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Data juice

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A small set of slides to explain big data, data warehousing and business intelligence to everyone. Easy as drinking a glass of freshly brewed orange juice.

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Data juice

  1. 1. Data Juice The Essence of Big Data: from Data Sources to Data Science. A Data journey through Innovation, Information and Knowledge Davide Mauri – Last Update: April 2017, v 4.0
  2. 2. Data Sources Huge amounts of Data. Freshly Produced. Consumed one piece at time.
  3. 3. Big Data Volume, Variety, Velocity: Data will come, no matter if you’re prepared or not
  4. 4. Data Lake All harvested data, from any source. Good or bad, store it. Cheap, scalable storage is mandatory.
  5. 5. Data Curation (or ETL) Clean, Select, Process, Integrate Data
  6. 6. Data Warehouse Data Warehouse Keep processed useful data in a safe place, easily accessible for delivery and further processing
  7. 7. Data Mart Ready-to-be-consumed Data, with specific additional processing
  8. 8. Data Mart Data Mart More than one way to consume stored data is possible.
  9. 9. Self-Service BI Self-Service Analysis Don’t like the Data Mart? DIY. Data Warehouse is here to serve.
  10. 10. Data Science Business Intelligence Use gathered data to drive and monitor business and its performances
  11. 11. Data Science Data Science New way of using data, never thought before. Even would- be-discarded big data.
  12. 12. Data Juice Feedback and Comments more than welcome. Davide Mauri –