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Ecommerce product marketing 101

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Ecommerce product marketing 101

  1. 1. ECOMMERCE  PRODUCT  MARKETING   How  To  Promote  Your  Products   Through  Adver?sing  and  Online   Communi?es   1  
  2. 2. About  Darren  DeMatas   Darren  DeMatas  has  an  MBA  in  Internet  Marke4ng,  but   hangs  his  hat  on  a  decade  of  experience  making  retail   brands  profitable.  He’s  marketed  global  Fortune  500   companies  and  small  1-­‐man  ecommerce  niche  brands.   He  is  a  Chris4an  that  some4mes  mixes  business  with   pleasure  :)   •  Copyblogger  Cer4fied  Content  Marketer     •  Google  AdWord  Cer4fied.     Keyword  Research  101   2  
  3. 3. The  Biggest  Budget  Mistake   Is  PuRng  All  Your  Eggs  In  One  Basket   3  Product  Marke4ng  101  
  4. 4. A  Typical  Marke4ng  Budget   77%   4%   2%   17%   Google   Conferences   Misc   Social  Media   Product  Marke4ng  101   4  
  5. 5. Even  If  You  Are  Doing  It  Right,     Once  The  Money  Stops…   So  Will  Traffic  and  Sales   5  Product  Marke4ng  101  
  6. 6. MARKETING  BUDGET  101   How  to  build  long  term  traffic,  sales  and   brand  recogni4on.   6  Product  Marke4ng  101  
  7. 7. Mix  it  Up!   33%   7%   20%  27%   13%   Google   Conferences   Sponsorships   Reviews/Giveaways   Forum  Marke4ng   Product  Marke4ng  101   7  
  8. 8. This  Works  Becer  Because   ①  Budget  is  Reallocated,  Not  Increased   ②  Tac4cs  Have  A  Long  Term  Effect   ③  Quickly  Understand  Best  Channel   ④  Allows  You  To  Connect  Directly  To  Buyers   Product  Marke4ng  101   8  
  9. 9. Adver4sing  Tac4cs   •  Giveaways/Reviews   •  Contests   •  Sponsorships   •  Forums   •  Radio  Adver4sing   •  AdWords     Product  Marke4ng  101   9  
  10. 10. REVIEWS  AND  GIVEAWAYS   Get  Your  Products  In  Front  of  Customers   10  Product  Marke4ng  101  
  11. 11. A  Quick  Step  Process  For  Product  Promo4on   1.  Find  Niche  Sites  That  Do  Reviews   2.  Evaluate  Site  (Follow/No  Follow)   3.  Use  BuzzStream  To  Collect  Contact  Info   4.  Create  a  Hybrid  Template   5.  Follow  Up   Prospect   Qualify   Email   Outreach   Follow   Up   Product  Marke4ng  101   11  
  12. 12. Pro  Tip:  Use  SEMRush  To  Benchmark  Traffic   Product  Marke4ng  101   12  
  13. 13. Pro  Tip:  Don’t  Exclude  No  Follow  /  Paid  Links   Product  Marke4ng  101   13   For  Super  High  Traffic   Sites  Paid  “No  Follow”   Links  Are  Worth  it   All  external  links  are   “no  follow”  
  14. 14. Pro  Tip:  Check  Out  Tomoson   Product  Marke4ng  101   14  
  15. 15. Email  Template:  Find  Review  Blogger  and  Reach  Out Subject:  Want  To  Check  Out  and  Review  [PRODUCT  NAME]?     Hey  [First  Name]     In  reading  your  review  on  [YOUR  PAGE  URL],  I  couldn't  help  but  wonder  if  you  would  be  interested  in  reviewing  [MY   PRODUCT].  We’d  be  more  than  happy  to  provide  you  with  one  to  make  that  possible  (we  could  even  provide  an  extra  to   giveaway  to  your  readers  if  you  end  up  liking  it).       Check  out  the  [DESIRED  ANCHOR  TEXT}:       We  will  help  drive  traffic  to  your  website  by  promo4ng  the  post  on  our  social  media  sites  (we  have  X  followers  and  men4oning   it  on  the  several  online  forums  that  we  are  ac4ve  in.    All  we  ask  in  return  is  a  men4on  to  our  website  and  a  complete,  honest   review,  like  you  did  on  [YOUR  PAGE  URL]       Didn’t  know  if  it  was  worth  your  while,  but  if  it  is,  I  can  get  one  in  the  mail  for  you  within  a  couple  of  days.       YOUR  SIGNATURE   Product  Marke4ng  101   15  
  16. 16. Email  Template:  Follow  Up   Subject:  Looking  Forward  To  The  [PRODUCT  NAME]  Review!     Hey  NAME     I  just  wanted  to  make  sure  that  you  got  the  [PRODUCT  NAME]  and  check  in  see  if  you  had  any  ques4ons  about  it.     Let  me  know  when  the  review  goes  live  so  I  can  get  to  work  promo4ng  it.         [SIGNATURE]   Product  Marke4ng  101   16  
  17. 17. CONTESTS   How  to  use  contests  to  amplify  your   product  reach  and  execute  a  sale.   17  Product  Marke4ng  101  
  18. 18. How  To  Set  Up  Contests  That  Work   ①  Choose  A  Profitable  Product   ②  Own  Contest  Plazorm   ③  Announce  Winner  On  Page   ④  Email  Special  Offer   ⑤  Remarke4ng   Product  Marke4ng  101   18  
  19. 19. Pro  Tip:  Use  Contests  To  Build  Email   List   Product  Marke4ng  101   19   Focus  On   Email,  But   Mix  In  Other   Opt  Ins   Go  beyond  the  simple   “opt-­‐in.”  Ex)  Best   comment  wins.  
