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Más de Delhi-42 The DTU Quiz Club(20)

Mohammad Ismail Khan (12-04-2016)

  1. Rules Standard quizzing rules apply Quiz master’s decision is Ultimatum.
  2. 1) This is the foremost foreign policy outlined by premier Xi Jinping. The project aims to redirect the country’s domestic overcapacity and capital for regional infrastructure development to improve trade and relations with Asean, Central Asian and European countries. It was unveiled in September and October 2013 in announcements. Also, it was promoted by Premier Li Keqiang during the State visit in Asia and Europe. The strategy underlines China's push to take a bigger role in global affairs, and its need to export China's production capacity in areas of overproduction such as steel manufacturing
  3. One Belt, One Road/The 21st Silk Road
  4. 2) • More than a year before the April 2016 release of the leaked documents, an anonymous source offered German newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung (SZ) large caches of sensitive banking documents. The leaked documents number 11.5 million and were created between the 1970s and late 2015 by Mossack Fonseca. • File sharing websites were blocked on 21 July 2011 on some ISPs including Bharti Airtel, BSNL, and Reliance Communications, because Reliance BIG Pictures got a order from Delhi High Court allowing them to serve cease and desist notices on people illegally redistributing the film Singham. • On 29 August 2011 Reliance Entertainment procured a order from the Delhi High Court to prevent the illegal broadcast or streaming of its upcoming film Bodyguard. • Connect (Keyword)
  5. John Doe • Two giants live in Britain's land, John Doe and Richard Roe, Who always travel hand in hand, John Doe and Richard Roe. Their fee-faw-fum's an ancient plan To smell the purse of an Englishman, And, 'ecod, they'll suck it all they can, John Doe and Richard Roe .
  6. • It is an approximate historical geographic term referring to a large area in the eastern Mediterranean. The term entered English in the late 15th century from French. It derives from the Italian derivative, meaning "rising“. • In 1581 England set up the X Company to monopolize commerce with the Ottoman Empire. • The notion has undergone a dynamic process of historical evolution in usage, meaning, and understanding. While the term originally referred to the European residents of the eastern Mediterranean region, it later came to refer to regional "native" and "minority" groups. Nowadays, it is infamously connected to a certain organization. 3)
  7. Levant
  8. 4) • The name is derived from the name of Muhammad bin Ismail Nashtakin ad- Darazī who was an early preacher. • The faith began as a movement in Ismailism that was heavily influenced by Greek philosophy and Gnosticism and opposed certain religious and philosophical ideologies that were present during that epoch. • Green for ʻAql "the Universal Mind/Intelligence/Nous", • Red for Nafs "the Universal Soul/Anima mundi", • Yellow for Kalima "the Word/Logos", • Blue for Sabiq "the Potentiality/Cause/Precedent", and • White for Tali "the Future/Effect/Immanence". • They reside primarily in Syria, Lebanon, Israel and Jordan. Their number worldwide is between 800,000 and two million. Large communities also live outside the Middle East, in Australia, Canada, Europe, Latin America, the United States, and West Africa
  9. Druze
  10. 5) Connect the images to an event, and why it is in the news nowadays?
  11. Brinks-MAT Robbery, linked to the recent Panama Leaks
  12. 6) ID • Virtually nothing is known about how the Haradrim managed to attach the great bamboo and canvas war harness to its back: presumably, they were able to coerce it into kneeling or lying down so that a team could haul the huge framework into place, tying it under the belly of the beast. Hanging from the harness were ropes that the Haradrim used to climb up into the frame and take up their positions on the platforms. Their elevated position allowed them to target an otherwise hidden enemy and gave their arrows and spears a greater range.
  13. Grey as a mouse, Big as a house, Nose like a snake, I make the earth shake, As I tramp through the grass; Trees crack as I pass. With horns in my mouth I walk in the South, Flapping big ears. Beyond count of years I stump round and round, Never lie on the ground, Not even to die. Oliphaunt am I, Biggest of all, Huge, old, and tall. If ever you'd met me You wouldn't forget me. If you never do, You won't think I'm true; But old Oliphaunt am I, And I never lie /Mamukil
  14. 7) What makes this agreement unique? • “The day this relationship unravels, migrants will no longer be in Calais,” Macron told the Financial Times, prompting fears that the “Jungle” shantytown, which houses up to 3,500 refugees and migrants trying to reach the UK and is being partially dismantled by French authorities, could move to the British side of the Channel. • The British prime minister, David Cameron, has seized on the French misgivings as a way of boosting support for the remain campaign, warning last month that in the event of Brexit, France could tear up the Le Touquet accord, leading to migrant camps springing up in south-east England.
  15. Part of Britain’s border is at Calais, France while the French border lies in Dover, England. by allowing British border force officers to carry out passport checks in Calais, effectively places part of Britain’s border with France in the French port – if Britain were to vote to leave the European Union.
  16. 8) Trevor Noah is a comedian who took over as the host of ‘The Daily Show’, succeeding Jon Stewart. Many of his stand-up jokes revolve around his experience growing up as a child of an illegal relationship. Noah has said of his comedic influences, "The kings are indisputable. Richard Pryor; Cosby; for me personally I didn't know of him before I started comedy but Eddie Murphy changed my view on the thing and I definitely look up to him as a comedic influence. Chris Rock in terms of the modern black comedian and Dave Chappelle. Those are the guys that have laid the foundation and have moved the yardstick for all comedians, not just Black comedians.” Simple. ID his nationality.
  17. South African
  18. 9)ID , and what is he incriminated for?
