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Lessons from Nature.- Book Reading Assignment

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Lessons from Nature.- Book Reading Assignment

  1. 1. Project By :- Pooja S Dawalkar. Roll No:- 17 Sem 1 M.Arch Environ. Third World Follies: Environmental Destruction in the Name of Progress. It is in exchanging the gifts of the earth that you shall find abundance and be satisfied. Yet unless the exchange be in love and kind justice, it will lead some to greed and others to hunger . - Khalil Gibran.
  2. 2. • Third world (T.W) in state of crisis •Resources in Large quantities to fuel Wasteful Economies of many Western Countries. • Western style development – power and wealth concentrated in cities and hands of a few. •National Development Authorities & Multi lateral Development banks projects have actually worsened the lives of those they were supposedly designed for. E.g. Hydroelectricity projects in India. 1 2 3
  3. 3. Examples of failed projects :- •PESTICIDE poisoning – one of the most PERVASIVE Health problems in Central America. •Thailand and other Third world countries – increasingly dependent on the West – for markets to sell their crops but also to feed their people. •Project in Western Brazil to move people out of cities to pursue economic opportunities in rural areas. 5 4 6
  4. 4. • Exposure to western ways can cause serious cultural erosion in a society. – Norberg-Hodge. •Constant exposure to western ideas in India & else where creates profound sense of inferiority. •The exposure of Western technologies , ideas and lifestyles has left the people from Third world with 2 options :- 1. AN economy that was once self-reliant and sustainable 2. The seductive but clearly unsustainable culture of the West. Unfortunately , the deceptive glitter of Western ways often wins. •Instead of Aids that supports industrialization, the west should be offering assistance that bolsters, “Sustainable lifestyles”.
  5. 5. •Sustainability :- 1. For developed world – Striving for higher quality of life without depleting resources or polluting the environment . 2.For Third world – Sustainability prescribes development and limited growth within ecological limits.
  6. 6. •Sir Edmund Hillary once said that environmental problems are really social problems , They begin with people as the cause and end with people as the chief victims. E.g. Fre Charles – Land dead cos of cutting trees for charcoal. •Third World countries now realise that environmental protection is not a luxury but a precondition for survival & that the problem of poverty cannot be resolved in isolation from the problem of the environment. •And in spite of knowing this a number of obstacles stand in the way of efficiency . E.g. A study shows that importing duty-free CFL bulbs would actually cost 7 times cheaper than building new power plants