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Http published 20books

  1. 1. Published books Page 1 of 11 Home Published books my publishing experience... Main contest Publishing contest Children contest Magazine F.A.Q. News Published books Spell checker Useful links Services About us Contact us Terms of use 11/29/2011
  2. 2. Published books Page 2 of 11 Comments... ...on Aquillrelle Anthology 100, book one Wanda Lea Brayton, poet, author of Swanee Sighs - BUY THIS BOOK!!! I am very honored and pleased to have one of my poems included in this beautifully done book, along with so many of my world-wide friends, as well. Its overflowing with talent, beauty, wisdom, profundity. It is well-worth your time to read each one and experience the loveliness of the written word. Thank you so much for this opportunity, Aquirelle. Nicolette van der Walt, poet, author of Fire Lily - This anthology is more than a collection of 100 wonderful poems; it is an anthology of voices, of hearts, of mouths, talent and of cultures; it is the world, life and love through the eyes of poets from across the globe. Within these pages youll find some amazing treasures that will embed themselves in the heart of your eyes. Wynette Baker Kelly, poet, author of several volumes of poetry: Asylum Smiles, A Violet Moodswing, Yesterdays Makeup... - This anthology is packed with the poetry of amazing writers. It is a treat to have so many of them in one place. Brian Stark, poet - To be included in any book, to me, is a great privilege. However, to be included in this book---with all these amazing poets that I greatly respect and admire---is something that I have difficulty expressing--I am speechless! I am proud, I am amazed...I love every poet in this book and their works are amazing to me! Anyone that picks up these writes will always enjoy what it gives to them. Thank you for your support. Erwin Kroon, poet - An excellent collection of high quality poetry, from unknown poets to already published poets, the diversity of imagery and usage of metaphors is enormous, each poem uniquely voiced, ranking from different ages, different countries, united into a book... a treasure for each lover of poetry. ...on A new Zealanders Book of Ballads Joan Benecke, poet - A variety of Ballads in this book will keep you enthralled throughout, I recommend you read this beautiful book and all the interesting information it contains. ...on Opera Stories in Verse Joan Benecke, poet - If you enjoy Opera, this is the book for you to read, easy to follow and a wonderful way to learn... Buy the book and read it, I guarantee you wont regret it. ...on More Stories from New Zealand Joan Benecke, poet - ...I encourage people who are learning about New Zealand to buy this wonderful book, especially if you have young children to buy his books as they will learn a lot more about New Zealand, History, Operas etc than they would through old History books, plus they will enjoy reading it in the form of a poem. Hugh is a brilliant writer... ...on The Aquillrelle Children Eric LeClaire, poet, author of Beyond the Mayonnaise Factory - Many thanks to yall for your hard work and for publishing the children. They are the future and to present a publication dedicated to their work is wonderful and courageous. Kudos again, Aquillrelle team! ...on Complete Wanda Lea Brayton, poet, author of The Echo of What Remains - I rarely have enough time to spend on those writers whose work deserves to be read and read constantly; Margaret is one of them, unfortunately. Nevertheless, when I have a free moment or when I need to seek solace, I know I can find it wherever and whenever she writes. She is one of those fine, eloquent and elegant people who manages to spread goodness, mercy, kindness and peace at every opportunity. There is a simple beauty to be found within her words, a definite serenity that lingers long after the poem has been read. She is a memorable writer with a great gift of courage, of generosity, of wisdom and I must highly recommend her writing to anyone who believes in life, laughter, bravery, knowledge and love. Her writing is a lasting legacy for you and yours to savor. 11/29/2011
  3. 3. Published books Page 3 of 11 Poets Amongst Us Aquillrelle Poetry One, an Anthology ©2010 This book is a collection of poetry written by poets such as you. It includes the winners and the finalists of our first poetry contest. We did not judge with the book-of-rules in our hands, we judged with our hearts. And we chose those which we considered to bring out the beauty, the warmth in this beautiful art called the art of poetry. ISBN 978-1-4452-1223-4 For leafing through the book, click on the front cover (use the "Fullscreen, Magazine view" options on the page that opens, and the buttons at top to advance). Back to top Poets Amongst Us Aquillrelle Poetry Two, an Anthology ©2010 Our second contest. Our second anthology. Our second moment(s) of pleasure, when reading and learning once again that we are not alone, that we are not the only ones to have fallen in love with lady poetry. There are many like us out there. She is magnanimous, though, she has love enough in her bosom to love us all back. 11/29/2011
