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  1. Slay Your Your Competitors on Social Media Presenter: Diana Esparza Date: April 16, 2014 Location: Ottawa, Canada
  2. 1. Introduction 2. Online Marketing Basics 3. Websites, Blogs, and SEO 4. SMM: What You Need to Know Before You Start 5. Facebook 6. Twitter 7. LinkedIn 8. YouTube 9. Contact “Social media spark a revelation that we, the people, have a voice, and through the democratization of content and ideas we can once again unite around common passions, inspire movements, and ignite change.” Brian Solis, Engage: The Complete Guide for Brands and Businesses to Build, Cultivate, and Measure Success in the New Web Contents ☀ Diana Esparza
  3. about Diana Esparza Visit my blog at: • International Trade, Marketing and e-Business Professional • Over 10 years of experience in sustainability and technology • Put in place best-practice sales and marketing systems, governance structures, and decision-making processes. • Goal to assist organizations in the development of eco-innovative business strategies, methodologies, and expertise to assertively penetrate into new markets. • Diana believes in using the power of technology to help organizations to implement solutions that enable them to increase productivity, reduce cost, and become more profitable in a sustainable way!! • "Increase Reach, Velocity and Profitability" SEE RESUME HERE
  4. Convert Online Marketing Attract THE ART AND SCIENCE OF LEVERAGING THE INTERNET TO GET YOUR MESSAGE ACROSS SO THAT YOU CAN MOVE PEOPLE TO TAKE ACTION.  ATTRACT  CONVERT  TRANSFORM 0 3 0 2 0 1 Transform Basics It’s about using the right tools, with the right triggers, within a proper marketing framework THE ACT METHODOLOGY
  5. attract The Act Methodology: Main goal: Drive traffic to your site BOD Brand Outcome Differentiator
  6. • If your brand could be summed up in ONE WORD, what would it be? • What’s the outcome YOU help clients achieve? • What makes you INHERENTLY different from your competitors? BOD?
  7. convert The Act Methodology: Consumption of Valuable Content + Time CLIENT Best Conversion Tool: YOUR WEBSITE
  8. transform The Act Methodology: People, specially strangers crave social proof MIMICRY Transform past successes into NEW ATTENTION
  9. Tools that Transform 2 3 4 Social media platforms are a great way to showcase past and present success stories. By letting the customers speak for themselves, you can leverage social proof to attract more prospects! 1 White Papers Products Videos, Audio, Pictures Clients, Products, Employees Case Studies Solution Testimonials Clients Social Media is Built on Social Proof
  10. Online Tactics Method Attract? Convert? Consumer or Customer Transform? Social Media Marketing Yes Yes: consumer , Not customer Yes Website/blog/Podcast Yes Yes: consumer, and customer Yes Email Marketing No Yes: consumer, and customer Yes Giveaway on site to build email list Yes Yes: consumer No Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Yes Yes: consumer, and customer No Video Yes Yes: consumer, and customer Yes
  11. Your CULTURE is Your BRAND – Tony Hsieh
  12. Websites Blogs, SEO Social media, blogging, search engine optimization, and email marketing are powerful ways of developing online leads for most business. HOWEVER, it’s your Company’s website where your prospects makes a buying decision and the sale actually takes place! Is Your Website EMS? Educate | Market | Sell A Website has impeccable DESIGN, STRUCTURE, CONTENT, OPTIMIZATION, MAINTENANCE WEBSITE • It’s expected • It’s efficient • It converts Do you NEED a blog? You don’t need a blog, but you do need fresh content on an ongoing basis. Blogsites, Content Management Systems (Joomla – Wordpress) BLOG • Content is King • Heart of every good website • Educate, Expertise, credibility SEO • Biggest challenge to website owners • Google displays sites it believes are authoritative and relevant. They measure relevance by analysing page content, the words you and I read, and they measure authority (mostly) based on the number and quality of other pages linking to the pages they show, links are like votes.
  13. Social Media Marketing Checklist A good BOD 90% A Website 100% Content 80% Visibility + Credibility = Email Capture System 95% Social Media Success! Blog 80%
  14. Perfect Post HOW TO CREATE THE “If you’re going to slay your competitors on social media, you need to figure out what kind of content works best for each social network so no efforts are wasted..”
