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Dennis cunanan food and travel blog

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Dennis cunanan food and travel blog

  1. 1. Dennis Cunanan Food and Travel Blog, Jetsetters 3: Food trip! “Recently, I went on a somewhat random road trip with three of my friends who had a particular goal in mind: to have the most memorable food trip experience ever, in the short span of two days and a night, and in Angeles, a short two hour-drive away from the bustling city of Manila. Boy, as someone who’s practically been to every landmark of edibles in the world, I still have to say I was excited by the pure satisfaction that my friends assured me of—this overnight trip, from Saturday to Sunday, was something they’d done in the past, and our itinerary was one they’d already followed but did not mind repeating! It interested me a lot, then, that the food establishments were not just worth visiting, but worth coming back to. And to get to the gist of it, I wasn’t disappointed at all, and Angeles’ reputation as a mecca for foodies in the Philippines is well-deserved. Here’s a short rundown of all the places that we visited in just a little more than 24 hours: New York Supreme – we had an early breakfast in a gas station along NLEX, and by the time we reached New York Supreme (a popular Italian food chain in the province), I was raring to have my fill of pizza. We indulged in ‘panizza’, or paper-thin slices of pizza to be rolled up with arugula and alfalfa sprouts inside, and some hardy carbonara pasta. But for me, what stole the show were the giant and perfectly  Visit our website @
  2. 2. chewy donuts that we had for dessert, which we dipped in thick, rich chocolate. Puregold Duty Free – I’m including our trip to Puregold here just for me to mention my sheer delight in finding rare imported goodies in the supermarket, such as fruit drops, Reese’s Pieces, and almost every flavor of M&M’s that you could think of! I’m currently saving these so that I can make my sugar fix here in Manila last as long as possible.  Susie’s Cuisine – for lovers of traditional Filipino snacks, a visit to Susie’s, near the market, is a must. Susie’s is famous for two things: spectacular and affordable merienda (where one settles into the late afternoon with sweet and smooth maja blanca, pillow-soft puto, or the ever-reliable pancit palabok), and a wide range of edible pasalubong (gifts to take home to your family from the place where you visited, a traditional practice in the Philippines), from Peanut Kisses to polvoron.  Everybody’s Café – my friends told me to be brave and get ready for some unusual surprises at Everybody’s Café, where the range of dishes is exotic and nothing short of delicious. In one sitting, I was able to try the fried camaro (crickets!) that tasted like chicharon, the fried stuffed frog that tasted like chicken, and lastly, the carabeef (carabao beef) tapa that was strongly-flavored and savory (albeit a bit sour). All of these were washed down with soup and eaten with plenty of rice.  Aling Lucing’s Restaurant – after a modest breakfast in the little flat that we rented, we decided to end our trip with a visit to the iconic Aling Lucing’s restaurant, where the sisig dish is said to have originated. One of the things that greeted us upon our visit to the simple carinderia was a framed picture of Anthony Bourdain with one of the owners. Suffice to say, the authentic sisig was validated the world over, and we left for Manila again on full stomachs.  Visit our website @
  3. 3. So is Angeles worth revisiting for places like these? I say yes, and like my friends, am willing to appease my appetite here over and over! – Dennis Cunanan, Food and Travel Blog BYLINE: The official Dennis Cunanan Food and Travel Blog is run by writer and lifetime traveler Dennis, who is proud of his parents Angelo Cunanan and Meredith Bowles, pioneering researchers and part of the production staff of the National Geographic Channel. Aside from pursuing careers in advertising and public relations in reputable multinational firms, and attending several international workshops and seminars in writing and photography, he engages in freelance consultancy. He has lived in practically all of the continents, but his current special project is a documentary and a mini-multimedia about the different places in the Luzon region, one province at a time. Visit our website @