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The Power of Color in Branding

A helpful guide to what the colors of your brand say about your business.

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The Power of Color in Branding

  1. The ofPOWER What the Colors of Your Brand Say About Your Business BROUGHT TO YOU BY: creative studio dezinegirl lifestyle brand design
  2. The most POWERFUL TOOL in branding is COLOR. Color can TRANSFORM a logo into the DESIRED emotional experience for your TARGET AUDIENCE. USE IT WISELY. It can attract your attention, or change your mood; it plays a major part on how we see or define things. Color has the power of persuasion. COLOR MATTERS ©2014 dezinegirl creative studio
  3. COLOR is the first thing a consumer will notice about your logo 80% Studies have shown that the COLOR OF A PRODUCT influences up to of a customer’s purchasing decision Choosing the WRONG COLOR could cost your company in the long run. COLOR SMART ©2014 dezinegirl creative studio
  4. The Most-Used Colors of the World’s Top Brands: 13%use yellow 28%use black 29%use red 33%use blue 95% use only 1 or 2 colors 5% use more than 2 colors COLOR TRENDS ©2014 dezinegirl creative studio
  5. COLOR & BUSINESS 92%Believe color presents an IMAGE OF IMPRESSIVE QUALITY 90%Feel color can assist in ATTRACTING NEW CUSTOMERS 90% Believe customers REMEMBER PRESENTATIONS and DOCUMENTS better when color is used ©2014 dezinegirl creative studio
  6. COLOR & BUSINESS 83%Believe color makes them appear MORE SUCCESSFUL 81%Think color gives them a COMPETITIVE EDGE 76% Believe that the use of color makes their business APPEAR LARGER to clients ©2014 dezinegirl creative studio
  7. COLOR & MARKETING 76% Say the MOST IMPORTANT FACTOR when purchasing products is VISUAL APPEARANCE. 6% Look at the TEXTURE 1% Decide from the SMELL or SOUND ©2014 dezinegirl creative studio
  8. COLOR & MARKETING 84% Say COLOR is the PRIMARY REASON they buy a particular product Within 90seconds of initial viewing, people make a subconscious judgement about a person, environment, or product Up to 90%of that assessment is based on color alone. ©2014 dezinegirl creative studio
  9. COLOR & BRAND IDENTITY Color can increase a BRAND RECOGNITION by up to 80%. This means that COLOR INFLUENCES how consumers VIEW THE PERSONALITY of the brand. OUR BRAINS PREFER RECOGNIZABLE BRANDS, which makes color very important when creating a brand identity. Consumers’ REACTION TO COLOR APPROPRIATENESS in relation to the product is FAR MORE IMPORTANT than the individual color itself. ©2014 dezinegirl creative studio
  10. COLOR PREFERENCE 50% Favorite colors regardless of age or gender: choose COOL colors Over 42% blue 14% green 14% purple ©2014 dezinegirl creative studio
  11. 25%choose WARM colors Less than 8% red 5% orange 3% brown COLOR PREFERENCE Favorite colors regardless of age or gender: ©2014 dezinegirl creative studio
  12. 10%choose NEUTRAL colors A little over 2% white 7% black 2% grey COLOR PREFERENCE Favorite colors regardless of age or gender: ©2014 dezinegirl creative studio
  13. Favorite colors of females [lighter softer palettes] : 23% purple 14% green 35% blue COLOR PREFERENCE ©2014 dezinegirl creative studio
  14. Favorite colors of males [bright, bold palettes] : 57% blue 9% black 14% green COLOR PREFERENCE ©2014 dezinegirl creative studio
  15. Choosing the right colors can help you BUILD BRAND AWARENESS AND RECOGNITION. Colors have meaning that changes moods and behaviors, IMPACTING HOW PEOPLE REACT TO A BRAND. Every color elicits a different response from humans. COLOR MEANINGS ©2014 dezinegirl creative studio
  16. Every color elicits a different response from humans. COLOR MEANINGS YELLOW warmth optimism energy clarity fresh joy intellect caution friendly cheerful stimulous alert ORANGE cheerful friendly confident health youthful innovation creativity vibrance exotic active caution impulsive RED excitement passion bold love anger urgency danger safety daring strength courage stimulating PURPLE creative imaginative wisdom royal mysterious luxury magic passion spirituality dignity fashion success ©2014 dezinegirl creative studio
  17. Every color elicits a different response from humans. COLOR MEANINGS PINK tender feminine love caring compassion beauty friendship sensitivity sweet affectionate happy gratitude BLUE trust dependable strength calm stable power smart confidence integrity sincerity sympathy harmony TURQUOISE concentration clarity calming creativity sensitivity health caring trust protection tropical serene perceptive GREEN peaceful health growth environment envy balance natural money safety relaxation abundance healing ©2014 dezinegirl creative studio
  18. Every color elicits a different response from humans. COLOR MEANINGS BLACK bold rich power death evil elegance mystery sophistication formality seductive conservative modern GOLD luxury elite prestige noble successful idealistic elegance refined abundance affluence quality prestige SILVER/GRAY balance neutral calm security stability authority maturity cold scientific prestige sullen honorable WHITE freshness clean hope goodness light purity simplicity truth minimalism wholeness perfection innocence ©2014 dezinegirl creative studio
  19. A color can have very different meanings — it’s not the colors themselves that have a meaning, but that we have culturally assigned meanings to them. Color choices are critically important for the success of a brand or product. Choose wisely. SOURCES BROUGHT TO YOU BY: | 858.925.6159 | creative studio dezinegirl lifestyle brand design