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Dental hygienist schools in florida

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Dental hygienist schools in florida

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Dental hygienist schools in florida

  1. 1. 20/09/2011 19:30 Dental Hygienist Schools in Florida Brevard Community College Dental L ist of Dental Hygienist Schools in Florida to- gether with the info such as campus location, Hygiene Program the type of degree on offer, campus contact information. Health Sciences Institute 1519 Clearlake Rd. To develop into a dental hygienist, a qualification Cocoa, FL 32922-0000 from a dental hygienist school is compulsory. The Janice Elkins, BSDH, MEd — Program Manager qualification can be included as one of a certificate, Phone: (321) 632-1111 Ext.: 7568 Fax: (321) 433-7599 an associate degree or maybe a bachelor’s degree Email Address: in dental hygiene field. Web Site: Degrees Awarded Throughout the United States of America, dental Certificate: N/A hygienist courses both grant a certificate (right af- Associate: AS ter a 12 months’s research), a 24 months associate Baccalaureate: N/A degree, a 4 years bachelor’s degree or maybe a mas- ter’s degree in dental hygiene. The university must have an accreditation from the American Dental Association (ADA). An dental hygienist can even Broward College Dental Hygiene Program require a State license from the state which they planned to operate. Dental Hygiene Department 3501 Southwest Davie Road Community and technical schools offer 2 years pro- Davie, FL 33314-0000 grams resulting in an associate degree, although Joyce Abraham, RDH, BA — Associate Dean universities generally offer you four years courses Phone: (954) 201-6904 Ext.: Fax: (954) 201-6397 to get a bachelor’s degree. It’s possible you’ll observe Email Address: the university atmosphere and education methods Web Site: by paying the university / college a visit. Location Degrees Awarded can be an important concern to many as it’s possible Certificate: N/A you’ll wish to stay near your loved ones or planning Associate: AS to go abroad. Baccalaureate: N/Ajoliprint Printed with Page 1
  2. 2. 20/09/2011 19:30 Dental Hygienist Schools in Florida Daytona State College Dental Hygiene Email Address: Program Web Site: Degrees Awarded School of Dental Sciences Certificate: N/A 1155 County Road 4139 Associate: AS DeLand, FL 32724-0000 Baccalaureate: N/A Pamela S. Ridilla, RDH, MS —Chairperson; Program Director Phone: (386) 785-2093 Ext.: Fax: (386) 785-2090 Email Address: Gulf Coast State College Dental Hygiene Web Site: Program Degrees Awarded Certificate: N/A Health Sciences Department Associate: AS 5230 West Highway 98 Baccalaureate: N/A Panama City, FL 32401-1058 Laura G. Justice, RDH, CDA, MSEd — Coordinator of Dental Programs Phone: (850) 747-3248 Ext.: Fax: (850) 747-3246 Edison State College Dental Hygiene Email Address: Program Web Site: Degrees Awarded Division of Professional & Technical Studies Certificate: N/A 8099 College Parkway S.W. Associate: AS Ft. Myers, FL 33919-0000 Baccalaureate: N/A Karen Molumby, RDH, MBA — Director of Dental Programs Phone: (239) 985-8322 Ext.: Fax: (239) 985-8352 Email Address: Hillsborough Community College Dental Web Site: Hygiene Program Degrees Awarded Certificate: N/A 4001 Tampa Bay Blvd. Associate: AS Tampa, FL 33614-2754 Baccalaureate: N/A Debra Heysek, RDH, MS — Dental Hygiene Program Director Phone: (813) 253-7426 Ext.: Fax: (813) 253-7491 Email Address: Florida State College at Jacksonville Web Site: Degrees Awardedjoliprint Dental Programs Certificate: N/A 4501 Capper Road Associate: AS Jacksonville, FL 32218-0000 Baccalaureate: N/A Jeffrey R. Smith, DMD — Dental Program Manager Printed with Phone: (904) 766-6655 Ext.: Fax: (904) 713-4856 Page 2
