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MediaScope's Mediai Friday News Update - Nov 20, 2015

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Each Friday MediaScope shares news of the week through the Media i agency and publisher news network.

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MediaScope's Mediai Friday News Update - Nov 20, 2015

  1. 1. Media  News:  Weekly  Round  Up   Stay  up  to  date  with  all  the  week’s  news  &  views  by  joining  over     2,300  who  subscribe  to  MediaScope’s  Friday  morning  newsleAer…   Each  Friday  MediaScope  produces   a  weekly  news  round-­‐up  for  the   Media  i  network  which  is   broadcast  in  over  50  media   agencies  &  major  publishers…  
  2. 2. Media  News:  Weekly  Round  Up   Stay  up  to  date  with  all  the  week’s  news  &  views  by  joining  over     2,300  who  subscribe  to  MediaScope’s  Friday  morning  newsleAer…             Market  moves  this  week…     -­‐  Match  Media  picks  up  NRMA  Motoring  &     Services  business     -­‐  Market  speculaEon  of  a  potenEal  merger  between   Nine  Entertainment  &  Southern  Cross  Austereo     -­‐  UM’s  Sam  Geer  wins  the  2015  APG  Planning  Idol   compeEEon  in  support  of  charity  –    
  3. 3. Media  News:  Weekly  Round  Up   Stay  up  to  date  with  all  the  week’s  news  &  views  by  joining  over     2,300  who  subscribe  to  MediaScope’s  Friday  morning  newsleAer…             Market  moves  this  week…     -­‐  US  parenEng  site  ‘MomtasEc’  launches  as     ‘MumtasEc’  in  the  Australian  market   -­‐  The  ABC  will  join  Seven  &  Nine  by  live  streaming  its   main  channel  from  December  1     -­‐  NewsLifeMedia  acquires  beauty  website  –    
  4. 4. Media  News:  Weekly  Round  Up   Stay  up  to  date  with  all  the  week’s  news  &  views  by  joining  over     2,300  who  subscribe  to  MediaScope’s  Friday  morning  newsleAer…                             SMI  release  ad  spend  revenue  for  October…     -­‐  Overall  adverEsing  spend  increased  YOY  3.7%  to  $750.2m     -­‐  TV  +  4.2%  to  $374.9m   -­‐  Digital  +  11.7%  to  $151.7m   -­‐  Outdoor  +  19.9%  to  $81m   -­‐  Radio  -­‐.01%  to  $53m   -­‐  Newspapers  -­‐  20.2%  to  $59m   -­‐  Magazines  -­‐  14.3%  to  $23m   -­‐  Cinema  +  24.4%  to  $4.2m  
  5. 5. Media  News:  Weekly  Round  Up   Stay  up  to  date  with  all  the  week’s  news  &  views  by  joining  over     2,300  who  subscribe  to  MediaScope’s  Friday  morning  newsleAer…                   People  moves  this  week…     -­‐  Ewilina  Jones  joins  Carat  Sydney  as  group     business  director   -­‐  Google  appoints  Kevin  Ackhurst  as     director  of  agency     -­‐  Lion’s  Mad  Tapper  is  elected  Chairman  of     industry  associaEon  AANA        
  6. 6. Media  News:  Weekly  Round  Up   Stay  up  to  date  with  all  the  week’s  news  &  views  by  joining  over     2,300  who  subscribe  to  MediaScope’s  Friday  morning  newsleAer…                   People  moves  this  week…     -­‐ Michael  Miller  &  Peter  Tonagh  take  up  top  jobs  with   News  Corp   -­‐ Prue  Cox  has  been  promoted  to  Chief  Commercial   Officer  with  NewsLifeMedia   -­‐ The  Australian  newspaper’s  editor  Chris  Mitchell  steps   down  ager  24  years