  4. 4. Published books Page 4 of 11 ISBN 978-1-4461-2879-4 Back to top Sky above the Nile, by Nermin Nazim ©2010 Nermin Nazim is a TV anchor and presents programs on Nile TV International, Egypt. She is a speaker of truth and love and has a great appetite for Poetry, love of All Beings, and love of Life. ISBN 978-1-4461-8649-7 Back to top 200 Sonnets from New Zealand, by Hugh Wyles ©2010 This is a book of poetry, a variety of rhyming sonnets created according to the concept of aesthetics specific to the author. They tell of life, belief, history, friends, beauty, family - as seen from the heart of that beautiful place called New Zealand. ISBN 978-1-4461-8530-8 Back to top A New Zealanders Book of Ballads, by Hugh Wyles ©2010 This is a book of poetry, a rich collection of historic ballads generously covering history, geography, life. The subject of each ballad was well researched before being entrusted to the beauty of rhyme on paper, the narrating voice is mostly serious with a few refreshing touches of humor. 11/29/2011
  5. 5. Published books Page 5 of 11 ISBN 978-1-4466-9589-0 Back to top paint me a dream, by John Mc Guckin ©2011 John Mc Guckin’s work is anchored deep in the realities of life: personal, social, political. His opinions on each of these subjects are clearly (sometimes even roughly) expressed, there is no subject that his pen considers taboo. And yet, you can sense there, beneath all these worldly layers - the dreamer. In his ever present melancholic, soft poetry. ISBN 978-1-4467-7441-0 Back to top Opera Stories in Verse, by Hugh Wyles ©2011 This is a book of poetry, squeezing the intense drama of the art of opera into the intense drama of the poets own interpretation and art of verse. An intense book in its own right. ISBN 978-1-4467-7457-1 Back to top Aquillrelle anthology100, book one ©2011 The winners of Aquillrelles first Publishing Contest are all included in this book. Oh, the beauty of these non- professional voices limited in their expression by nothing but their personal talent, avidity of word and poetry of heart. 11/29/2011
  6. 6. Published books Page 6 of 11 ISBN 978-1-4457-9681-9 Back to top More Poems from New Zealand, by Hugh Wyles ©2011 And yet another poetry book from the untiring pen of Hugh Wyles - times serious, times humorous, times factual... always talented. For those of you who acquired already his previous volumes, this - the forth - volume of poetry, is bound to charm you the way the other volumes did. ISBN 978-1-4466-1476-1 Back to top Enamorada Orient, by Nina M. Menzir ©2011 Erotica storytelling through the eyes of a woman living in the Levant, loving the Levant, and yet resourceful and liberated enough to boldly express desires and acts in this lush, secretive, sensual environment. A hot book for the warned adult. ISBN 978-1-4475-9266-2 Back to top The Aquillrelle Children, an anthology of children art ©2011 The world, through childrens eyes. Mostly innocent. Mostly colorful. Always sparkling with hope. Leaving it to us, grownups, to watch, interpret, understand. After all theres nothing more important than a childs wish. It is up to us to translate it into command and execute... blindly. 11/29/2011
  7. 7. Published books Page 7 of 11 ISBN 978-1-4477-1415-6 Back to top A Time of Sonnets, by Margaret I. Gibson & Hugh L.M. Wyles ©2011 So many the miles separating these two poets, so many the words they have patiently sown, paving an unbreakable bridge between them based on mutual appreciation, deeply rooted faith and a shared love for that melody of written word called: Sonnet. Talented, creative, each employing his/her own style, each creating his/her individual beauty, joining in this common venue of art in the aim to bring to you, the reader, the beauty of their expression. ISBN 978-1-4477-1737-9 Back to top Earthquake Experience, by Hugh L.M. Wyles ©2011 Having lived through several earthquakes at his home town - Christchurch, New Zealand - Hugh Wyles is best positioned to witness in his special rhyming way about the events happening around him. He watches the events with a practical, critical, no nonsense eye, his faith as strong as ever. ISBN 978-1-4477-3835-0 Back to top complete, by Margaret I. Gibson ©2011 Margaret I. Gibson shares in writing what she learns of self . Reading the titles of her poems, in itself becomes a poem of awareness, stirring the reader to recognition of profound emotional content. Written in the graceful flow of the timeless sonnet, addressing both reason and emotion, the poet is convinced that the world is ever 11/29/2011
