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Enterprise Content Search Paradigms

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3 content search paradigms described

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Enterprise Content Search Paradigms

  1. 1. Content Search Paradigms<br />David Champeau<br />ECM Consultant<br />06/29/2009<br />
  2. 2. Introduction<br />Search Paradigms<br />Collection (Consolidation)<br />Integration (Brokered)<br />Federation<br />Content Rules<br />Collect content from non-ECM repositories (take it)<br />e.g. SharePoint, Domino<br />Integrate from all repositories (leave it, search in place)<br />Federate content from ECM repositories (borrow it, index it)<br />e.g. Documentum, FileNet Image Services<br />
  3. 3. Description<br />All paradigms require connectors to other repositories<br />Collection and Federation use connectors that periodically crawl the other repositories looking for new or updated content – search is performed in the IBM FileNet P8 catalogue<br />Integration only searches other repositories on-demand and is architected and performed outside of IBM FileNet P8 (IBM FileNet P8 is just another repository)<br />
  4. 4. Collection<br />Moves content from one non-ECM repository to another<br />File shares to IBM FileNet P8<br />SharePoint to IBM FileNet P8<br />Domino to IBM FileNet P8<br />Collection creates a central catalogue<br />One catalogue, one search<br />Query only central repository<br />Useful for initiating workflows and records management<br />Best use is for collecting enterprise content from non-ECM repositories<br />Take new content as it is created (periodic crawl and take)<br />Leave a copy, a stub or nothing<br />
  5. 5. Integration<br />Leave all content in place<br />Send queries to all repositories<br />Return an integrated result set to the user<br />Search can take a long time depending on scope of the search parameters, performance of the external systems<br /> e.g. ICI (IICE) brokers a query to each connector/repository and combines the result sets into one<br />
  6. 6. Federation<br />“Borrow it, index it”<br />Content is stored and managed in another ECM repository<br />Content is indexed in IBM FileNet P8<br />Content metadata is collected and stored in IBM FileNet P8<br />External repositories periodically export metadata to IBM FileNet P8<br />Export metadata and index new content as created<br />