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Turkish Brigade in the Korean War

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Turkish Brigade in the Korean War

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Turkish Brigade in the Korean War

  2. 2. Located in Eastern Asia Annexed by Japan in 1910, and remained so until 1945 (the end of World War II) During WWII, Koreans were forced by the Japanese in to labor camps and the sex trade
  3. 3. The end of World War II saw the division of Korea Land north of the 38th Parallel became an occupation of the Soviet Union Land south of the 38th Parallel became an occupation of the United States The US did not want to Soviets to occupy all of Korea as it may have eventually led into Soviet occupation of Japan
  4. 4. 1948 marked elections in both North Korea and South Korea North Korea held Parliamentary elections; established Communist North Korean government South Korea held national general elections; established “The Republic of Korea” Election time and after was plagued by violent resistance on both fronts
  5. 5. Early 1950 – Newly elected North Korean leader Kim Il- sung meets with leaders of Soviet Union and China to discuss invasion of South Korea in attempts to unify the country under communist rule June 25th 1950 – North Korean People’s Army (KPA) crosses 38th Parallel to invade South Korea
  6. 6. One Star General Tahsin Yazıcı 259 officer, 22 civilian, 395 NCO, 4414 private ; 1st Turkish Brigade departed, at 17.11.1950 from İskenderun port
  7. 7. Turkish brigade reached to Pusan port