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Accelerate #Salesforce Integration with Informatica Cloud and Mansa Systems

  1. How Many Systems Are You Integrating Today? Nothing Yet… 1-3 Databases 1 ERP Multiple Systems/ MDM
  2. Fact: The need to integrate on and off premise will continue to increase “ By 2016, half of all CIO’s expect to operate the majority of their applications and infrastructure through cloud technologies ” Jeff Shulman — Group VP and Team Manager, Gartner Source: Gartner Looks to the Cloud with Application Architecture Summit, Nov. 2011
  3. Fact: Decision makers see integration as a key challenge with Cloud
  4. Advent & Salesforce Data Flow Diagram ? .
  5. Informatica Cloud Demonstration Mark Murray Informatica Cloud Specialist
  6. True SaaS Integration Multitenant Cloud-based Service… Your Company 2 1
  7. True SaaS Integration Multitenant Cloud-based Service… Your Company Secure Agent 2 1 3
  8. Get On the Integration Fast Track!
  9. Don ’t Wait to Integrate!

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  2. Now before we start, it is important to have a common understanding of what Informatica Cloud is and what it is now. It is not simply PowerCenter running on Amazon. While it shares the same underlying engine as PowerCenter (via the Secure Agent), Informatica Cloud is a completely different user interface delivered on a multi-tenant metadata reposistory.
  3. 360 Degree View of Customers and Prospects – see accurate data from multiple systems Increase Salesforce User Adoption – make critical data easily available Rapid Integration – typcially in 2 weeks Cloud Based Integration Service – no HW or SW installation Easy to use Visual Modeling & Mapping – the IC UI is visual and easy to use – ongoing maintenance is easy Integration Flexibility – schedule and monitor SF integration processes
  4. Here’s how it works. You go to and sign up for an account. You’ll be promoted to download the Secure Agent, which will sit behind your firewall.
  5. Once the Agent is in place you create, configure, manage, and administer integration tasks from any web browser. A secure connection is established directly between the source and the target and the processing occurs in your environment. Take a minute to highlight the lines and emphasize that data is not staged.
  6. And more --- quoting, ordering, scheduling, project management, financial control