audio Listen to the audio with A/B Loop Write what you hear (don’t look at the original text) Go back and compare what you wrote with the original text What words did you misspell? What phrases did you have trouble understanding or writing? Good way to learn from your own mistakes and get positive feedback
  15. 15. Step #8: Practice Speaking with Someone Tell them what you heard and studied Summarize it in your own words Expand on it with your own thoughts
  16. 16. Got Questions? Leave them in the comments below Or send them to Dave Bailey at
  17. 17. How To Improve Your English With An Integrated Learning System