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Digital Non-Profit Conference on Paris Climate Talks

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This past December, the Paris climate talks were the greatest show on Earth. What lessons can we extract from 16 days of media frenzy, all-night negotiations and bad baguettes? Darren shares stories and hard-earned wisdom about digital communications from back stage at COP 21.

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Digital Non-Profit Conference on Paris Climate Talks

  1. 1. When the Circus Came to Paris Darren Barefoot Capulet
  2. 2.
  3. 3. Lesson: When interrupting heads of state, be polite but firm
  4. 4. Lesson: Make something for the media
  5. 5. Lesson: Partnerships really matter
  6. 6. Lesson: Make something worthy of being remarked upon
  7. 7. What SMART NGOs do at COP• Connect with the media • Build alliances with like-minded groups • Bond with team members in this high- stakes environment • Inspire supporters
  8. 8. Lesson: Make a game plan and stick to it
  10. 10. Lesson: Celebrate successes
  11. 11. Lesson: Have faith
  12. 12. Thanks for LISTENIN G! m