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Next Generation Digital Enterprise (Workplace) Technology | Enterprise Digital Arena 2017 | Keynote by Dion Hinchcliffe

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I explored how the digital workplace is evolving i 2017, and how systems of record and systems of engagement are at last starting to come together. With IoT, artificial intelligence, and people-centric enablement, digital workplace is at its most exciting point in recent memory. From my keynote at Enterprise Digital Arena at CeBIT today.

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Next Generation Digital Enterprise (Workplace) Technology | Enterprise Digital Arena 2017 | Keynote by Dion Hinchcliffe

  1. 1. 7SUMMITS Next Generation Digital Enterprise Technology #cebiteda
  2. 2. ® 2016 7Summits 2 Introduction Dion Hinchcliffe • ZDNet’s Enterprise Web 2.0 • • ebizQ’s Next-Generation Enterprises • • 7Summits Chief Strategy Officer • • • @dhinchcliffe:
  3. 3. ‹#›@dhinchcliffe Digital Disruption is Here Now: Evidence of Urgency
  4. 4. ‹#›@dhinchcliffe Failure to Adapt to Technology Conditions the #1 Threat Average Corporate Lifespan Has Fallen Dramatically As a Result
  5. 5. ‹#›@dhinchcliffe How Traditional Change is Untenable And Why New Models are Needed Today: Slow linear tech change by doing it all centrally Tomorrow: Fast exponential change by enlisting broader networks (people and 3rd parties at scale) to adopt, adapt, and transform The Dislocation Most Organizations Are Heading Towards rateofchange increasing headwinds as legacy baggage slows change Ideal change rate that more closely matches market’s change rate by Dion HinchcliffeFrom on
  6. 6. (cc) 2017 7Summits, Inc. | Creative Commons. Some Rights Reserved. | @dhinchcliffe 7Summits, Inc. Most Companies Are Behind 6
  7. 7. ‹#›@dhinchcliffe Today’s Digital Vision Consensus Access Engagement Style Empowerment Touchpoints Engagement Reactive Proactive-> From To Traditional Consumerized-> Corporate Solutions Self-Actualized-> Fragmented -> Omnichannel B2B, B2C, B2Worker B2Community->
  8. 8. ‹#›@dhinchcliffe Digital Workplace Tech in 2017 Apps Work Hub Source: StepTwo + Dion Hinchcliffe Industry Use Cases
  9. 9. ‹#›@dhinchcliffe The Internet of Things: Everything Is About to Be Connected Top Digital Workplace Issues: Education Control Manageability Use Cases Everything in the workplace is about to become connected and collaborative
  10. 10. ‹#›@dhinchcliffe We’ll Engage with “Smart Everything” Soon: AI and Conversational Interfaces
  11. 11. ‹#›@dhinchcliffe Bots Will Be On the Front Line of Engagement, For Better or Worse Example: A doctor digitally communicating with a patient, with an AI listening and proving insight in real-time.
  12. 12. ‹#›@dhinchcliffe Social Business Still the Most Strategic Digital Workplace Tech • The use of open sharing and participation at the core of how we work with our stakeholders and manage our organizations • And explicitly taking advantage of the rules (power laws) that make digital networks uniquely powerful • Aimed at business objectives • Usually through social tools • Creates or leaves behind more value at each step in the process • Works best with new technology • And new thinking • But leading companies are now
 reaping major benefits today • Estimated to be a $23 billion industry by 2019, growing at an strong 26% annually. 
 Source: Technavio Local Social Business Strategy social business committee/ center of excellence Local Social Business Strategy Local Social Business Strategy coordination, cross-pollination, best practice capture, support, governance Social Business Strategy global agile & iterative organization external internal
  13. 13. (cc) 2017 7Summits, | Creative Commons. Some Rights Reserved. | @dhinchcliffe 7Summits But Now We Are Designing for Digital Business and Industry Use Cases 13
  14. 14. ‹#›@dhinchcliffe The Coming Shifts: Less Fixed Everything, More Dynamic Connected Change Source: GCHQ’s Boiling Frog Report, May 2016
