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How to get the pdf? UPDATED with LEANLIBRARY

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How to get the PDF-file inside and outside the collection of the library


(Download the PDF to make use of the clickable LINKS and IMAGES in the Infographic!)

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How to get the pdf? UPDATED with LEANLIBRARY

  1. 1. 1 T H E   L E A N L I B R A R Y The library in YOUR browser at all times. This plugin into the browser makes OFF-CAMPUS access to full- text, but also all digital content en sources of the library very easy. You don't have to find the library, it finds you! Download LeanLibrary from: 3 U S E D O I - L I N K I N P U B M E D Use the DOI-link presented in each PubMed-record, if you think the Get it!-button is not working properly. If you can download the PDF there, then the library has a subscription (or it's free or Open Access). If you can not download the PDF from there, we do not have a current subscription for access to the full-text. 4 55 U S E E D U R O A M - W I F I I N U M C G Using the Eduroam wifi inside the UMCG, will get you access to the PDF without having to use the library proxy- login!  On a collection size of 50.000 online journals, there is always a small amount of ongoing issues. Please contact us, if you notice something is wrong ( C O N N E C T - T O O L I N B R O W S E R No matter where you are online, this button will take you from the so-called PAYWALL, directly to the PDF, with a push of the button (via the library proxy-login) Details on how to install the CONNECT-button are here and a short instruction-video. Find the full-text of e-journals INSIDE OR OUTSIDE the collection of the library ALL OPTIONS                                               by Guus van den Brekel Central Medical Library UMCG updated:  September 28th 2018 G O O G L E S C H O L A R B U T T O N Simular to the CONNECT-button, but also searches for all possible other available pdf's out there of the same publication for CHROME | Firefox  K O P E R N I O Get instant notifications of available versions from your library or otherwise. If you register with your institutional email, you will never have to login again off-campus to get your pdf's, thanks to the connected proxy-settings. Promising features like a personal Locker, saved articles and more (α-testing & free for now ) U S E U N P A Y W A L L I N B R O W S E R Get full-text of research papers as you browse, using Unpaywall's index of 10 million legal, open access articles. From Chrome only momentarily (Great thanks to Björn Brems blog-post “SO YOUR INSTITUTE WENT COLD TURKEY ON PUBLISHER X. WHAT NOW?) 6 7 8 HOW TO GET THE PDF? 1/2 2 T H E G E T I T ! B U T T O N It's  presented in almost all our scientific bibliographic databases, like Pubmed, WoS etc. To see the button, ALWAYS start using PubMed or any other database, e-journal or e-book VIA OUR WEBSITE or http://www.umcg.cmb
  2. 2. 10 H A S H T A G # I C A N H A Z P D F Use the hashtag #icanhazpdf together with a link to the requested publication; if somebody has access, they can send you the PDF. 11 R E Q U E S T P D F V I A L I B R A R Y This is not free, but often a fast option, and much cheaper than buying it from the publisher. We have special rates for staff, phd's and students! This is OUR REQUEST A COPY FORM of the CMB UMCG 12 R E Q U E S T C O P Y V I A A U T H O R Request a copy from the AUTHOR directly: often not the fastest way, but traditionally a well-used route to get pdf's . 13 B U Y F R O M P U B L I S H E R You can of course BUY it from the Publisher or Journal itself anyway... 14 U S E R E A D B Y Q X M D J O U R N A L A P P By registering as Universitair Medisch Centrum Groningen staff members, ánd the use of the library proxy-login, you can get a personalised way of access to the latest medical publications, get alerts on new content relevant for you, ánd of course, direct access to the PDFs. U S E B R O W Z I N E J O U R N A L A P P  By registering as University of Groningen/UMCG staff ánd the use of the library proxy-login, you can get a personalised way of access to all Tables of Content you wish for, ánd direct access to the PDFs of ALL our e- journals.  T R Y R E S E A R C H G A T E Many researchers have joined the social network for scientists ResearchGate. And many make their pdf's (with and without copyright) available inside ResearchGate for download, or offer the option to request it from the author. We know that this is also possible in Q U E S T I O N S ? N E E D H E L P ? Please contact us, if you need help using one or more of these tools or tips. Also if you notice something is wrong email: website  (Great thanks to Björn Brems blog-post “SO YOUR INSTITUTE WENT COLD TURKEY ON PUBLISHER X. WHAT NOW?) 15 16 16 HOW TO GET THE PDF? 2/2 9 O P E N A C C E S S B U T T O N This button works in Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer and Edge. You have to do a simple email login, to install it. I F A L L E L S E F A I L S . . S C I - H U B ? If all else fails, you have the option to consider using Sci- Hub. There is however a big BUT! There is a RISK in using this "service". In many countries the use of Sci- Hub is considered as an "illegal act", as if involves content protected by copyright laws. As library, we can not advice the use of Sci-Hub, but research shows the use is worldwide ánd substantial. Use at your own risk. 17