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The Role of Experience Design in Digital Transformation

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“Design is not about beautification, nor is it about solutions or utility. In todays business landscape, design is about meaning and significance. In our quest to capitalize on technologies, design is our tool for simplifying and humanizing technology”
In his presentation, our Strategy Consultant Tzachi Toledo shared his thoughts on the changing role of design and the importance of experience design as a competitive edge in digital transformation.
The talk took place in Visa's annual event for the Polish Visa members Banks on December in Warsaw.

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The Role of Experience Design in Digital Transformation

  1. 1. The role of experience design in digital transformation Visa Polska Warsaw | 14.12.2015
  2. 2. Digital technologies are changing the world we live in. Over the past several years we have witnessed industry after industry being disrupted and transformed as a result of digital.
  3. 3. ”Software is eating the world” Marc Anderssen, VC
  4. 4. In the early days of the internet, the publishing industry went crazy, worried that the internet would kill the whole industry. Of course, they were wrong..
  5. 5. “You are not going to die, you are going to turn digital” Jeff Bezos, Amazon
  6. 6. New technologies can be threats, but they always provide us with new opportunities. The question is how do we leverage these technologies and capitalize on them.
  7. 7. Self driving cars are an inevitable technology which will drastically affect the lives of billions. Yet, nobody is sure who will capitalize on the opportunity this technology provides.
  8. 8. Will it be the car manufacturers, the technology providers or will it be somebody completely different? More importantly, what will the experience look and feel like and who will own it?
  9. 9. BMW imagined it as an ordinary car with a steering wheel the driver doesn't touch, but can it be more than that?
  10. 10. Regus, a global workplace provider, with over 1.5 million members, see the driverless car as a potential workspace and hope to own that space.
  11. 11. © 2014 Say hello to Designit! As the enabling technology matures and becomes seamless, differentiation is achieved through the user experience. The ones to capitalize on the technology will be those that own the experience, those that are best at designing the experience.
  12. 12. SMAC SoonPast Web Now Mobile Cognitive Robotics Technological opportunitiesTechnologies keep growing exponentially, converging with each other to create an abundance of technological opportunities. It has come to a point where technology is no longer the bottleneck to innovation. Tomorrow Future
  13. 13. SMAC SoonPast Web Now Mobile Future Cognitive Tomorrow Robotics Corporate innovation Technological opportunities User expectations As consumers become exposed to these new technologies their expectations rise. At the same time corporate innovation is lagging behind, unable to provide the experiences consumers expect from their products and services.
  14. 14. SMAC SoonPast Web Now Mobile Cognitive Robotics Corporate innovation Technological opportunities User expectations Transformation opportunity space There is a huge transformation space between the technology and the actual corporate innovation. Tomorrow Future
  15. 15. SMAC SoonPast Web Now Mobile Cognitive Robotics Corporate innovation Technological opportunities User expectations Transformation opportunity space Successful digital transformation is about leveraging technology to meet user expectations and beyond. This is done by creating and designing meaningful experiences. Tomorrow Future
  16. 16. We can learn a lot about the changing role of design from the mobile industry.
  17. 17. In 2007, Nokia was a leading company with a dominant position in the cell phones market. They kept on perfecting their devices, making them faster, adding features and making them smaller.
  18. 18. Then came the iPhone which marked the beginning of the end for Nokia.
  19. 19. Besides designing a desirable product, the iPhone provided an engaging and meaningful experience. Moreover, rather than a product, the iPhone’s apps turned the device to a provider of services.
  20. 20. Product or service?
  21. 21. When we compare the old devices to those we see today we can the shift in the role of design. From focusing on the form of the product, design now focuses on the experience of the service/ product.
  22. 22. Different experiences on similar devices Focus on product and form
  23. 23. “The computer is not the thing - it is the thing that gets us to the thing” Joe Macmillan Halt & Catch fire
  24. 24. And it’s not only about getting to the thing but also about the journey leading you there.
  25. 25. While technology is increasingly enabling new things, designing good and meaningful experiences is hard. Everything is becoming more connected, complicated and confusing, especially from a users perspective. Thats why we keep seeing bad design everywhere.
  26. 26. Instead of design, we keep seeing solutions. “The chief cause of problems is solutions” Eric Severeid
  27. 27. 2015 We see solutions in physical products
  28. 28. We see solutions in IT systems
  29. 29. Bad design has a negative impact on everything we do • Usability • Productivity • Safety • Competitiveness • Profitability • Well being • Quality of life and work
  30. 30. • Imagine the impact of bad user experience not only at the consumer scale but at the enterprise scale. If we keep cutting corners, we’re heading for a global usability crisis. That’s where design come in.
  31. 31. Prof. John Heskett, 1937 - 2014 “Design is the human capacity to shape and make our environment in ways that satisfy our needs and give meaning to our lives.”
  32. 32. SMAC SoonPast Web Now Mobile Future Cognitive Tomorrow Robotics Corporate innovation Technological User Transformation opportunity space Design is not only about solutions or utility, it is also about significance and meaning. In our quest to fill the transformation opportunity space, design is our tool for simplifying and humanizing technology, thus filling in the gap.
  33. 33. No design Design denial Spray-on Design styling Strategy Design leading vision and strategy Process Design process 0 1 2 3 The effectiveness and impact of design highly depends on when we incorporate it in the process.
  34. 34. When incorporating design as part of the strategy, there are several things we found to work well
  35. 35. People before product 01 “We are good at flying planes, now let’s get good at flying people” Jan Carlzon, CEO SAS
  36. 36. 02 Don’t design for yourself. You are not the user. Successful design is human centric. Understanding and addressing true human needs and pain points is achieved by spending time and learning from potential users.
  37. 37. Design is not decoration. It’s foundation 03 Design is not the frosting on top, it is an essential part of the strategy, it is a driver for business value.
  38. 38. Pixel design is essential but it’s not transformative 04Use design right. It’s about transformation. Not beautification.
  39. 39. 05 Focus on radical simplification Less is more. With the complicated and connected lives people live today we need to keep it simple.
  40. 40. Join forces with strategy and technology! Working in silos is a sure bet for killing innovation. Magic resides at the intersection of technology, strategy and design. 06
  41. 41. Co-create You might be very smart but your employees and your customers can teach you a lot. Work together to reach better results. 07
  42. 42. Get design into the board room The only way design can be an integral part the strategy is if decision makers promote and communicate the importance of experience design to the rest of the organization. 08
  43. 43. Rethinking payment2015 Thank you. Tzachi Toledo Strategy Consultant Designit