  19. Radovan Karadzic (Bosnian-Serb)
  20. 10)
  21. Plato, Socrates, Jacques Le David • The Death of Socrates
  22. 11)What is Kintsugi? • Not only is there no attempt to hide the damage, but the repair is literally illuminated... a kind of physical expression of the spirit of mushin....Mushin is often literally translated as “no mind,” but carries connotations of fully existing within the moment, of non- attachment, of equanimity amid changing conditions. ...The vicissitudes of existence over time, to which all humans are susceptible, could not be clearer than in the breaks, the knocks, and the shattering to which ceramic ware too is subject. This poignancy or aesthetic of existence has been known in Japan as mono no aware, a compassionate sensitivity, or perhaps identification with, [things] outside oneself.
  23. The art of repairing ceramic pieces with gold, silver or platinium.
  24. 12) List it • The Pixar universe or Pixar Theory is a theoretical "shared universe" in which every character that is created by Pixar exists, sharing characteristics and an internal logic. • In his 2013 thesis entitled "The Pixar Theory," Jon Negroni wrote that every character created by Pixar lives within a single fictional universe. He acknowledges that the concepts behind his thesis were derived from an episode of the Cracked.com video series After Hours, written by Daniel O'Brien. In his post, Negroni discusses all of the films and how they relate in a timeline of events. • The character of X from the lattermost film, meanwhile, is said to create a time loop, and consequently is the same character as the Witch in the first aforementioned film.
  25. • 14th-15th century- • 1950’s-1960’s – • 1997-1998- • 2003- • 2007- • 2010- • 2011-2016- • 2100-2200- • 2800-2900- • 2898-3000- • 4500-5000-
  26. 13)This is the origin to what iconic representation? • The ingredients of these concoctions typically included nightshade , devil’s snare, black henbane, and mandrake. The blended ointment is able to bring on psychoactive symptoms that induces hallucinations. • Those who wished to use the mixture on the genitals were now tasked with getting it up there. It is believed that the X became the preferred tool. • After applying the ointment to the genitals with the X, the psychoactive effects began to sit in. Getting high in this manner has been described as feeling weightless.
  27. Witches flying on brooms
  28. 14)Which country’s flag recently underwent this referendum? • Voters chose to retain the current flag, by a vote of 56.6% to 43.1% • The design of the flag combines the silver fern flag (toward the hoist) with the stars of the current national flag. (Silver Fern, White, Black and Blue) • Koru (Black) • Red Peak Flag • Silver Fern (Red, White and Blue) • Silver Fern (Black and White)
  29. New Zealand
  30. 15)Where would you find these words? • Buckswashling • Catasterous • Delumptious • Gruncious • Hopscotchy • Propsposterous • Rotsome • Sqiubbling • Whoopsey-splunkers
  31. Roald Dahl’s Books
  32. 16)Connect • Some say the world will end in X, Some say in Y. From what I’ve tasted of desire I hold with those who favor fire. But if it had to perish twice, I think I know enough of hate To say that for destruction ice Is also great And would suffice. A series of epic fantasy novels published by Geoge R Martin The tennis players met 14 times on the regular tour and 22 times in total, with their on-court rivalry highlighted by their contrasting temperaments and styles. One was known for his cool and emotionless demeanor on court, while the other was famed for his court-side tantrums. Their rivalry extended between 1978 and 1981, with each player winning seven times against the other.
  33. Fire and Ice • John McEnroe and Bjorn Borg
  34. 17)ID • Founded by Gavin McInnes, Suroosh Alvi and Shane Smith, the magazine was launched in 1994 as the Voice of Montreal with government funding, and the intention of the founders was to provide work and a community service.When the editors later sought to dissolve their commitments with the original publisher Alix Laurent, they bought him out and changed the name to its current name in 1996. • X Magazine includes the work of journalists, columnists, fiction writers, graphic artists and cartoonists, and photographers. Both x's online and magazine content has shifted from dealing mostly with independent arts and pop cultural matters to covering more serious news topics. Due to the large array of contributors and the fact that often writers will only submit a small number of articles with the publication, X's content varies dramatically and its political and cultural stance is often unclear or contradictory. Articles on the site feature a range of subjects, often things not covered as by mainstream media. • Entire issues of the magazine have also been dedicated to the concerns of Iraqi people, Native Americans,Russian people, people with mental disorders etc.
  35. VICE
  36. 18) X: Hello. Lula da Silva: Hello. x: Lula, let me tell you something. Lula da Silva: Tell me, my dear. x: It’s this, I am sending Messias round with the papers, so that we have them, just in case of necessity, that is the terms of office, right? Lula da Silva: Uh-huh. Ok, ok. X: That’s all, wait there, he is heading there. Lula da Silva: OK, I’m here. I’ll wait. X: Right? Lula da Silva: OK. X: Bye. Lula da Silva: Bye, my dear.
  37. Petrobas
  38. 19) • Judson Laipply (born March 22, 1976) is an American motivational speaker and dancer from Bucyrus, Ohio. He served as the state president of The Ohio Association of Student Councils from 1993 to 1994. • The third sequel was announced by Judson on June 16, 2010. He stated that it was in its early stages and that it was too early to give any details. In a Youtube comment he claimed he was trying to incorporate much older music and possibly include a second participant. In a talk given at TASC (April 2) he displayed his new plans. It contains new tracks such as LMFAO's "Sexy and I Know It" and "Party Rock Anthem"
  39. Evolution of Dance
  40. 20)ID • The word comes from French 'flash of lightning', so named because it is eaten quickly (in a flash). • It originated during the nineteenth century in France where it was called "pain à la duchesse" or "petite duchesse" until 1850. It is a popular member of the pie family served all over the world. The word is first attested both in English and in French in the 1860s • X are a confectionery currently manufactured by Cadbury. Introduced in the United Kingdom in 1965, they were adapted into a Dairy Milk version of X after Cadbury acquired by the privately owned company Pascall in 1922.
  41. Eclair
  42. 21) ID the Artist