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Digital Hangouts: Reaching Outside the Building

Todays digital "gathering places" include popular hangouts like Facebook and twitter, and many libraries are there, too. I discuss why libraries use those sites, which sites are important, how much time should be spent there, and what strategies can be used to turn them from an interesting toy to useful tool.

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Digital Hangouts: Reaching Outside the Building

  1. 1. Reaching outside Digital david lee king | | the building Hangouts:
  2. 2. Why should we
 leave the building? like Elvis...
  3. 3. be active
  4. 4. where do
 people gather?
  5. 5. which sites are important?
  6. 6. how much time?
  7. 7. quick
  8. 8. how to how do

 you do it?
  9. 9. how to What should" you share?
  10. 10. how to how do

 you engage?
  11. 11. more info here
  12. 12. questions?