  20. 20. Pro  Tip:  Add  Product  Video   Product  Marke4ng  101   20   Contest  pages   are  the  perfect   place  for   videos.   Write  a  long  form   descrip4on  on  YouTube  
  21. 21. SPONSORSHIPS   A  Quick  Start  Guide  To  Long  Term  Brand   Building   21  Product  Marke4ng  101  
  22. 22. The  Three  Step  Process  To  Building   Trusted  Links   ①  Look  For  Clubs,  Associa4ons,  Causes,  Events   ②  Qualify  Prospects   ③  Email  Outreach   Product  Marke4ng  101   22  
  23. 23. Pro  Tip:  Focus  On  Brand  Fit,  Then  Page  Authority   Product  Marke4ng  101   23   Focus  on  Brand   Fit,  Then  Page   Authority  
  24. 24. Pro  Tip:  Reverse  Engineer  Big  Brands  Within  Your  Niche   Product  Marke4ng  101   24   Look  At  .GOV   and  .EDU   MIT  linking  to   Whole  Foods  
  25. 25. Pro  Tip:  Make  Sure  Links  Pass  PageRank   Product  Marke4ng  101   25   “Do  Follow”  
  26. 26. Sample  Email  Subject:  Is  [WEBSITE  NAME]  Looking  for  New  Sponsors?     Hi  [Name]     I’m  researching  sponsorship  opportuni4es  for  our  small  [MY  NICHE]  company  I  came  across  your  page:  [YOUR   SPONSORSHIP  PAGE  URL].     Are  you  looking  for  new  sponsors?  If  so,  please  send  me  some  informa4on  about  how  we  can  get  involved.       Thanks  in  advance!     [MY  WEBSITE  URL]     All  the  Best,   -­‐Darren   Im  Not  Worried  About   Google  At  All   Product  Marke4ng  101   26  
  27. 27. FORUMS   How  To  Use  Forums  To  Get  Links  and  Traffic  At  Will   27  Product  Marke4ng  101  
  28. 28. Why  Niche  Forums?   ①  Online  Hangout  For  Interests  Groups   ②  Build  Trust  With  Community     ③  Drive  Targeted  Traffic  To  Product  Page   ④  Dedicated  Subforums  For  Sponsors   Product  Marke4ng  101   28  
  29. 29. Forums  101   ①  Find  Forums   –  Niche  “sponsor  forums”  inurl:forum   ②  Find  And  Read  Rules  ASAP   ③  Join  Conversa4ons   ④  Subscribe  To  Threads  You  Par4cipate  In   ⑤  Link  A}er  You  Gain  Trust   Product  Marke4ng  101   29  
  30. 30. Pro  Tip:  You  Can  Control  Anchor  Text  On  Sponsored  Subforums   Product  Marke4ng  101   30   Pay  For  A   Business   Sub-­‐forum  
  31. 31. RADIO  ADVERTISING   Get  More  Exposure  With  Low  Cost  Media   31  Product  Marke4ng  101  
  32. 32. Why  Radio?   ①  Geographic  Targe4ng   ②  High  Domain  Authority   ③  Addi4onal  Exposure   ④  Low  Cost   –  Links,  Social  Media,  Radio  Spots   from  PR7,  76DA  for  $50/mo   Product  Marke4ng  101   32  
  33. 33. Quick  Step  Process   ①  Find  Local  Media  Outlets  With  Sponsors   –  Niche  “radio”  OR  “news”  in4tle:“our  sponsors”     ②  Qualify  Sites   ③  Reach  Out   ④  Measure  Traffic  From  Geo  and  Referral   Product  Marke4ng  101   33  
  34. 34. Pro  Tip:  The  Less  Links  On  A  Page  The  Becer   Product  Marke4ng  101   34   WAYYY  Too   Many  Links  
  35. 35. Pro  Tip:  Make  Sure  They  Reach  Your  Demographic   Product  Marke4ng  101   35   Could  Your   Customer  Be   Listening?   Added  Benefit  
  36. 36. GOOGLE  ADWORDS   GeRng  Started  On  The  Right  Track   36  Product  Marke4ng  101  
