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Climate Resilience Benefits from Digital Resilience

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Climate Resilient Cities Symposium, Dallas, TX, April 21, 2018. A Symposium on Preparing and Responding to Climate Disasters: Strategies for Creating Resilient Cities. This invitation-only program identified innovative best practices and resources to help cities deploy ‘smart’ technologies, access federal funding programs/tax incentives and planning methods to become more resilient. The goal was to help cities survive and thrive in the face of a complex, uncertain and ever-changing future. The symposium described how cities are becoming resilient by: working with the private sector, engaging their citizenry, using dispatchable clean energy technologies and GIS, strengthening their building/zoning codes, accessing federal resources, and diversifying their transportation and health care systems. As part of EarthX, this half-day program brought together 75 elected representatives, government officials, and business, foundation and non-profit leaders active in ensuring that cities are proactive in addressing the challenges posed by climate change.
EarthX is an international environmental nonprofit based in Texas dedicated to educating and inspiring action for a sustainable future. Gathering concerned citizens, educators, businesses, nonprofits, and global leaders at the WORLD’S LARGEST ENVIRONMENTAL EXPERIENCE, EarthX programs an exposition, a film festival, and conferences.

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Climate Resilience Benefits from Digital Resilience

  1. 1. Climate Resilience Benefits From ... Digital Resilience Dawn J. Wright, Ph.D., Chief Scientist, Environmental Systems Research Institute
  2. 2. …deal with changes, threats Re•sil•ience [n.] …absorb disturbance, stress, catastrophe …recover quickly to a prior desired state Tools/Apps Services Dashboards Portals
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  19. 19. “Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.” Ease Leads to Exposure. Exposure Leads to Adoption.
  20. 20. Climate Resilience Benefits from Digital Resilience Dawn J. Wright, Twitter: @deepseadawn Tools/Apps Services Dashboards Portals
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  24. 24. Sam Pitroda, Esri Intl User Conference Keynote 2013 A Fourth Pillar of Democracy?
  25. 25. 9 Billion 6 Billion Population in 2040 People living in cities
  26. 26. Designing with Nature Requires an Integrated and Holistic Approach Geography Provides the Common Language for Collaborating Landscape Information Models City Information Models Building Information Models Context Content
  27. 27. Community Status Reporting Citizen Surveys (Crowdsourcing) Citizen Communications Open Data Storytelling Events ArcGIS Hub | Platform for Constituent Engagement Initiative Teams Government Combined Data, Maps & Apps Initiatives Increase Volunteerism Improve Census Accuracy Mitigate Flooding Improve Commutes Reduce Accidents Decrease Traffic Congestion
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