  3. 3. 20/09/2011 19:30 Dental Hygienist Schools in Florida Indian River State College Web Site: Degrees Awarded Department of Dental Hygiene Certificate: N/A 3209 Virginia Avenue Associate: AS Ft. Pierce, FL 34981-5599 Baccalaureate: N/A Marta G. Ferguson, EdD — Department Chair Dental Hygiene Phone: (772) 462-7523 Ext.: Fax: (772) 462-7816 Email Address: Pasco-Hernando Community College Web Site: Dental Hygiene Program Degrees Awarded Certificate: N/A Department of Health Occupations Associate: AS 10230 Ridge Rd. Baccalaureate: N/A New Port Richey, FL 34654-5199 Deborah Nastelli, RDH, MS — Co-Coordinator Dental Programs Donna Low, RDH, MS — Co-Coordinator Dental Pro- Miami Dade College Dental Hygiene grams Program Phone: (727) 816-3423 Ext.: Fax: (727) 816-3478 Email Address: or lowd@phcc. 950 NW 20 Street edu Miami, FL 33127-0000 Web Site: Susan H. Kass, EdD — Program Director Degrees Awarded Phone: (305) 237-4029 Ext.: Fax: (305) 237-4278 Certificate: N/A Email Address: Associate: AS Web Site: Baccalaureate: N/A Degrees Awarded Certificate: N/A Associate: AS Baccalaureate: N/A Pensacola State College Dental Hygiene Program Health Sciences Palm Beach State College Dental Hygiene 5555 Highway 98 West Program Pensacola, FL 32507-0000 Linda Lambert, RDH, MS — Program Director Dental Health Services Phone: (850) 484-2242 Ext.: Fax: (850) 484-2364 4200 Congress Avenue, Dental Health Services #32 Email Address: llambert@pensacolastate.edujoliprint Lake Worth, FL 33461-0000 Web Site: Judith McCauley, RDH, MA — Chair Dental Hygiene Degrees Awarded Program Certificate: N/A Phone: (561) 868-3758 Ext.: Fax: (561) 868-3753 Associate: AAS Printed with Email Address: Baccalaureate: N/A Page 3
  4. 4. 20/09/2011 19:30 Dental Hygienist Schools in Florida Web Site: Degrees Awarded Certificate: N/A Sanford Brown Institute-Ft. Lauderdale Associate: AA Dental Hygiene Program Baccalaureate: N/A 1201 W. Cypress Creek Road Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33309-1906 Jorge Velasquez, DDS — Program Director Santa Fe College Phone: (954) 308-7398 Ext.: Fax: (954) 375-6940 Email Address: Health Sciences Program Web Site: Dental Programs 3000 N.W. 83rd Street, W81E Degrees Awarded Gainesville, FL 32606-0000 Certificate: N/A Karen Autrey, RDH, BHS, MEd — Director of Dental Associate: AAS Programs Baccalaureate: N/A Phone: (352) 395-5705 Ext.: 5705 Fax: (352) 395-5785 Email Address: N/A Web Site: Degrees Awarded Sanford Brown Institute-Jacksonville Certificate: N/A Dental Hygiene Program Associate: AS Baccalaureate: N/A 10255 Fortune Parkway, Suite 501 Jacksonille, FL 32256-0000 Marsha R. Aldrich, RDH, MPH — Dental Hygiene Program Director South Florida Community College Phone: (904) 380-2916 Ext.: Fax: (000) 000-0000 Email Address: School of Applied Sciences & Technologies Web Site: Dental Education Department Degrees Awarded 600 West College Drive Certificate: N/A Avon Park, FL 33825-9356 Associate: AAS Rebecca Sroda, RDH, MS — Associate Dean of Allied Baccalaureate: N/A Health/Director of Dental Education Phone: (863) 784-7020 Ext.: Fax: (863) 453-9442 Email Address: Web Site: Sanford Brown Institute-Orlando Dental Degrees Awardedjoliprint Hygiene Program Certificate: N/A Associate: AAS 5959 Lake Ellenor Drive Baccalaureate: N/A Orlando, FL 32809-0000 Printed with Debra Ann Dixon, RDH, MS — Program Director Phone: (407) 393-1481 Ext.: Fax: (407) 393-1550 Email Address: Page 4
  5. 5. 20/09/2011 19:30 Dental Hygienist Schools in Florida St. Petersburg College Associate: AS Baccalaureate: N/A School of Dental Hygiene 7200 66th Street N Pinellas Park, FL 33781-0000 Joan Tonner, RDH, MA — Program Director Valencia Community College Dental Phone: (727) 341-3671 Ext.: Fax: (727) 341-3796 Hygiene Program Email Address: Web Site: P.O. Box 3028 Degrees Awarded Orlando, FL 32802-0000 Certificate: N/A Pamela Sandy, RDH, BS, MA — Program Director Associate: AS Phone: (407) 582-1544 Ext.: Fax: (407) 582-1295 Baccalaureate: N/A Email Address: Web Site: Degrees Awarded Certificate: N/A State College of Florida, Manatee - Associate: AS Sarasota Dental Hygiene Program Baccalaureate: N/A Division of Nursing and Health Professions Please re-visit this page to get the updated list of 5840 26th Street, West Dental Hygienist Schools in Florida. Bradenton, FL 34207-0000 Anita J. Weaver, RDH, MS — Program Director Phone: (941) 752-5350 Ext.: Fax: (941) 727-6443 Email Address: Web Site: Degrees Awarded Certificate: N/A Associate: AS Baccalaureate: N/A Tallahassee Community College Dental Health Programs 444 Appleyard Dr. Tallahassee, FL 32304-2895joliprint Michele Edwards, CDA, RDH, MS — Associate Pro- fessor & Chair, Dental Health Phone: (850) 201-6095 Ext.: Fax: (850) 201-8575 Email Address: Printed with Web Site: Degrees Awarded Certificate: N/A Page 5