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Digital Olympus SEOs vs PRs vs Bloggers - FIGHT!

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With Google suggesting 35% - 40% of the value assigned to a website (which is used to rank sites) is based on links, these are increasingly the focus of businesses looking to increase their online visibility. Some PR agencies are selling blogger link building as a service (an SEO specialism) but who can you trust now Google is handing out penalties based on bad links? Most valuable links seem to come from bloggers but how to you judge who is right for your business? How do you reach the quality influencers most effectively? Where are these secret blogger groups? Should you go with a PR for outreach, a specialist SEO agency or do it yourself? In this Digital Olympus session you will be taught how to use the tools available to find, assess and reach out to influencers as well as assessing potential bloggers reaching out to you.

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Digital Olympus SEOs vs PRs vs Bloggers - FIGHT!

  1. 1. SEO vs PR vs Bloggers - Fight! @JudithLewis
  2. 2. ➡ Run DeCabbit Consultancy doing SEO, PPC, Social Media and integrated marketing campaigns - working with bloggers for link building ➡ Got on the Internet in 1986 at my school lab ➡ Working online with search since 1996 ➡ Worked in-house within e-Commerce, Publishing & High Tech ➡ Have worked with Google (SEO for product sites), Orange, COI, NatWest/RBS, National Gallery, CIPD, Fidelity, GalaCoral, NBC Universal, Readers Digest, Bayer, Family Search, Amadeus, AMD, AmEx, TotalJobs,, Virgin Startup, Zopa, GE, Blue Cross, Vapemate & more ➡ Chosen as a founding Modern Muse, contributed to book “Pimp My Site”, judge of the UK, US & European Search Awards, one of the SEO Chicks, blog on Huffington Post & run food blog AM I WhoObligatory slide ! Judith Lewis @JudithLewis
  3. 3. SEOs vs PRs vs Bloggers Links are important for ranking *BUT* bad links can harm a site Who is best to reach out to bloggers – PRs or SEOs? Are Bloggers the right people to get links from? @JudithLewis
  4. 4. @deCabbit DeCabbit Presentation 4 PR is about relationships, influence and communicating a positive story to an audience for the client
  5. 5. SEOs build links to help increase visibility in search engines by ranking pages higher
  6. 6. Bloggers are increasingly being targeted both by SEOs & PRs with an SEO remit PRs are being asked to do the job of an SEO
  7. 7. Sometimes People Build Bad Links @JudithLewis
  8. 8. Bad Links Result in Bad Penalties @JudithLewis
  9. 9. Sometimes PRs Get Outreach Wrong Bloggers share: they share PR/SEO contact details and pitches and payments - they know what you paid and to whom @JudithLewis
  10. 10. Facebook Outreach Groups @JudithLewis
  11. 11. SEO is a part of Online Marketing which includes PR.
  12. 12. Some SEO Approaches Gone Wrong The following are approaches and the blogger reactions from a closed blogger group (all spelling is theirs, not mine!) “Repeated demands that I publish their great (great =generic) post immediately with a do follow link” “…those that pay for a sponsored post and then when publish demand a do follow link even though we state no follow links” “Offering content written by them, on the basis that 'it will help our traffic‘” “Then a company who thinks it's ok to ask for 3/4 follow links to pages that have nothing to do with the product being reviewed” “One company asked me to change all my links to 'follow' links and remove the disclosure because 'they could get penalised and her boss was worried'. I explained that I couldn't do that (for obvious reasons) - still insisted” “…were contacted by a SEO wanting links removed (pretty normal) but this one blamed us for the companies penalty and then threatened to report us to google if we didn't remove the link” @JudithLewis
  13. 13. Over time, bloggers have become more “savvy” and less willing to working without compensation
  14. 14. Chat with your targets on the phone after initial email contact The way I pitch things is carefully worded but I make it clear what I expect within the law & guidelines
  15. 15. Changes to the Law & Google Guidelines Google guidelines against “Link Schemes”: 6 ASA Reminder to bloggers about their responsibilities: Centre/2013/Blurring-advertising-and-blogs.aspx CAP Guidance on the ASA guidelines: Centre/2014/New-words-on-the-blog.aspx The LAW the ASA guidelines are based on: 74/contents | 16
  16. 16. 17 Outreach
  17. 17. Find Influencers @JudithLewis
  18. 18. Possible Link Targets @JudithLewis
  19. 19. Check Their Stats @JudithLewis
  20. 20. Auditing Link Targets-More than Numbers @JudithLewis
  21. 21. Research Other Sites (Competitors) @JudithLewis
  22. 22. Research Other Sites (Competitors) @JudithLewis
  23. 23. Auditing Your Links With Majestic @JudithLewis
  24. 24. Auditing Your Links @JudithLewis
  25. 25. SEMRush Analysis of Sites @JudithLewis
  26. 26. When Link Building Goes Well @JudithLewis
  27. 27. @JudithLewis
  28. 28. 10 Link Attraction Ideas Be Controversial Be The Font of All Knowledge Take a Stand Be a Personality Share/Curate Be Funny Be Prolific Be Mysterious Offer something unique @JudithLewis
  29. 29. @JudithLewis @MostlyAboutChoc ? Questions?
  30. 30. You Can Stalk Me Online Twitter: @JudithLewis @MostlyAboutChoc LinkedIn: Google+: Web: Blog: SEO Blog: HuffPost: ...and the list goes on