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Telekom Shift At A Glance

Telekom Shift is a corporate movement to explore new perspectives on complex business topics. The movement connects visionary people from all over the world. And it kicks off with a totally new concept called Anython which takes the best out of Hackathons, Barcamps and holistic methodologies.

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Telekom Shift At A Glance

  1. 1. MAGYAR TELEKOM HQ BUDAPEST 26-27. 06. 2019.
  2. 2. TelekomShiftisamovementthatconnectsvisionarypeople toleveragethepowerofglobalco-creation. The kick-off of the movement is the first Anython ever, a perspective changing event in Budapest, where we are going to raise co-thinking and co-creation to a global level. Wearesolvingmulticomplicatedglobalchallengesthatneed thecollectivepowerofmultipotentialteams. Telekom Shift connects our hidden champions from all over the world to solve the challenges by co-creation. Epicstories:we encourage thinking big and thinking bold Intenseco-thinkingandco-creation:1 event, 2 days A real global community: we keep our employees connected for the long term Empoweredpeople:even the topic (Smart City) was voted by the community Real-lifechallenges:we motivate people to work on solutions that tackle relevant challenges Learning,creatingandsharing:content is king to make a shift Long-termengagement:Telekom Shift won’t end after the end of our event TELEKOMSHIFT– THEMOVEMENTTOEXPLORENEWPERSPECTIVES WHYAREWEDOING TELEKOMSHIFT? HOWWILLTELEKOM SHIFTHAPPEN?