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Get Talkin'

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Chunks and "Gambits" are important lexical items and ways for students to quickly acquire important vocabulary. This book works! Get as a premium product on EFL Classroom + the PPT version too.

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Get Talkin'

  1. 1. Get TALKingGet TALKing 11 I just can’t Believe my ears! I totally agree with you. Just between you and me …. Never in a million years … If I were him, I’d ….
  2. 2. Conditions of use Research shows that students learn best by learning and using language « chunks ». Chunks are meaningful strings of words with a distinct meaning and purpose. This NYTs article is a nice overview. These exercises get students speaking and practicing lexical chunks in a defined situation. They are suitable for intermediate and higher level students. The conversation prompt is on the right. Start there. Then, students use the lexical chunk or expression on the left to respond. Continue in a sequence. Each lesson is focused on a particular language function (purpose). The teacher should model use and the exercise, first by using the language prompt and asking students to naturally respond – choosing a chunk from the list. Not all chunks are appropriate as responses! On subsequent days test students by erasing the chunk and asking them to respond and practice the language function. It’s a unique approach to language learning and teaching, I hope you’ll enjoy these classes. I know your students will. David Deubelbeiss 1. Prompt students. What chunks do they already know and can use well? 2. Whole class. Share the lesson and chunks. Model the communication for students. 3. In small groups or pairs, students practice speaking using the prompt and responding with the language chunk. 4. Extend. Make your own prompts and try to respond. How to “Get TALKing”
  3. 3. Conditions of use Teachers should earn more money. We should have a woman President. The economy isn’t doing too well. Friday is the best day of the week! I wish I didn’t have to work so hard. I have the worst neighbors in the world. I don’t understand why countries go to war. Country life is much better than city life. The future will be much better for my children. I totally agree. Couldn’t agree more. I’m with you. You bet. Can’t disagree with that. That makes sense. That gets my vote. I think so too. So true. Yes, indeed! I concur. Agreeing
  4. 4. Conditions of use I think I’m going to win the lottery this week! Men lived together with dinosaurs. 75% of people on the earth have never used a telephone. China has the most English speakers in the world. People drink more coffee than the amount of gasoline used each day. Table tennis is much harder than badminton. Cancer is caused by eating meat. Milk has many chemicals and is bad for children. Women are better drivers than men. Are you sure about that? No way! Get out of here! You got to be kidding? I don’t think so. Do I look like I was born yesterday? Are you serious? Come again? That’s not how I see it. Disagreeing
  5. 5. Conditions of use Have you heard about ...... Last night before going to bed ...... This government is ...................... This weekend I’m going to ......... Have you heard the joke about ........ I think the best way to ........... If I were the president, I’d ........... Let me tell you about when I was young. We ..... Just before class ..................... Excuse me but I think that … I’d like to add that …… Wait a second …… Can I interrupt? May I ask a question? Can I say something? Anyway ….. Where was I? As I was saying …… In any case …. Interrupting
  6. 6. Conditions of use How to make a peanut butter sandwich. The things I do in the morning before work. How to become rich and famous. How to get to class from your home. How to make coffee or tea. The steps to shave. How to send a text message. The things you have to do to plan a wedding. How to phone a friend. First of all, To start, After that, Next, Finally, Last but not least, Don’t forget to …. Remember to …… Make sure you ….. Be careful not to …. Explaining / Giving Instructions
  7. 7. Conditions of use 77 First … First of all … To begin with … Then,… After that ….. So then, ….. So ….. Finally, ….. At the end …. To make a long story short … Telling a story
  8. 8. Conditions of use Can you help me with my homework tomorrow? Where were you on Saturday? I waited 30 minutes. Are you available for a 2pm meeting on Skype? Can you spare a moment of your time? Why didn’t you clean the house on the weekend? How about going out for a quick drink? Would you like to play tennis tomorrow evening? Did you buy the bread and milk like I asked you? Could you join us after the meeting? Sorry, I had to ………. I couldn’t because …… Sorry, it completely slipped my mind. Sorry but I’m really busy. Sorry, I have to ….. Sorry, I don’t have a moment to spare. I’m busy. Maybe some other time? I can’t make it. Giving excuses