  15. 15. ‹#›@dhinchcliffe 15 Silos of Collaboration Tools (Systems of Engagement) Silos of Functional Tools (Systems of Record) Productivity Apps Sync and Share ECM/DMS/CMS ERP Artificial Intelligence Integrated Activity Streams From All Apps Contextual Value-Add Multimodal Comms (Video, Voice) Analytics + + + + Point to Point Integrations Unified Comms Messaging/Chat ESN IBM Connections IoT Control and Management, etc. Deep App Integration + Extensible Platform, Data Fabric, and Work Context hub facilitation by Dion HinchcliffeFrom on The Emerging Digital Workplace Hub Key Examples: individual workplace apps digital 
 workplace hubs old new • Workplace Hub • Contextual Apps • Second-Order Functions like AI, IoT, etc. The Enterprise Collaboration Shift for 2017 Industry Leaders Are Going Up the Stack to Become a Digital Workplace Hub
  16. 16. ‹#›@dhinchcliffe Leading to the New Digital Workplace Hub
  17. 17. ‹#›@dhinchcliffe Other Candidate Digital Technologies
  18. 18. 7SUMMITS 2) Next-Gen Building Blocks 18
  19. 19. ‹#›@dhinchcliffe "Digital is not the big breakthrough. It's the change in people's behavior." - Gabriele Maltinti Building Block #1
  20. 20. ‹#›@dhinchcliffe The key: Digital engagement is a single connected continuum… Social Businessenterprise ecosystem customers + world business partners workers integrated vision intranet extranet Internet …with people as the fundamental building block
  21. 21. ‹#›@dhinchcliffe So Communities Are Still The Construct - And Building Block #1 • Hierarchies,
 other methods
 of control have value • But we’ve discovered that self- organizing groups of people are the single most powerful human construct - Open Source - Facebook, etc. - Blockchain Tenet #1: Anyone can participate.
 Tenet #2: Create shared value by default.
 …Because They Have Most Scale, Diversity, and Connectedness
  22. 22. ‹#›@dhinchcliffe Wirearchy Social Business Emergent Management Theories, Methods for Modern Leadership in the Digital Age blogs wikis enterprise social networks social CMS unified communications online communities IM/Chat e-mail groupware collaboration suites digital organization
 support tools chronologicalevolution Social Technology for Mass Collaboration and Self-Organization •Inspire•Enable•Empower crowdsourcing •Re-imagine •Transform •Improve Network 
 Core Business Practices leadership management operations governance hiring budgeting resource allocation project management product development marketing and sales All of This Is Leading Directly to New Ways to Manage and Work We Started Here We’re Starting to Arrive Here
  23. 23. ‹#›@dhinchcliffe Also Giving Rise to The Collaboration Paradox 23 “The More Tools We Have, The Less Connected We Seem”
  24. 24. ‹#›@dhinchcliffe And Everyone Is Selecting and Using Digital Workplace Tech Shadow D igital W orkplace For Better Or Worse
  25. 25. ‹#›@dhinchcliffe One Potential Solution: A Larger Scale, More Inclusive Solution point-to-point team, department, project enterprise-wide all stakholders, internal and external Hub B Hub A A Multilayered Digital Workplace Strategy supporting layer App A App D App G App F App H App E App C App B App I search compliance analytics records retention backup security community management governance a mass collaboration platform, such as ESN or online community that integrates well a team-scale collaboration platform that integrates well Customers Partners
  26. 26. ‹#›@dhinchcliffe Organizations Must Build a Scalable Digital Metabolism for Change Or They Will Not Be Able to Realize These Next Gen Advances
  27. 27. (cc) 2017 7Summits, LLC | Creative Commons. Some Rights Reserved. | @dhinchcliffe 7Summits LLC Conclusion: The Ultimate Sustainable Digital Workplace Tech is Platform for Change 27
  28. 28. (cc) 2017 7Summits, LLC | Creative Commons. Some Rights Reserved. | @dhinchcliffe 7Summits LLC Most Of All, Don’t Forget: Digital Workplace is About People 28