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The State of Digital Video in 2015 - DPRS Nashville, 11/17/15

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Ryan Pamplin from Extreme Reach's presentation from the Digiday Programmatic Summit in Nashville - November 17, 2015.

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The State of Digital Video in 2015 - DPRS Nashville, 11/17/15

  1. State of Digital Video in 2015 Ryan M. Pamplin VP, Digital Evangelist @RyanPamplin
  2. About Extreme Reach @RyanPamplin 100 of the top 100 Ad Age Brands use Extreme Reach
  3. Television 9 out of 10 TV Ads @RyanPamplin
  4. Talent $1.2 Billion Paid in 2014 @RyanPamplin
  5. Digital Video Most Sophisticated Measurement @RyanPamplin
  6. Daily Time Spent with Major Media by US Adults Source: eMarketer 2010 2014 0 2 3 5 6 DIGITAL TV HOURS 1 0 2 3 5 6 DIGITAL TV HOURS 1 @RyanPamplin 4.28 5.46 4.24 3.11
  7. @RyanPamplin Digital Video Trends !   1.4 million new households were created in 2014 and only 140,000 subscribed to cable. !   69% of all mobile ad revenue in 2014 went to Facebook. !   In April 2015 Facebook said its users now watch 4 billion videos on its service every day. 75% of the video views are happening on mobile devices.
  8. @RyanPamplin Digital Video Trends !   In May 2015 Verizon bought AOL for $4.4 billion to take a "significant step in building digital and video platforms to drive future growth.” !   In July, AT&T closed its $49 billion acquisition of DirecTV, making AT&T the largest pay TV provider, with more than 26 million subs.
  9. @RyanPamplin Is the death of Flash going to hurt?!   Chrome will no longer auto-play Flash powered in-banner video or rich media banners. Instead, the ads will load in a paused state. A play button will appear over the ads. !   For real digital video (pre-roll, in-stream, etc.), this change will have little impact today. In the long run, it pushes our industry forward towards better, more efficient, unified, and secure technology built into every modern browser and device from your desktop, phone, tablet, game console, and even many smart TV devices.
  10. Non-Viewable In-Stream Impressions: 42.22% @RyanPamplin
  11. Non-Viewable Impressions by Media Vendor Type 0% 12% 24% 35% 47% 59% Direct Publishers Inventory Aggregators PERCENTNON-VIEWABLE 37.91% 46.34% @RyanPamplin
  12. In-Stream THE FOLDTHE FOLD
  13. In-Banner THE FOLDTHE FOLD
  14. Video Player Size IAB Minimum Recommended Size — 400 x 300 Standard Size — 853 x 480 In-Banner Size — 300 x 250
  15. In-Stream Ads Delivered In-Banner: 17.7% @RyanPamplin
  16. In-Banner Delivery by Media Vendor Type 0% 5% 11% 16% 21% 26% Direct Publishers Inventory Aggregators PERCENTIN-BANNER 11.96% 20.6% @RyanPamplin
  17. Non-Viewable Impressions In-Banner Robotic Traffic Unsafe Environments @RyanPamplin
  18. Of the seven choices, nearly 1 in 3 chose “frequency” as their top issue. Top Consumer Issues with Digital Ads @RyanPamplin
  19. #1 Frequency (Same Ad Seen Too Often) Cause: Unlike TV, most digital video campaigns only include one video ad. @RyanPamplin
  20. #2 Relevance (Wrong Audience for Product or Message) Cause: Often the result of inaccurate targeting or messaging that doesn’t resonate. Can also occur when ads are placed through site aggregators that may not reach the intended audience accurately. @RyanPamplin
  21. #3 A/V Quality (Distorted or Low Resolution Video, Poor Audio, etc.) Cause: The video file is transcoded too many times or transcoded incorrectly. And there’s a lack of quality control throughout the digital workflow, which is often unnecessarily complex. @RyanPamplin
  22. @RyanPamplin Ryan’s Digital Predictions !   Time spent with mobile video will overtake desktop by 2016 !   Digital video will surpass time spent with traditional TV by 2020 !   Virtual Reality will become a widespread entertainment platform by 2017, led by the Sony Morpheus, Oculus Rift, and Valve HTC Vive !   The majority of users will utilize AdBlocking software on desktop
  23. @RyanPamplin Takeaway Points •  Use accredited third party measurement tools to measure everything you possibly can •  Optimize your digital video ads out of in-banner, bot, and other garbage inventory •  Write terms into your IOs to hold media vendors accountable
  24. Ryan M. Pamplin VP, Digital Evangelist I eat, sleep, and breathe digital video... Questions? @RyanPamplin