  15. TECNOLOGIES I USED Social Media Marketing LinkedIn Twitter Facebook YouTube THE PLACE WHERE PROFESSIONALS GO • B2B Platform • 147M members users from 170 industries • Showcase expertise • Ultimate online Rolodex • Interactive online resume ALL ABOUT BUSINESS HAPPY HOUR • B2C Platform • 650M active users • Showcase own identity • Attract consumers and build relationships over time • Never push products or services ALL ABOUT FRIENDSHIPS THE PLACE FOR CREATORS & COMMUNICATORS • B2B & B2C Platforms • 225M users • Showcase expertise and identity • Attract attention and create expert platform instantaneously • Have and use your own personal name ALL ABOUT THE DIALOGUE INTERACTIVE WEB ECO-SYSTEM • B2C and B2B Platforms • Over 800M visitors per month • Over 4 billion videos are viewed a day • Showcase own identity/expertise • Attract consumers and push products and services • Edutainment ALL ABOUT YOU
  16. LinkedIn Quick Wins • Make sure your profile is written so that people can find you. • Check out your home page for updates from your connections, and comment on, share and like them. • Get stuck into a Group. • Answer a question. • Endorse or recommend a connection. “All About Business.”
  17. Twitter Quick Wins • Write tweets between 120 and 130 characters for the most click-throughs. • Place links 25% of the way through your tweet for the best click-through rate. • Tweets with the words “via,” “@,” “RT ,” “please,” and “check” have higher click-through rates than those without. • Write tweets with more action verbs, and fewer nouns to get more clicks • Tweet on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday for the best click-through rate, and later in the day instead of the morning. “All About the Dialogue.”
  18. Facebook Quick Wins • Post tons of photos -- they get the most likes and shares. • Photos also get a lot of comments, but text updates get slightly more. • Posts that are either very short, or very long have a higher percentage of likes. • Long posts also tend to have more shares -- the sweet spot is between 400 and 500 characters. • Show some personality! Posts with self-referential words, like “I” and “me” tend to get more likes. • Posts published on Saturdays and Sundays receive a higher percentage of likes than those posted during the business week -- and Thursday is the lowest day for generating likes! • Content posted later in the day get more likes and shares -- likes peak around 8PM EST, while shares peak around 6PM EST. “Happy Hour.”
  19. Pinterest Quick Wins • Descriptions about 200 characters long are repinned the most. • Find content spins around words like “quotes,” “products,” “DIY,” “inspiration,” “books,” and “ideas.” These words are the most frequently pinned on Pinterest. • Content that is liked gets repinned more often than content with lots of comments -- so replicate your content that gets liked! • Make your images tall! Taller images get more repins. “All About the Visuals.”
  20. Recap
  21. Case “ ““BMI delivers facility I worked with the management team to hone the “One Step to Go Green Mission,” embodying the company’s well-established and ongoing goal of providing sustainable services. With this message of corporate social responsibility as the blueprint, I built a comprehensive Marketing Strategy that included a new website design, social media strategy, brochure, informative articles, tip sheets, brochures, emails, blog posts and more. For more information, please visit Study BMI services with an innovative and customer-centric approach. Introducing new ways of integrating people, processes and technology, BMI delivers full complement of facility solutions for forward-thinking organizations ”. Louis Lemieux, CEO
  22. Call To Action 1. Formalize your brand strategy. 2. Put together a comprehensive marketing plan. 3. Take a critical look at your current website. 4. Set benchmarks Google Analytics; Alexa “How did you hear about us?” SEO Ranking 5. Make a decision on time investment. 6. RELAX! 7. Set up your accounts. 8. Take some time learning the tools and the lingo. 9. SHARE 10. CARE Don’t Be AFRAID and Experiment with Your Marketing – Mike Volpe
  23. Sources The Zen of Social Media Marketing by Shama Kabani 3 Ways to Use Social Media to Spy on Your Competition 2014/02/3-ways-to-use-social-media- to-spy-on-your-competition/ Don’t Be AFRAID and Experiment with Your Marketing – Mike Volpe
  24. contact Keep in touch http:// www. dianaesparza .me Social Media Mailing Address Ottawa, Ontario, Canada Contact Info Phone: +1.613.255.6021 Email: Web:
  25. How To Crash Your Competitors In 30 DAYS Presenter: Date: Location: Diana Esparza April 16, 2014 Ottawa, Canada

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  7. To overtake your competitors on social media, you’ll need some tricks up your sleeve that let you squeeze every last ounce of ROI out of your efforts. And to do that, you need to approach your social media marketing with data-backed tips that we’ve uncovered as a result of a lot of social media stalking. Here are the sneaky little tricks that most people don’t know about, but will make your social media efforts far more fruitful (and with no extra effort required!)
