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Ship Early Ship Often With Django

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Ship Early Ship Often With Django

  1. 1. <title> Ship Early, Ship Often using Django A demo
  2. 2. <about us> Pictures of both, wearing alien helmets drawn on whiteboard behind With names
  3. 3. <message 1> [on whiteboard] Message 1: Ship early, ship often
  4. 4. Company A: Release plan from 2010 to 2011, in which a release 1 mark, with 20 features Picture of udi working with pen in pocket & glass of coffee & notebook
  5. 5. Company A 2011 Visitors graph: flat Picture of udi talking with customer, who lifts his shoulders Meaning he doesn't want the product
  6. 6. Company B Release plan: Feb-2010 Release 1 with 2 features Picture of Dmitri, working fast
  7. 7. Company B Mar-2010 – release 2 with 4 features Visitors graph starts rising Picture of Dmitri sitting together with customer on the laptop
  8. 8. Company B 2011 Release 5, 20 features Visitors graph very high Picture of Dmitri shaking hands with Happy customer
  9. 9. Company A, Mar-2010 Visitors graph flat Cash left: 2 soaky dollar bills Picture of udi packing up his stuff
  10. 10. <message 2> Django people seem like aliens, but their technology is much more advanced than yours Picture of dmitri & udi as aliens holding device named Django
  11. 11. <in particular> Django's version of Ship early, Ship often, is unlike anything you know
  12. 12. From 0 to production in less than an hour, Can it be done???
  13. 13. <demo>
  14. 14. <questions> ?
  15. 15. <links>
  16. 16. [on whiteboard] Thanks ! Picture of dmitri & udi asleep on laptops