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Trust and safety in online communities - Saskia Harmsen (Oxfam International)

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Presentation at the KM4Dev workshop: Online collaboration, dialogue and interaction - what works in international development, 3 July 2020

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Trust and safety in online communities - Saskia Harmsen (Oxfam International)

  1. 1. • KM4Dev event: Session 9 – Online collaboration, dialogue and interaction • 3 July 2020 Trust and safety in online communities Saskia Hamsen Charter for Change Initiative Oxfam International
  2. 2. Charter for Changeinitiative and network: An initiative, led by both National and International NGOs, to practically implement changes to the way the Humanitarian System operates to enable more locally-led response + 370 Endorsers (mainly local and national NGOs/CSOs
  3. 3. Online groups (Dgroups) • C4C Signatories (101, INGOs only) • C4C Endorsers (138, LLNGOs only) • C4C Advocacy (138, joint INGOs & LNNGOs) • C4C Capacity (27, joint INGOs & LNNGOs) • C4C Coordination (23, joint INGOs & LNNGOs)
  4. 4. What works Sense of belonging/purpose: - A collaborative movement that can demonstrate change by example - Build pressure through collective voice (e.g. UN GHRP COVID19, Grand Bargain, donor advocacy) - Save time and resources to participate, therefore ensures wider participation - Endorsers and signatories to come together on equal ground - Facilitate cross-learning and taking up advocacy at global level - The endorsers group has started coming strongly together without many of them having met physically ever Type of info/exchange: - Ongoing: Intelligence from the sector, feedback from meetings, transparent sharing back of collected info - Spikes! #LocalActorsMatter campaign through C4C endorsers – sign on, visibility, impatience
  5. 5. What hinders? Endorsers and some signatories have less time to engage because they do not have funded advocacy or policy positions who work full time on these things, so often their voices go unheard in email exchanges and other online forums Front line responders’ finite time and capacity and internet connection. Covid19: workload has almost doubled in difficult conditions, putting additional pressures on them affecting their wellbeing and ability to engage Too much information coming through, with too much jargon, sophisticated language or concepts at short intervals and with tight timelines for comment, can be overwhelming  psychological safety: self confidence vis-à-vis info/dialogue overload among highly informed people  only some endorsers and signatories engage, leading to lack of diversity of voices both signatories and endorsers