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ReadyPulse Brand Ambassador Program Case Study Featuring JustFab

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JustFab leveraged Pulse Ambassadors to manage and scale their brand ambassador program. JustFab's Fabshionista Circle has created a branded community experience for their best digital influencers to create high-quality, product relevant, authorized user generated content for their digital marketing. Download Case Study Here:

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ReadyPulse Brand Ambassador Program Case Study Featuring JustFab

  1. 1. ReadyPulse Case Study Brand Ambassador Program SHARE:     99  53  Case Study: Brand Ambassador Program Fabshionistas Stay on Trend with Pulse Ambassadors
  2. 2. About JustFab JustFab was founded in 2010 to provide women all over the world with an engaging and personalized shopping experience at an affordable price point. Members of JustFab receive a personalized, curated shopping experience and style advice from consultants and experts. JustFab members receive a customized box of shoes, handbags, jewelry, and denim each month. By shopping at you can save time and money shopping for the latest trends. The JustFab Inc. portfolio also includes FabKids, ShoeDazzle, and Fabletics reaching over 35 million members worldwide. Case Study: Brand Ambassador Program Fabshionista Circle 1
  3. 3. SHARE:    Challenge Recognize & Incentivize Fabshionistas Collect High Quality Content Manage Brand Ambassador Program in a Branded Community Experience Generate Social Buzz Prior to leveraging Pulse Ambassadors, JustFab was faced with the overwhelming task of manual management of their brand ambassador program. For multiple years, the JustFab team spent resources in Excel documents and email chains of social links. JustFab launched the Fabshionista Circle to enable their best customers be highly engaged wtih the brand, and with each other. It wasnt long before they realized that manual management of the program was hindering the growth of the Fabshionista community. Case Study: Brand Ambassador Program Fabshionista Circle 2
  4. 4. Solution JustFab leveraged Pulse Ambassadors to manage and scale their exclusive, invite only brand ambassador program. 4. Measure 2. Activate 1. Recruit 3. Amplify Case Study: Brand Ambassador Program Fabshionista Circle 3
  5. 5. “For some time, we have been in search of a tool to help us manage our brand ambassador program initiatives and success metrics more effectively. The Pulse Ambassadors portal has allowed us to ditch the Excel spreadsheets, and create a scalable program that allows us to track, monitor, and measure our brand ambassadors activity.” Case Study: Brand Ambassador Program - Claudia Vine, JustFab Community Relations Senior Manager Fabshionista Circle 4
  6. 6. Content Commerce Case Study Download Download Content Commerce Case Study CASE STUDIESResults Influenced Revenue 14X 72%Engagement Average Participation Message Open Rate Authorized Photos/Videos Fabshionistas 35%71% 209 700 Quarter 1 60 Days 6 Campaigns 2 Surveys Case Study: Brand Ambassador Program Fabshionista Circle 5
  7. 7. SHARE:     PULSE MARKETING SUITEAbout ReadyPulse Ready. Aim. Fire! Ready to change the face of your marketing? ReadyPulse is a content commerce company that helps brands like yours drive commerce with 100% authorized, high-quality, relevant social user generated content. Pulse Marketing Suite, our patented content commerce platform, puts your best customers at the front and center of your marketing campaigns. Our unique algorithm scores content from hashtags, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and your website. Use Pulse Score to filter out content distractions, and pinpoints the 1% of photos and videos that will hit your target audience’s bull’s-eye. Aim to increase your ROI by 15x! Leave the models behind, and bring your customers to the front and center. Leveraging authentic content, from your best customers increases ROI for new product launches, and eCommerce site sales! Fire away! Give content commerce a shot, request a demo at! Set up your shot with ReadyPulse, and hit your target audience’s bull’s-eye again and again @readypulse Pulse Stories Pulse Ambassadors Pulse Analytics DEMO DEMO DEMO Case Study: Brand Ambassador Program Fabshionista Circle 6