Giving Thanks to Bill Gates

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22 de Jun de 2009

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Giving Thanks to Bill Gates

  1. Giving Thanks To Bill Gates With David Strom
  2. Bill Gates is still richer than you
  3. Key points
  5. The only keyboard Windows needs
  6. Microsoft stock value
  9. Size of Microsoft’s Operating Systems
  12. Now look at what kind of storage you can buy
  13. Thanks also to Google!
  14. One reason for Bill’s retirement: Demos!
  16. The true Windows default settings
  17. Mashups and rich apps
  18. Twitter and live personalized broadcasts
  19. Are you my friend yet or what?
  21. P2p networks
  22. Virtualization is the new clustering
  23. The Greening of IT

Notas del editor

  1. How many of you have been cursed out in public by Bill Gates? I’ll tell you more about that incident in a moment, and in spite of that embarrassment, I still want to offer up my thanks to Bill. As I am sure you all know, Gates is retiring this summer. He and I are about the same age, have three kids, and have worked in the hi tech field for most of our careers. Granted, he has a bit more disposable income than I. He also has been arrested, although I did get a summons many years when I tried to ride my bicycle on a Seattle freeway. My talk today will be a look back of some of my favorite Microsoft technologies and some of the more foolish things that they have done in the past 20 years. I also have had some funny moments that I would like to relive, with your permission of course. Revised Sept 29 2008
  2. Blogs are everywhere, even at Microsoft -- several thousand of them! Social networks multiplying too Mashups galore Mobile-specific content
  3. Microsoft has made our businesses possible Fear, uncertainty, and doubt are all good things even for rotarians Imagine if all this stuff worked out of the box! Prices have come way down and continue to do so! Thanks to Bill for some great stories over the years, and even some fireworks
  4. The rumor is that the computer was running Windows!
  5. Now you can’t say the dog ate my homework – it has to be my Internet connection is down! It’s hard enough to find the menu commands in Office 2007 and IE7, let alone explain why to civilians (use graphic of Office menu bars old and new)
  6. Thanks Bill! For some laughs For lots of lawsuits For full employment for IT professionals (and journalists) For a chance at investing in Microsoft’s stock For some awkward interviewing moments over the years
  7. Mention my wife here
  8. Play the jobs/gates video now!
  9. Ask audience for their favorites and give away a few prizes -- what did Microsoft kill off that was near and dear to you?
  10. 2006 richest man comment 1997 shipping code
  11. Both are from 1987
  12. Hot plate A barely functioning electric typewriter Stereo set with enormous speakers and lots of LPs A pay phone “down the hall”
  13. Stories of your first computers: Pre-Mac Apples Radio Shack model 1
  14. Maybe we should start billing in Euros?
  15. And the 16 GB drives are selling for less than $100 lately! In the time it took me to do the research for my presentation, I have had to update this slide 4 times and the price has come down by more than 50%!
  16. Let’s also thank Google too for this billboard
  17. Vista is a little bit slower than XP The drivers aren’t there -- still! And it is nice to see Bill taking such an active role in promoting Microsoft products on TV too
  18. Not that there is anything wrong with that! So we can truly say that Bill is finally master of his domain!
  19. Let’s get back to talking about Bill cursing me out that one day back about 15 years ago….
  20. Tools aren’t there yet Companies like SnapLogic, Kapow and yes, Microsoft are trying hard to help with incorporating your internal data sources Mashup editors like Popfly (MSFT), QEDWiki (IBM), and Wavemaker (Axajian) are just at v1 My favorite is Stockaholic from Editgrid Wikis and other collaborative tools just coming online
  21. Here we see Jason Calancais talking to some famous movie star, interviewing him in his home office, and narrowcasting it over Twitter to some 300 or so people in real time. Anyone can type in a question and they will see the stream, and hear Jason and the star answer or react to it.
  22. There are more social networks now than people on the planet, it seems. And the founder of Facebook admits that he didn’t even go to one of his classes on early Roman history, instead inviting his classmates to contribute content to a Web site that he used as a last-minute study guide that took of all 30 minutes for his fellow students to contribute to.
  24. Colleges are on the cutting edge of illegal downloaders, still TV companies are slowly learning from music’s mistakes How much of your bandwidth do you want to reclaim for “real” computing purposes? DRM is slowly going the way of the dodo, thankfully!
  25. Clustering was too complex and too finicky about drivers Virtualization now can deliver almost near-time failover Efforts underway to make it more open systems friendly by Novell, Citrix, and others Efforts underway by Vmware to make their pricing more understandable Efforts underway by Microsoft to give it all away for free!
  26. Virtualization is just one tool to help cut power and cooling costs Redesigning our data centers to handle more distributed racks and systems The raised floor that is filled with cables and no air flow Hot and cool aisles to localize A/C airflow Servers that automatically power down when not needed
  27. If all else fails, we can always use something like this Microsoft campaign