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How to create a Amazon A+ Page ?

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Amazon A+ is information rich content compared to our seller central page which allows only basic htmls like bold, paragraph change and bullet points. Rich product description with images and descriptive copy does help make buying decision easier. Amazon says, A+ can increase sales on average 3 to 10% by educating the consumer about your product, brand and improving SEO results.

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How to create a Amazon A+ Page ?

  1. 1. How to create a Amazon A+ Page ? ___________________________________________________________________________ E: L: 029 2236 2596 M: 0751 88 39629
  2. 2. *Your merchandising tab has A+ Details Page
  3. 3. •Here you can see list of price based in your product category level. •We won’t be able to find the price until we go the checkout process. •Our vendor manager can give the price.
  4. 4. •This is the start of page builds. We can request Amazon do make one for us with more than double the cost. •If you choose the ‘Amazon builds for you’ module, simply enter the ASIN and a file with the content you would like included. Amazon should have the A+ content live within 2-3 days after it is purchased. ___________________________________________________________________________ E: L: 029 2236 2596 M: 0751 88 39629
  5. 5. * Select the product with ASIN ___________________________________________________________________________ E: L: 029 2236 2596 M: 0751 88 39629
  6. 6. * Choose the module or template you’d like. Worth checking all templates as they all give different opportunities.
  7. 7. * This particular module allows you to create a chart based on your product specifics.
  8. 8. * Upload images of your product here along with product details ___________________________________________________________________________ E: L: 029 2236 2596 M: 0751 88 39629
  9. 9. * Final stage of the checkout with cost. You will be charged only when your product page is live. ___________________________________________________________________________ E: L: 029 2236 2596 M: 0751 88 39629
  10. 10. Contact: Prabhat Shah @daytodayebay Email: Landline: 029 2236 2596 Mobile: 0751 88 39629