  9. 9. Conditions of use What’s the latest on ....... Any news about ...... What’s going on with ..... Do you know anything about ..... Have you heard …… Just between you and me … I heard it through the grapevine … The word on the street is … You won’t believe this but … Maybe I shouldn’t say this but …. In all confidence ….. This shouldn’t be passed around but …. They say …. Gossiping (classmate) (teacher) (celebrity) (news story)
  10. 10. Conditions of use Video games make children violent. Technology is not really needed in schools. Fatty foods and grease are really bad for you. Exercise is so important if you want to lose weight. The world is getting warmer and warmer. Bottled water isn’t needed in the world. Sports should not be part of school. Scientists don’t know why we need to sleep. It isn’t important to protect animals. Extinction is a normal thing. Believe it or not ….. Do you realize that ….. It may sound strange but …. Surprisingly, …… Oddly enough, …… Funnily enough, …… On the whole, …… By and large ……. Adding your thoughts
  11. 11. Conditions of use This classroom is too ................. The government needs to cut taxes. Professional athletes are paid way too much money. It takes too long to see a doctor! I’ll never learn English with this textbook. Money isn’t as important as having a job you love. Children should be seen not heard. I have to borrow money from my brother this week. If people don’t want to go to school, they shouldn’t have to. Well personally ….. In my opinion, …… If I had my way ….. From my point of view …. What I’m more concerned with is …… I believe it best if ……. In my case …… Expressing personal opinions
  12. 12. Conditions of use 11 I’m not looking forward to this class. My bank account is empty. I have to work until 11pm this evening. I only got a B on my last English test. I have no luck ever. I never win anything. I forgot to do my homework. I can’t keep my dog and I don’t know what to do. I can’t afford a car but need it for work. I lost my iphone on the bus today. The radio said it will rain all week and I on holiday! You won’t believe this but ….. Are you sitting down? ….. Do you know what! You’d better sit down. …… Guess what! Surprise! I’ve got news for you …. Sharing surprising news
  13. 13. Conditions of use I try and try but I can’t save any money! My upstairs neighbors never stop making noise. I run every day but can’t seem to lose any weight. My dog always pees on the floor. I keep catching a cold and I’m always sick. My boss always gives me the hardest jobs. I need a new computer but don’t have any money. My TOEIC score is so low! My parents don’t want me to travel the world. It takes me hours to get to sleep in the evening. If I were you, I’d ….. Why don’t you ….. How about …….ing ……? Would it be possible to ….? You could always …… Have you thought about ….? Why not ……? It would be great if …… Giving Advice
  14. 14. Conditions of use 1414 If you have a dog, you’ll be happier. Smoking will make you poor. Just memorizing English won’t make you speak well. Art is a great investment. Hard work pays off and you can relax when you are older. Being nice to people brings you good luck. UFOs do exist and we are not alone. Science and technology are the best subjects to study. Drinking some wine every day will help you live long. For example …. For one thing ….. Look at the way ….. For instance …… Take for example …. To give you an idea …… By way of illustration ….. Look how ……. A perfect example is ….. Supporting An Arguement
  15. 15. Conditions of use I got first prize in the speaking contest! I finished painting the house. I ordered a pizza only using English! I lost 10 pounds this month. I managed to save $200 this month. I didn’t miss exercising all week. I finished reading War and Peace. I finally quit my stupid job! I finished all the things on my « to do « list today! Marvellous! Good for you! You outdid yourself. Way to go! Out of this world! You really went to town! Wonderful. Magnificent! You rock! Two thumbs up! Encouraging
  16. 16. Conditions of use If If I ever …. Whenever ….. As soon as …. By the time ….. Unless ….. When ….. Future Possibilities Become illBecome ill Start the car Live alone Move to Canada Win the lottery Sell the house Lose my job Get married Go into the hospital Give up sportBecome fit Make friends Lose weight Make friends
  17. 17. Conditions of use Women can’t drive at all! I can’t stand police men in this city. Love is stupid. I always say what I think or feel. Asians are better at math than everyone. White people can’t dance at all. Smokers are the worst people in the world. I’d never live in England. Tatoos are gross! What I mean is …. Let me rephrase that …. What I’m trying to say is … Don’t get me wrong ….. What I meant was …… Don’t misunderstand me … What I’m saying is …… Self Correction
  18. 18. Conditions of use Can you lend me your car for the weekend? I think the world will end soon. I can read your mind and know what you are thinking. Would you ever marry for money? Lets inviest in some land in Antarctica. Can I use your phone for a few hours? Do you think India will win in Olympic basketball? Can I trade you my watch for your watch? I’m going to leave now. Don’t pay your taxes, you’ll never get caught. No way Jose. Not in a million years. Over my dead body. Do pigs fly? Can’t help you. Not a chance in hell. Do I look stupid? You’ve got to be kidding? Get out of here! Not on your life. Saying No