  8. LinkedIn users have a longer attention span that people on other social networks -- they’re there to do something impactful for their businesses or careers. You should feel comfortable crafting more text-heave status updates, posting more long form lead generation content, and speaking in a more promotional tone about your products and services. re you one of the many people who stick their profile up on Linkedin and then promptly forget all about it? There’s so much you can get out of Linkedin if you are a little proactive with it. If you aren’t regularly approached by potential clients who have found you on Linkedin, then here are 5 things you can do this week which are quick and easy to implement. 1) Make sure your profile is written so that people can find you. Craft a powerful headline which sells your skills and contains relevant keywords (eg, ‘Proactive Accountant and Tax Specialist at Smiths Accountancy’ – not ‘Partner at Smiths Accountancy’). To find out why this matters and for more help with it, see my blog post on coming first in Linkedin searches. 2) Check out your home page for updates from your connections, and comment on, share and like them. This is an excellent way to build relationships with your business community. If you want to target your efforts, click on a connection’s profile; on the right hand side you will see their updates which you can then comment on, like and share. This will bring you to their attention – everyone loves it when their updates are acted upon. Why not post an update yourself while you’re about it? 3) Get stuck into a Group. Whether it’s by joining in the discussion or starting your own, it will get you noticed. 4) Answer a question. If you go to the More link at the top of your page, scroll down and you will come to Answers. This is an area of Linkedin where people are asking questions – display your expertise and wonderful helpfulness by answering a few! You can search for questions by category and keyword. If your answer is ranked best by the person who asked the question, you get your name in lights on the right hand side of your profile – this can only help your professional image: Best answers area on LInkedin 5) Endorse or recommend a connection. This needs to be handled with care; only recommend or endorse people who you have personal experience of, and are happy to recommend to others. However, if you think that someone has done a great job, then it means the world to them if you are willing to make this official on Linkedin. And we all know that giving positive feedback is a huge help in building your influence with your network. To write a recommendation, go to the person’s profile, then scroll down to the job role which you would like to recommend them for; underneath it is a link to recommend them. To endorse someone, go to their profile and you will see their skills listed at the top. Delete the ones you don’t want to endorse by clicking on them, then click the yellow Endorse button. Simple! Do you think you can take these five simple steps in the next week? Do you have any other quick wins on Linkedin you’d like to share?
  9. The best content to publish on Twitter is, obviously, short and sweet. Whatever piece of content you’re linking to in the tweet, find the most compelling part of the story to include in your tweet copy. Pulling a shocking data point from your blog post, for example, is more likely to entice followers to retweet your content and click the link in your tweet than the title of your blog post.
  10. Facebook should lead heavily towards visual content, but should always be accompanied by explanatory text to give the visuals context. Visual content has higher engagement on Facebook, and the more engagement your content has, the more positively Facebook’s EdgeRank Algorithm will favor your posts -- thus expanding your reach! You can also be much more personal with the content you post to Facebook, since it’s where people go to chat with friends ... not coworkers.
  11. Unsurprisingly, you’ll want to post all that visual content you spent time creating on Pinterest. Pinterest users value quality images, so everything you post should look beautiful to get the most repins and followers. And of course, the descriptions should include a link back to your website to turn that traffic into leads. Try to create boards that are both directly and indirectly related to your brand -- HubSpot, for example, has boards with marketing infographics, and boards that are just images of fun orange things.
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