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Fort indraprastha-egm v1.0

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Fort indraprastha-egm v1.0

  2. 2. THE GOOD…
  3. 3. Serene Compound
  4. 4. Artistic ABlock
  5. 5. Delightful DBlock
  6. 6. A POOL, A PARK & A PATH…Fort Indraprastha is blessed with all
  7. 7. THE BAD…
  8. 8. Terrace
  9. 9. Rusted Pipes…
  10. 10. Damaged Over-head Tanks…
  11. 11. Involving Civil Work…
  12. 12. AND THE UGLY…
  14. 14. • Damaged and Leaking Sewer Lines…
  16. 16. BACKGROUND• During last AGM of FIRA held on 26th Aug. 12, it wasdecided to authorize core taskforce team to implementproject at one shot. The members were advised to takeup internal plumbing work separately and utilizing thecontractor, if available, at their cost.• The taskforce was asked to revisit the costs and lookinto the possibility of engaging two contractors to reducetime involved. It was further agreed that aqualified/experienced engineer/supervisor be appointedto supervise this entire work and will be reporting to thetaskforce.
  17. 17. BIDDING PROCESS• Enquiries sent to the following suppliers on 10th Dec.2012.– A.V.Sanitation.– Azhagar & Co.– Raj Associates.– Yuga Constructions.• Quotations were received from three of the above contractors, withone contractor being out of town.• Review of quotations and technical evaluation completed. Further,there were several comments and open issues based on variousobservations from suppliers and also the core taskforce teammembers.• Queries sent to all the suppliers with detailed specifications (aftercarrying out necessary changes as felt by the core taskforce team).
  18. 18. BIDDING PROCESS• Offers, with the validity of 60 days, were received on 6th of Jan. 2013, andsealed bids were opened in the presence of the following members:– Capt.Sushil Pillay - Hon. President– B.Ramachandran - Hon.Internal auditor– G.S.Saxena - Technical member,PLC committee– Dwarak Ethiraj - EC member– Ms. Jayanthi haskar - Hon.Joint Secretary– Parthipan.M - Hon. Secretary & PLC committee• Final technical comparison, along with the scope, was made.• Few suggestions given by members to economize cost were discussed withdifferent suppliers and based on the same, related civil work cost and alsoclarifications for bringing all parties on same basis were taken.• Final comparative total cost statement for three suppliers is attached asAnnexure-1.
  19. 19. METHODOLOGY OF CARRYING OUTTHE PROJECT• The suggestion of keeping two contractors/suppliers for the entire job needto be taken based on annexure-1 attached herewith. However it is felt thatcontractors will not be interested for such splitting due to reduction in theirscope.• The taskforce recommendation on potential/technical soundness andexperienced level of various contractors is as under:– Yuga Constructions - (L2)– Raj Associates - (L3)– Azhagar & Co - (L1)• All the suppliers have mentioned that, duration of completion of work foreach block of FI will be 6-8 weeks. Hence, it is preferred that we start workfor two blocks at a time. Thereafter after satisfactory completion, take up theother blocks.
  20. 20. AREAS OF CONCERN:• As first part, pipe work can be made ready on the rooftop withoutany disturbance to existing facility and no disturbance to supply ofwater. Next stage of it will be providing pipeline connections todifferent floors, which is going to be done through the existing ductsystem. We have approximately 8-10 ducts for each block.• This duct is very cramped and therefore, in most cases, first, thenew pipe-work will have to be kept ready. Take shutdown of aparticular duct to remove the existing pipe and connect the newpipeline. This duration is expected to be 2-3 days with fullshutdown.• Practically, we should consider this work to be of 4-5 days wherebywe allow them to stop the water for 4-5 hours in a day. This willrequire proper planning and correct information to the existingresidents staying in the staff quarter to avoid any confusion andpeople can plan their work accordingly.
  21. 21. AREAS OF CONCERN:• Another issue is of minor civil work and repairs; as we do not want todisturb the fascia of existing blocks, therefore, all the pipes on verticalfaces are going to run only in the existing ducts.• In some cases, existing pipe is crossing through civil work like walls orbeams. It is felt that major civil breakage and re-work beavoided. Therefore, in such areas, new pipe will be run through thewall by doing small cutting and then completing the damaged portion tomatch with existing. A sum of Rs.1 lakh, (Rupees One lakh only) isrecommended to be provided towards this expense.• It is also observed that most of the water connections to individual flatsfor bathrooms/kitchens are in bad shape. Therefore, when new pipe ofUPVC is being joined to existing pipe of G.I. (which may be in damagedcondition), this connection will become a weaker one, may give away ina short period of time and, if this happens, we will land up withcontinuous repair and trouble after spending so much on entire project.
  22. 22. RECOMMENDATION:• In view of above, it is recommended that the new UPVC pipe be laid right up tothe first isolation valve of each connection in each flat (bathroom andkitchen). This will call for some breakage inside the flat. This connection up tothe first isolation valve and complete the civil activity by doing plastering will bepart of this project. However, tiles, which are broken, cannot be repaired. Thispoint has been debated at length. However, considering the pros and cons, ourrecommendation is to go ahead on this activity as a part of the project to have alonger life and trouble-free work.• While we are changing the “distribution pipe line”, we though it was prudent tohave the “supply pipe line” be also changed, as doing it later would involveadditional costs. A sum of Rs.2,30,00.00 (Rupees Two lakhs and thirty thousandonly) has been calculated as the additional costs to be incurred for this basedon the average cost received, for executing similar pipe work.• A review of the existing pumps revealed that most of the pumps were in badcondition and required replacements. A sum of Rs.75000.00 (Rupees Seventyfive thousand only) has been calculated as the additional costs to be incurredfor this change.
  23. 23. CONCLUSION:• The above summary is made after due deliberationamong the core taskforce members and we discussedthoroughly on its merits and final decision taken forimplementing the project.
  24. 24. ANNEXURE - IContractor A Contractor B Contractor CAZHAGAR & CO RAJ ASSOCIATES YUGACONSTRUCTIONIn INR In INR In INR27,19,250 29,67,195 27,22,125"Distribution pipe line change" works.
  25. 25. ANNEXURE – II - SUPPLY LINE PIPE CHANGE:ITEM RMTBorewell pumps 411.49Drinking water pumps 304.80Total 716.29
  26. 26. ANNEXURE – III – CHANGE OF PUMPSITEM To be ReplacedBorewell pumps 3Drinking water pumps 2Total 5
  27. 27. CAPEX FUNDCategory AmountOpening CapEx fund as on 1.04.12. 4,73,000.00Expected collections – Regular @ Rs.3/- & Pipeline@ Rs.28/-28,11,000.00FD Interest for 2012-2013 (Approx) 80,000.00TOTAL 33,64,000.00Less CapEx Payments (2012-2013) 80,000.00FINAL TOTAL 32,84,000.00Available 22,34,000.00Outstanding as on 23.03.2013 10,17,351.00
  28. 28. PIPE LINE CHANGE PROJECT COLLECTIONS (AS ON23.03.2013):Category CountFull Payment 42 MembersPart Payment 6 MembersNil Payment 24 Members
  30. 30. THANK YOU