  37. 37. Google  AdWords  Campaign  Types  That   I  Use  (Most)   ①  Search  Network  Only  Text  Ads     ②  Search  Remarke4ng  On  Search  Network  Only   ③  Display  Remarke4ng  On  Display  Network  Only   ④  Google  Shopping  Campaigns     Product  Marke4ng  101   37  
  38. 38. Campaign  Structure   Campaign  (Type,  Overall  Budget,  Loca4on,  Bid  Strategy,   Frequency,  Audiences,  Extensions,  Nega4ve  Keywords)   Ad  Group  (Override  Campaign   Extensions,  Audiences,  Nega4ve   Keywords)   Keywords   (Max  CPC)   Ads  (CTA)   Ad  Group  (Override  Campaign   Extensions,  Audiences,  Nega4ve   Keywords)   Keywords   (Max  CPC)   Ads  (CTA)   Product  Marke4ng  101   38  
  39. 39. Your  First  Campaign  On  Google  Search  Network   ①  Think  Of  It  As  A  Test  Campaign,  Limit  Budget   ②  Broad  Modified  Match  To  Find  Profitable   Keywords     ③  +kids  +shoes  Will  Trigger  Your  Ad  For   –  Leather  Shoes  For  Kids   –  Nike  Shoes  For  Kids   ④  3  Ads  Per  Group     –  1  Without  DKI,  1  With  DKI,  1  Compe4tor  Knock  Off   Product  Marke4ng  101   39  
  40. 40. Pro  Tip:  Use  SEMRush  To  See  Compe4tors  Proven  Ads/Keywords   Product  Marke4ng  101   40  
  41. 41. Pro  Tip:  Use  Dynamic  Keyword  Inser4on   Product  Marke4ng  101   41   ①  {KeyWord:Chocolate}   ②  Replaces  the  above  with  the  search  term   ③  Keyword  Must  Be  In  Ad  Group  
  42. 42. Your  Money  Campaign  On  Google  Search  Network   ①  Exact  Match,  Conver4ng  Keywords     ②  ex  [Long  Tail  Keyword]  that  Converts   –  Be  sure  to  add  this  as  a  nega4ve  keyword  to  the  test  campaign   ③  Bring  Over  Best  Performing  Ads   ④  Maintain  Small,  Super  Focused  Ad  Groups   –  Consider  1  keyword  ad  groups   ⑤  Tight  Control  Over  Keywords  and  Message   Product  Marke4ng  101   42  
  43. 43. Why  Search  Remarke4ng?   ①  Conversion  Rates  Are  Much  Higher   ②  Capture  People  S4ll  In  Hunt  Mode   ③  Website  Familiarity   ④  Broader  Keywords   Product  Marke4ng  101   43  
  44. 44. Common  Mistakes  With  Text  Based   Ads   ①  Search  Display  Network     ②  Poor  Control  Of  Nega4ve  Keywords   ③  Having  A  Campaign  Dedicated  To  Tests   ④  Monitoring  Performance   Product  Marke4ng  101   44  
  45. 45. Why  Product  Lis4ngs  Ads   ①  Prominence  In  SERP   ②  Higher  CTR  Than  Text   ③  Effec4ve  With  Physical  Products   Product  Marke4ng  101   45  
  46. 46. Common  Mistakes  With  Product   Lis4ng  Ads   ①  Not  Breaking  Out  PLA  Bids  For  High  Margin  Products,   Segments   ②  Small,  Low  Quality  Images   ③  Poor  Data  Feed  With  Inaccurate  Labels   Product  Marke4ng  101   46  
  47. 47. Why  Display  Remarke4ng?   ①  Build  Brand  Recogni4on  At  Low  Cost   ②  Only  Pay  For  Click,  Not  Impression   ③  Higher  Conversion  Rates   ④  Target  Specific  Pages  With  Promo4ons   Product  Marke4ng  101   47  
  48. 48. Common  Mistakes  With  Display  Remarke4ng   ①  Stagnant  Ads   ②  Uncapped  Frequency   Product  Marke4ng  101   48  
  49. 49. Ques4ons?   Hit  me  up  at   49  Product  Marke4ng  101