  8. 8. Published books Page 8 of 11 just as we perceive/perception always shows what we believe. Myra Lochner, 2009. God does not refuse anyone who seeks him. Margaret I. Gibson, 2011. ISBN 978-1-4477-5918-8 Back to top Sea Dreams, by John Mc Guckin ©2011 A second, and hopefully not last, from this crusader of personal, political and social truths who is John Mc Guckin. His style unchanged - telling it to your face if rudely, if romantically, if feather-soft. He calls it a hobby, well probably it is one, yet more than a hobby - it is a gift. ISBN 978-1-4478-2030-7 Back to top Wish I had a magic carpet, by Mina Nagi ©2011 Versatile, light hearted, jovial - these are just a few of the qualifying words that can describe Minas poetry. Having discovered and fallen in love with this art about ten years ago, his style and quality kept improving until he finally put together this complete collection, a collection he justifiably can be and is proud of. He lives in his poetry the reality of his family, the reality of his country, the reality of the world surrounding him and is generously sharing his impressions with anyone and everyone of his followers and readers. ISBN 978-1-4709-2507-9 Back to top French Regards, by Bernard Cadillon ©2011 Bernard Cadillon is an artist at and of heart. Trying his hand in painting, trying his hand in photography, he decided to try his hand also in the toughest of them all - poetry. English poetry for a native French speaker... 11/29/2011
  9. 9. Published books Page 9 of 11 what a challenge, what a dare. The poetry included in this book samples life from a variety of angles: near, remote, historic, social, criminal, artistic... and Bernard’s interspersing of words with black & white reproductions of his paintings bestows upon this book a feel of artistic completeness. ISBN 978-1-4478-9252-6 Back to top Brighton Shorts, by Andrew Campbell-Kearsey ©2011 You’d better first read that last paragraph of Andrew Campbell-Kearsey’s short story you are about to read next, because if you don’t you are going to end with such a twist-slash-knot in your mind that you are going to need the famous sword to get it untangled. Stories taken from life, twists taken from another dimension - that’s the long and short of Andrew’s stories. You never know you are taken for a ride until you suddenly wake up with the ride behind you, and you cannot abstain from a well deserved smile and better deserved applause. Each time anew. ISBN 978-1-4478-9401-8 Back to top Snakes in the Sass, by Lynn Veach Sadler ©2011 It is absolutely impossible to define this humorous collection of poetry, born at the finely sharpened end of Dr. Lynn Veach Sadler’s pencil, other than... absolutely marvelous. Delving in, stealing from and exploiting unfathomable depths of academia, pun, and personal wit, Dr. Lynn threads word- barbs on the steel of sentence-wires with machine-gun speed at sniper-rifle accuracy. She could have had easily qualified (among her numerous other titles) for the Muhammad Ali of the ho[a] xing world [of English] title, had such a title existed. This short review is written by one of Dr. Lynn’s aspiring students, poorly trying to imitate her inimitable style. ISBN 978-1-105-21101-0 Back to top Poet Pourri, by the poet Sullivan ©2011 11/29/2011
  10. 10. Published books Page 10 of 11 ...pursuing what could perhaps be best described as a broadly colourful career... the only truly common thread has been his writing, an enduring passion never completely abandoned; fuelled by his lifelong fascination with not only the beauty of the English language and its literature in general, but the richness and diversity of its poetry in particular. A fascination well illustrated in the almost perverse multiplicity of styles and subject matter contained within this slim volume and others... Dave ‘Hoppy’ Bennett ISBN 978-1-4709-5108-5 Back to top Poets Amongst Us Aquillrelle Poetry Three, an Anthology ©2011 Our third contest. The good news being that Aquillrelle starts attracting more submissions - with about 1000 poems and 300 poets there is nothing to complain about. The bad news being that high quality submissions were so numerous that choosing the winners was a real ordeal. Oh, what a wonderful ordeal... As always - we don’t ask others to take our word for it. We ask them to test our taste and judge our judgment. Here is your opportunity. The poems in this book are anything from good to stupendous. If you are a poetry lover - this is certainly a book for you. ISBN 978-1-4709-6382-8 Back to top Epiphanies and Benedictions, by Earl LeClaire ©2011 Earl LeClaire does not write poetry. Earl LeClaire writes life. He takes very high resolution pictures of the world with his mind’s camera and then, with the precision of a sci-fi computer somewhere between Clarke’s HAL and Asimov’s UNIVAC, he translates each pixel into such precise words, lines and stanzas, that one forgets where the color ends and the poetry starts and where did that thief called time disappear. ISBN 978-1-4709-7421-3 Back to top Love Lush, by Tavius Dyer ©2011 11/29/2011
  11. 11. Published books Page 11 of 11 ...Imagine reading a distinctly, and refreshingly disturbing, philosophical intellectual collection of poems at its most raw and unrefined, within its disquieted self, while also being seductive with a surprisingly sharp contrast of emotional insight... He is the next new wave in contemporary writing.... If you are bold, brave and ready to venture beyond the comfortable refuge of accepted art forms... If you want to indulge in the most intimate sense of madness, as well as the pure aspects of Divine love, then turn the page and begin the discovery of Dyer’s naked soul. Zayra Yves, 2011. ISBN 978-1-105-28959-0 Back to top Back to top All rights reserved © Aquillrelle total visits: 11/29/2011