  19. 19. Conditions of use Here is the textbook I borrwed. I finally finished your project. Dinner is served! I got the things you asked me to buy. I can help you with move on Saturday. Don’t worry, I’ll tell the teacher you are going to be late. Here you go. I have the money I owe you. I already did the dishes. Let me finish that for you. Thanks a million! You made my day! What would I do without you? Wonderful! You’re the best. You’re one in a million. Thanks so much! You rock! Saying Thanks
  20. 20. Conditions of use Prices are so high these days! It has been raining for weeks now! My girlfriend left me. I lost my job yesterday. My dog died and left me a huge vet bill. I can’t understand my teacher’s accent. I have put on 5 kilograms since Christmas. I failed my math test. It is so hard to find a parking space near here. On the other hand … Very true but …. Look at it this way …. Even so ….. But in the long run, …. But then again …. Anyway, …… To make up for it …. Looking At The Bright Side
  21. 21. Conditions of use Teachers Politicians Dog lovers Men Teenagers The elderly My neighbors My best friend Hockey players Drug addicts Pets The blind Marriage Scientists Smokers Professors Women Poets Parents Monks Generally, …. Usually, ….. As a rule …… Without exception …. Generally speaking ….. Time and time again …. Most of the time ……. Again and again …… So often ….. By and large …. Every so often ….. From time to time ….. Every now and then ….. Once in a while ….. Generalizing / Stereotyping
  22. 22. Conditions of use I’d say it’s ….. Could it be …..? It’s difficult to say. I’d guess ….. It looks like ….. I think it is ….. Perhaps it’s ……. I’m pretty sure it is ….. It might be ….. Generalizing
  23. 23. Conditions of use Who discovered oxygen? What’s the population of Guatemala? Who invented the computer? What’s the highest mountain in South America? Who is on the Amercian 20 dollar bill? Why do you never see baby pigeons? How many bees in an average bee hive? Which city held the 1968 Olympics? Will it rain this weekend? Can you smoke on the roof of this building? I’m drawing a blank. I haven’t a clue. It’s slipped my mind. I couldn’t tell you. I’ve forgotten. I’m afraid I don’t know. I’m not sure at all. I’m clueless. Don’t have any idea. I’m Not Really Sure
  24. 24. Conditions of use My wife left me. I was cheating on her. I lost my driver’s license. I had 5 speeding tickets. I got a D in math. I never studied. I can’t write in English well. I don’t read in English at all. My friend won’t speak to me. I didn’t return her calls for a long time. Our government is horrible. I voted for them. I can’t save any money. I go out drinking every night. I am always sick. I never exercise. I got no inheritance. I never called my parents for years. You deserved it. It serves you right. That will teach you. You should have known better. What did you expect? It Serves You Right
  25. 25. Conditions of use My grandfather is in the hospital. I lost my wallet coming to class. My dog died over the weekend. I got injured and can’t exercise for 6 weeks. My boss said no when I asked for more money. My children are costing me so much money. I just don’t feel like myself. My doctor thinks I might have a serious illness. My car was broken into last night. I’m sorry to hear that. That’s too bad. I feel sorry for you. Tomorrow is another day. You have my condolences. Keep your chin up. Hang in there. It’ll get better. It’s coldest at the start of dawn. I feel for you. What a pity. Empathy
  26. 26. Conditions of use I finally got a promotion at work. I finished 2nd in a race this weekend. My fiancee said yes! I’m moving to Hawaii. I got a thousand dollars back on my taxes. The doctor gave me a clean bill of health. I got asked to give a speech for my company. My daughter won her singing competition. I saved $5,000 this year. I’m so happy for you! That’s great news. Couldn’t happen to a nicer person. So happy to hear that. Congratulations! You deserve it. Good going! Well done. I’m Happy For You
  27. 27. Conditions of use My friend’s car is so cool. The party was so much fun. I have applied to study at Harvard next year. My mother brought a dog home yesterday. I’m planning on traveling the world next year. I went to visit my grandparents on the weekend. I won’t ever speak English fluently! Public transportation in Korea is really inexpensive. I ate at the Ritz Carelton last night. Have you? Did you? Was it? Are you? Will you? Really? Is it? Showing Interest
  28. 28. Conditions of use I’m exhausted. This meeting is going nowhere. My energy is very low. We are going around in circles. The bell is about to ring. I have to be somewhere in 10 minutes. Nobody is paying any attention. We got a lot of work done today. Someone is calling from the other room. This is getting to be very boring. Let’s continue later. Let’s call it a day. Why don’t we take a break? Let’s move on, shall we? Let’s wrap this up. I vote we take a step back. Taking A Break
  29. 29.